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Marapets is mobile friendly
Yes I lend pets. Armored- 60,440MP
Baby- 18,080MP
Breeze- 100,480MP
Bug- 7,440MP
Daylight- 94,080MP
Defective- 89,720MP
Digital- 317,520MP
Fairy- 150,480MP
Glass- 4,200MP
Killer- 67,480MP
Leprechaun- 456,080MP
Mafia- 103,000MP
Moonlight- 600MP
Negative- 22,280MP
Pirate- 102,480MP
Rainbow- 33,840MP
Snowman- 48,680MP
Voodoo- 33,720MP
Zombie- 8,920MP

Collecting potions, looking for specific ones, I like purple ones. Also trying to acquire certain minipets.

I do accept item trades, and am willing to attempt to make deals.

Add me if you want.

If I have something that will help with your goal message me and I will see if i can help.
Player for 15 years, 4 months & 3 daysJoined 26th May 2008 18:23
Player for 15 years, 4 months & 3 days Joined 26th May 2008 18:23

purpewolf has pets