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Marapets is mobile friendly
MM/MT: Both OK! If I don't answer within 48 hours, mail me again. I probably read it and forgot. Sorry!
Pets: Not UFT unless you're offering Chibs. All available for loaning.
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Collecting: Chibs and Chibs related items

My only goal in Marapets is to collect as many Chibs as I can, each with a different costume. I think it's ambitious to say I want to collect all of the Chibs, but that'd be pretty cool!

Current Goals:

[ ] Anime Chibs - [Name needed]
[ ] Angel Chibs - Aethera
[ ] Valentine Chibs - Nuzzler
[ ] Strobe Chibs - Mixer
[ ] Party Chibs - Funfetti
[ ] Splatter Chibs - Arts
[ ] Dragon Chibs - Eldric
[ ] Moonlight/Galaxy Chibs - Spacey
[ ] Burnt Chibs - [Name chosen, not yet created]
[ ] Lightning Chibs - Energized
[ ] Neon Chibs - [Name Needed]
[ ] Digital Chibs - Megabit
[ ] School Chibs - [Name chosen, not yet created]
[ ] Royal Chibs - [Name Needed]
[X] Hairy Chibs - Bellaroo (Thank you Elf!)
[X] Nimbus Chibs - Airy
[X] Scout Chibs - Forage
[X] Zombie Chibs - Decaying
[X] Christmastree Chibs - Trimming
[X] Seasonal Chibs - Event
[X] Lava Chibs - Burner
[X] Killer Chibs - Terrify

Any profit I make will go towards more Chibs!

Thank you to all the kind, generous souls who have helped me with my goals:

Talayeh was gifted by someone years ago when I was younger and I unfortunately lost the alert. :(
Thank you very much to Parrot for gifting me a Royal Chibs Potion for Elfember 2019!
Thank you Elf for making my Elfember wish of turning Bellaroo into a Hairy Chibs come true!
Player for 13 years, 3 months & 8 daysJoined 17th Jun 2007 11:20
Player for 13 years, 3 months & 8 days Joined 17th Jun 2007 11:20

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