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Currently on hiatus! Will come back from time to time ^^
Candy Hazelnoot by FrigginJay
Call me Chris, Clumsy or Mari! p.png I'm a senior high school student who does art, reads and plays games as a hobby. Just got back to Marapets after a 2-year hiatus :b

Q: What's new about me?

A: Literally nothing, I still don't know what I'm doing. All I know is anxiety :b

I'm available to talk to via MM and MT, so hit me up if you wanna talk to me about something!

I won't accept friend requests if it's out of the blue, I only accept friend requests if we interacted and have good relations with each other :b

In my trades, I accept all currencies, Wishlist items (which is massive atm, so go wild XD) or any items that's similar in price range! If you offer, there's a good chance I'll accept it, but I'm also a bit picky sometimes :b Might be best to MM me first if you're not sure if I'll accept it or not ^^

MariFandomTrashBag (or just Mari, don't ask about the names I was a small teen back then XD) is my Main Pet while Entic is my Battle and Transformations Pet ^^

All my pets are NFT unless I stated!

Currently trying to collect Wardrobe Items and Glowing Eggs (if my Wishlist didn't hammer that already XD) atm!

No club invites, please! I'm already in a good club and I don't intend to leave anytime soon :b
Player for 3 years, 9 months & 5 daysJoined 24th Oct 2017 06:25

Get to Gold Level

Get all of the Treasure Maps

Collect all of the Giftboxes from the Giftbox Shop

Train Entic to 300+ stats
Player for 3 years, 9 months & 5 days Joined 24th Oct 2017 06:25

ClumsyMarionette has collected 14 of 77 Giftboxes

Double Crystals
Extra Pet (3)
Jelly Castle
Missing Food
Missing Learnable
Missing Photo
Missing Plate
Missing Wardrobe
Pet Stats
Pixie Dice
Shop Pricer
Wardrobe Selfie

ClumsyMarionette has collected 3 of 25 Maps