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Marapets is mobile friendly

Minipet Squad Goals To staff: nikkath and I share the same IP Address. Might send her few stuffs here and there. Please, don’t ban us.

Hello, my name is Zha or Avenge.

Welcome to my profile!

MM/MT: Open. I dont bite.
CLUB: Nope.
MARAPAL: Nope, unless we chat a bit and know each other somehow in the past.
PET TRADE: Spring and Minipets are NFT. Just watch out for my topics or trade lots if I am trading my pets or not.
This is my niece Vilteya

46/46 Minipets pets! ^_^

Player for 8 years, 3 months & 19 daysJoined 23rd Jan 2013 19:46
Player for 8 years, 3 months & 19 days Joined 23rd Jan 2013 19:46

Minipet has 99 pets