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[center]i joined marapets October 18, 2006, 6:04 pm [/center]

[center][b]I am an adult player. I am a wife,mother,grandmother and a great birthday is July 22nd. I want you to know I am proud of my age I worked very hard to get here,and it took a long time.[br]

I love to read the Harry Potter books and on July 21st my daughter bought book number 7 for my birthday.I just finished reading it,that was on July 23,2007.[br]

Also note to staff I have a new tablet I will be using to play on Marapets, as well as my laptop. My grand daughter angelkisser101 and great grand daughter Smileyriley2015 also uses this computer address and once in a while when my daughter comes over she sometimes logs on also her name is furryshakes. Thank you for not blocking us.Also i will be logging on at my adopted son's house from time to time on my laptop. His user name is Stargate_Tauri thank you for not blocking us.[br]


11/11/2007 I was one of the 250 that won the RIP Trading Card and 1,000,000mp.I still can hardly believe it. Now to earn enough to get the other trading cards.[br]

11/26/2007 i just won another 1,000,000mps on one in a million. i guessed the right number.[br]

None of my pets are for trade i will never part with any of them and two were gifts. some of them were named after very special people to me.[br]

Please also take notice i belong to the greatest club on marapets and do not accept club invites.if you mm me an invite i will delete it. the second invite will be reported and you will be blocked by me from sending anything else to me.thank you for not sending me invites.

Please do not ask to trade for any of my pets as none are for trade.[br]

Player for 14 years, 11 months & 29 daysJoined 18th Oct 2006 11:04
Player for 14 years, 11 months & 29 days Joined 18th Oct 2006 11:04

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