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You joined Marapets on October 4, 2006, 10:31 am

If you have any questions feel free to mm

If you are waiting for a reply from me please see my info to see how soon to bug me xD Couldn't bear to take down my little profile I've had for years but its getting out dated.I still give kudos to anyone who reads my info. Im going on 27 now and have 3 wonderful children who often keep me busy. I'm not always on, though i log on frequently, but when I am I always try to reply quickly, however, sometimes my kids will pull me away after I read a mail and I may not be able to reply right away because of it. If I dont answer after reading it within 24 hours feel free to mail again. If I did not read please consider that I may not have gotten on and give me a little more time or if you could let me know if you find what you're looking for so I can reply accordingly. If you offer on my lot or mm an offer, if I am on/read the mail and dont answer, it is not a no, I am concidering or busy, please be patient and dont withdraw. Thank you

Player for 13 years, 4 months & 20 daysJoined 4th Oct 2006 03:31
Player for 13 years, 4 months & 20 days Joined 4th Oct 2006 03:31
~also lambby2000

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