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Marapets is mobile friendly
Yes I lend pets. Armored- 60,440MP
Baby- 18,080MP
Breeze- 100,480MP
Bug- 7,440MP
Daylight- 94,080MP
Defective- 89,720MP
Digital- 317,520MP
Fairy- 150,480MP
Glass- 4,200MP
Killer- 67,480MP
Leprechaun- 456,080MP
Mafia- 103,000MP
Moonlight- 600MP
Negative- 22,280MP
Pirate- 102,480MP
Rainbow- 33,840MP
Snowman- 48,680MP
Voodoo- 33,720MP
Zombie- 8,920MP

Collecting potions, looking for specific ones, I like purple ones. Also trying to acquire certain minipets.

I do accept item trades, and am willing to attempt to make deals.

Add me if you want.

If I have something that will help with your goal message me and I will see if i can help.
Player for 16 years & 19 daysJoined 26th May 2008 18:23
Player for 16 years & 19 days Joined 26th May 2008 18:23

purpewolf has collected 24 of 93 Giftboxes

Capsule Machine
Clothing Rack
Enchanted Plushie Machine
Extra Pet (47)
Ferris Wheel
Missing Food
Missing Learnable
Missing Photo
Missing Plate
Missing Plushies
Missing Wardrobe
Multiple Pet Olympics
News Stand
Operations Portal
Pet Stats
Photo Parlour
Shop Pricer
Worm Digging

purpewolf has collected 5 of 25 Maps