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To Staff ~ I play primarily on my phone(occasionally laptop),and Travel a few times a year which means theres a good chance I'll occasionally be playing from different IP addresses.
If you have questions or anything; message me, or email me. Music is the reason I'm still here .
to type a virtual pet site profile description lolol
I like Metal,Alternative,Hard rock,trippy rock , some hiphop/rap And just about anything if it has soul to it.

I play electric guitar, and dabble with a few other instruments aswell.

I write lyrics,poems, and original music.
I skateboard,Spin fire(poi),And love to fish/ frisbee golf.

I recently started getting into car audio, and putting together obnoxiously loud systems.

I'm a member of a cult called a.a.
It's not really a cult, but it sounds cooler to say it is.

My favorite colors are Rasta,and black.
I have my ears stretched to 7/8 and my lip pierced ,body art is the best!

I have a half sleeve so far and plan to get alot more tattoo work done.

I Started playing Mara when I was like 12 ,and now I pop on here and there out of boredom.
It reminds me of a simpler time in life, and it's made a positive impact on my life overall. Even if it's "just a game".
Player for 12 years, 9 months & 30 daysJoined 26th Dec 2008 21:02
Sometimes my heart is blinded,
by a lack of understanding .
And I'm crawling through the dark to find my use.
I am useless when I try ,to hold onto my pride
in this world of do or die I chose the noose
Player for 12 years, 9 months & 30 days Joined 26th Dec 2008 21:02

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