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  • snipes     20th Jun 2009 09:08
  • finally doing blitzen     2nd Dec 2008 03:48
  • my dream pet     9th Oct 2008 18:55
  • old mara     6th Oct 2008 14:33

  • snipes

    Posted on : 20th Jun 2009 09:08   Posted by : stacey82
    red ike potion 3mill-sold for 5mill
    easter newth potion 16k sold for 189,999

    Extra Pet Giftbox and
    Drummer Female Costume both for 500k


    finally doing blitzen

    Posted on : 2nd Dec 2008 03:48   Posted by : stacey82
    12/12/08 i passed my first try
    Thank you for finishing my mission on time. Here is your reward..

    Seasonal Viotto Potion and 1,000,000MP!!

    Please come back tomorrow for your next mission!


    my dream pet

    Posted on : 9th Oct 2008 18:55   Posted by : stacey82
    thursday october 9,2008 i got my dream pet an ercuw for 3.3 mill

    friday november 14,2008 i got my second dream pet sindi for 3.5mill yay!!!

    saturday december 13,2008 i got my third dream pet a yuni for 8mill

    i got my last dream pet febuary 8,2009 a mordo for 2mill and fat costume

    old mara

    Posted on : 6th Oct 2008 14:33   Posted by : stacey82
    The first City map:

    The first Candyland map:

    The first Gigantic Paradise map:

    The first Clubs building:

    The first Help page picture:

    The first Maramail Rofling picture:

    The second version of the Island:

    The first login picture:

    The second login picture:

    The first ever Marada map:

    The first ever Site Search picture:

    The first ever Shop Search picture:

    The first ever Puchala Village picture:

    The first ever Tantua:

    This was the old marapets. If you don't spread these pictures, they all will be lost and forgotten in the times of marapets history.

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