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It7yC6D.jpgI'm Cat and I love Skelebats <3imM3kyB.jpg
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Friend Requests: Open! I accept them all.
Maramail/Maratalk: Yes both are fine~
Club: I'm already in one! Come join JailBirds <3

Hey! I'm Catrine. I'm an artist and writer whose indulging in a site that brought great joy in my childhood (and still continues to in my twenties)! I have long, random periods of inactivity but lately I've been trying to maintain more regular periods of activity :) Don't be shy to drop by and chat when I'm on if you'd like! I'm the biggest Star Wars nerd and can talk about it for hours. And if you happen to need help on the site I'm always willing to assist fellow players :D

All art on my profile is mine (except for obvious Marapets images); please don't use it without credit <3

Currently working on: Stocking my shop to buy a lorius potion and turn Archex into a thunder lorius!


Player for 13 years & 19 daysJoined 10th May 2007 17:04
They or she pronouns please <3
21 years old, player on marapets since I was 8.
Player for 13 years & 19 days Joined 10th May 2007 17:04
~also madison1260

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