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About Me
Hiya! I’m Kim. Welcome to my profile! I’m an adult player on marapets. I used to play Mara when I was younger all the time, so I guess I’m back for nostalgia reasons. It was always my dream to get a chibs, so that’s what I’m gonna work towards! Besides Mara, I love to play games, specifically MMORPGs. I actually found my first MMORPG from an add on here, called Angels Online. After that, I moved on to Fiesta Online, then Tera, Blade & Soul, Revelation Online, Archeage, FFXIV, and many more! Currently I am playing FFXIV and Archeage: Unchained. I also love Anime and manga. I also like to make graphics in photoshop, I put together my profile header! Well that’s all, feel free to message me, I am always looking to make friends!

[x] Change Yotsuyu to an Anime Raulf
[ ] Change Traverse to a Scout Chibs
[ ] Change Vauthry to a Fat Chibs
[x] Change Exarch to a Snow Chibs
[ ] Changed Aymeric to a Royal Chibs
[ ] Change Tobimaru into an Anime Bolimo
[ ] Change Yuunei or another pet to an Anime Chibs
[ ] Get a Bug Chibs
[ ] Get a Nimbus Chibs
[ ] Get a Dragon Chibs

Note to Staff
I play on my PC (sometimes other PCs) and my phone.

Credits to squid for the cute bubble tea art!


Player for 2 years, 1 month & 10 daysJoined 31st Oct 2017 20:39

Bubble tea ♥
Player for 2 years, 1 month & 10 daysJoined 31st Oct 2017 20:39
~also Tashorie
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