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Marapets is mobile friendly
i just want to get Denerai his instruments

Always looking to buy Lilac LE makers

if i friend request you it's a mistap on my phone and didn't mean it .:: Info ::.
*Feel free to MM or MT me about pet trades but only for the pets I have in trades
*Feel free to MM or MT me about lending pets for goals/missions; I'm always happy to help!
*Please do not mail me about clubs
*Feel free to MM or MT me about item trades
*I often take items as partial/full and I'm usually willing to discount past whatever price I have set

.:: Goals Reached ::.
Turn Moonbeam Angel (30/30)July 4th 2010 [X]
Turn Luzia Neon Chibs [X] December 7th 2015
Turn Tsukumo Lorius or Daylight Zola [X] December 7th 2015
Turn Eirwen Viotto [ ]
Get a Lightning Gobble [ ]
Turn Yahaba Candy Willa [X] January 26th 2016
Turn Kyoutani Midnight Rusty [x]
May 25th 2020
Get another Lati [X] Lacking
Get more Swamp pets [-] Gobble August 4th 2020, still need more
Get Spring pets [X] Eyru August 4th 2020, Daisy Sept 17th 2020
Get a row of Thunder pets [-]

Player for 13 years & 4 monthsJoined 18th Jun 2007 22:26
feel free to mail me about commissions
Player for 13 years & 4 months Joined 18th Jun 2007 22:26
~also fuzziewuzzieduckie21

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