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Marapets is mobile friendly
23 years old
Join in April 2006! 11 years and counting.

Back from many-year Marapets gap. Realized I still love this game.

I work full-time as a software engineer. In my free time, I like to hike, run, play video games, and read.

I married my best friend last year and we're pregnant with our first baby. He's due in September. :)

Feel free to reach out through MM. I'm always looking for MaraPals and I'm also happy to do trades/swaps.
Player for 17 years & 9 daysJoined 17th Mar 2006 04:00
I often log in from my phone to do dailys. I try to be prompt with my replies, but please be patient as I juggle real life responsibilities. Always looking for MaraPals and trading buddies, just MM me.
Player for 17 years & 9 days Joined 17th Mar 2006 04:00

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