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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
Note: I am siblings with one of the members here aka XluckyboyX2 (duh? the name 's already a giveaway haha)
We may use the same ISP/PC. Just a head's up when everything goes back to normal because at the moment we're in different places.

Please do not ban us.
We may transact from time to time.

PS. My brother is stingy so trades and transactions are assured to be of equivalent value or if not, there will be no lesion.

Available to lend goal pets in exchange of photos as tips.
Just MM me or tag me in posts. [center]Note: As the name suggests, XluckyboyX2 and I are siblings so we may play in the same IP address and location from time to time.

Please do not ban us as we are dedicated to this game during the quarantine period.[/center]

[center]Hello everyone!![/center][br]


[center]Let me tell all the clubs that do not bother inviting me because I am still not allowed to join in it and in forums. SORRY! Scratch that, I'm finally allowed to do so. YEHEY ~[/center][br]

[center]Note: XluckyboyX2, Rhinelle, and I (Xluckygirl) share computers because we are siblings.[/center][br]

[center]Please do not ban us.[/center][br]

[center]Thank You![/center][br]
Player for 13 years, 10 months & 24 daysJoined 4th Nov 2006 18:38
I just got back from an almost decade long hiatus,
or maybe 5 because I visited a few times in 2015.
Anyway, please treat me as a newbie as I'm fairly
new to the game atm. Thanks for visiting!
Player for 13 years, 10 months & 24 days Joined 4th Nov 2006 18:38

XluckygirlX has 12 pets