Joined Marapets September 30, 2006.

I collect Enchanted Plushies!

I am very easy to talk to so feel free to message me.

I am always willing to lend my pets, just message me and I'll send them right over!
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  • Should You or Should You Not J...     4th Sep 2018 11:43
  • Enchated Plushie Collection     20th Jun 2018 07:12

  • Should You or Should You Not Join a Club?

    Posted on : 4th Sep 2018 11:43   Posted by : Raeveena
    I have been apart of Marapets for a good whileb now. Starting as a child and still today as a 23 year old college student, over 12 years.

    I didn't join a club for the majority of my time, but I did recently. I want to discuss with you my exprience on this so far.

    I decided to join a club, but it was difficult to choose which one. I think it is everyones assumption to join the most popular. Which I tried to do, but there was the problem of being invited. I could get in the club and even messaged the person who own the club to send me an invite. Do you know what I recieved in return? Nothing.

    So what do you do when your 1st decision on a club is unavailble. I decided to find a club open to the public. However, this turned out bad as well. No one had been keeping up with the club and it was so pointless to join. I had given up hope and searching.

    One day I was exploring the world of Marapets and I came across a club and finally find one I loved. The people on there are interactive. There are several benefits such as Club Actions, Club Stores, cool games and prizes, and the best part is the people.

    People willing to help each other without anything in return. Creating a bond of friendship over Marapets.It was amazing.

    Clubs may not be for everyone, but it is a great way to make friends and be nice to people. You never know who is having a bad day, and that little nice deed may have just made someones day!


    Enchated Plushie Collection

    Posted on : 20th Jun 2018 07:12   Posted by : Raeveena
    I have always loved the plushies on Marapets and actually started collecting them before there was a plushie collection page. Adore Adore

    I realize however, that they don't make room for enchanted plushies. All of my collected enchantment plushies are located in my gallery.

    I'll trade or purchase them based on the amount of mp I have. So feel free to look through my gallery and send me offers! I may even trade you one of my enchanted plushies.

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