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-staff see info Heyo, Names Melody!

Used to be here alot as a kid, lost the email to my account years ago, and decided to try again with a new one :) shoot me a message if you ever wanna talk or discuss pricing and stuff.

[b]staff I switch between here and my cellphone[b]

uhhh lets see what else. idk here are some random facts.

Guess wHO GRADUATED AYYYYYYY. Riding that post grad terror still but dealing with it better now woo

If you couldn't tell by the icon. or the doll outfit. i'm very much not straight :P the goal is all rainbow all the time. one day

uhhh music my jam, both in name and in how much space my phone takes up playing it. hmu for music suggestion i got a bunch for all different genres including: bands you've heard of! bands you maybe haven'! bands I hope you haven't becuase either they suck (but i love them) or they have the Worst Names Ever (and yet I love them)


Player for 1 year, 5 months & 17 daysJoined 8th Dec 2018 10:08
Player for 1 year, 5 months & 17 days Joined 8th Dec 2018 10:08

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