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Marapets is mobile friendly
Hi There !! :D

Today's look is inspired by my sister Taralynn's birthday!! :)

click here for more >> Jakubi is my/CD/DVD/Book/Magazine/Newspaper pet
( available for lending )

exit_stage_left is my gourmet pet
( available for lending )

NotoriousPET is my toy/instrument/battle pet
( currently in temple and not available for lending )

Any of my other pets are available for lending for goals / avatars :)

Currently trying to build my plate collection up for goals
lemme know if u wanna swap :)

Always here to help. Massage me anytime. MT is open & preferred. :)
Player for 16 years, 7 months & 9 daysJoined 30th Apr 2006 21:04
Hello !!! I love u!
Player for 16 years, 7 months & 9 days Joined 30th Apr 2006 21:04

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