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Hey guys my name is Matt

I am a graduate student working towards my Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine and Masters of Public Health. I am really interested in aquaculture and food safety.

I love pokemon, cartoons, and restocking. I am an LGBTQ man, and I love the color orange. Chat with me if want!

My current goals are as follows:

Pets I would eventually Like:
Rainy Gobble [x]
Pinata Arinya [x]
Easter Newth [x]
Safari Zoosh [ ]
Cowboy Astro [ ]
Bootleg Equilor [ ]
Calico Equilor [ ]
Dalmatian Equilor [ ]
Hairy Chibs [ ]
Rainy Feliz [ ]
Rainbow Feliz [ ]
Stoneage Feliz [ ]
Winter Feliz [ ]

Items Collections I am trying to complete:
Minipet Food [ ]
Equilor Plushies [ ]
Fish Minipets [ ]
Fish [ ]
Orange Chibs Plushies [17/50]
Random items I like [ ]

General Goals:
Enchanted Plushie Instructions [x]
Whirlpool Treasure Map [x]
Fishing Map [ ]
Jenoa Goals [ ]

Player for 13 years, 10 months & 6 daysJoined 9th Oct 2006 14:09
I am trying to be more active. Feel free to check out my trades, gallery, wish list, and info tab. I love fish and bears, science, trivia, cartoons, pokemon, and folk music. Maramail me if you want to chat!
Player for 13 years, 10 months & 6 days Joined 9th Oct 2006 14:09

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