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Name: Melody
Age: 22
Location: Canada
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Moon Sign: Libra
Favourite Pet: Lati

About Me:
• I love magic and magical creatures (especially fairies)
• I am a huge Harry Potter fan
• I am also very into Game of Thrones
• Drag Race and drag in general are very very important to me
• My goal on Marapets is to own as many fairy pets as I can
• I love making friends and talking to people so please don't hesitate to mm me

Player for 12 years, 11 months & 24 daysJoined 1st Mar 2007 16:08
♕ Mother of Fairies ♕
mail [√]
pet trades [x]

Player for 12 years, 11 months & 24 days Joined 1st Mar 2007 16:08
~also melymelmel393

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