Have a Great Mara-day!

Its that great time of year, when
Beezy comes hopping, I mean slithering into Mara!
Happy Mara-ween everyone!!!!!!!


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  • Items I need, check trades etc.

    Posted on : 27th Jun 2015 20:58   Posted by : Furship

    I am just starting a list of items I need.
    Will trade for items in shop or trades of equal
    value. In some cases will trade 2 for 1 to make
    values equal. Some are listed separate at the end. Have a great Mara-day!


    Needed Items: Updated November 15,2019
    some items listed separately at the bottom of the list!

    Wardrobe and more

    8th Birthday Female Costume
    8th Birthday Male Costume

    Adorab Summoning Stone
    Ancient Kamilah Dress
    Angel Female Costume
    Angel Wig
    Angelic Costume
    Aries Contact Lenses
    Autumn Boots
    Autumn Dress
    Autumn Jacket
    Autumn Shoes
    Autumn Sunglasses
    Autumn Wig

    Ballet Mask
    Bat Wig
    Beach Ball
    Beelzebub Costume
    Birthday Cake Dress
    Birthday Confetti
    Bittersweet Wig
    Black Skeleton Costume
    Bleached Gothabilly Braids
    Blood Shoes
    Blood Soaked Wig
    Bloody Eye Patch
    Bloody Wench Dress
    Bolimo Necklace
    Bow Dress
    British Female Hoodie
    British Guard Wig
    British Hoodie
    British Short Hoodie
    British Wig
    Bunny Contact Lenses
    Bunny Female Costume
    Bunny Hat
    Bunny Headband Wig
    Bunny Male Costume
    Bunny Slippers
    Butterfly Wings

    Cancer Wig
    Candle Hat

    Capricorn Contact Lenses
    Capricorn fish ears
    Capricorn Tail
    Capricorn Top

    Chibs Necklace
    Chick Female Costume
    Chocolate Bunny Male Costume
    Christmas Cake Costume
    Christmas Day Costume
    Christmas Night Costume
    Christmas Tree Sunglasses
    Clam Shell Bra
    Cotton Candy Female Costume
    Cotton Candy Male Costume
    Cross Crop Top
    Crown Wig

    Daisy Crop Top
    Dark Side Shirt
    Death Top
    Devil Contact Lenses
    Divine Belt
    Doctor Costume
    Doon Summoning Stone
    Double Braid Wig
    Dracula Costume
    Dracula Male Costume

    Easter Bunny Costume
    Elf Blush
    Elf Contact Lenses
    Elf Dress
    Elf Hair
    Embroidered Bodice
    Embroidered Boots
    Embroidered Skirt
    Equilor Necklace
    Evil Clown Face Makeup
    Eye Flats
    Eye Shoes

    Fallen Angel Wings
    Fasoro Ears
    Fasoro Headband
    Fear the Spork Shirt

    Female Archer Top
    Female Cat Hoodie
    Female Cotton Candy Boots
    Female Evil Queen Costume
    Female Eye Shoes
    Female Gemini Top
    Female Leo Shirt
    Female Leo Shoes
    Female Mummy Costume
    Female Nurse Costume
    Female Pisces Jacket
    Female Suede Boots
    Female Virgo Dress
    Female Virgo Top
    Female War Boots
    Female White And Gold Dress

    Fire Hat
    Fishnet Arm Warmers
    Funky Dress
    Funky Shirt
    Furry Shirt

    Galactic Dress
    Gear Belt
    Geek Male Costume
    Genie Female Costume
    Genie Hat
    Gift Wrapped Costume
    Goblin Skin
    Goddess Dress
    Good Witch Skirt
    Graveyard Keeper Costume
    Gremlin Costume
    Grint Necklace
    Grunge Boots
    Gumball Dress

    Hair Bow Bandana
    Handheld Guitar
    Harmony Top
    Headless Wig
    Holiday Vixen Antlers
    Holly Crown
    Holly Dress
    Ice Heels

    Jacket and Striped Top
    Jack Frost Costume
    Jester Hat
    Jester Pants
    Jester Top
    Jumbo Diamond Ring

    Kamilah Lord Costume

    Lace Capelet
    Leather Dress
    Leido Necklace
    Leo Wig
    Libra Contact Lenses
    Light Side Shirt
    Lion Jacket
    London Shirt
    London Tank Top
    Loose Mummy Costume
    Love Pants
    Love Tank Top

    Mad Scientist Suit
    Maeven Wig
    Magic Clover Hairpin
    Male Doctor Costume
    Male Elf Boots
    Male Evil King Costume
    Male Leo Pants
    Male Leo Shoes
    Male Libra Shirt
    Male Summer Swimwear
    Male War Boots
    Medieval Dress
    Mermaid Male Costume
    Mermaid Tail Fin
    Mini Christmas Tree
    Mismatched Contact Lenses
    Mistletoe Costume
    Mistletoe Female Costume
    Mizu Summoning Stone
    Moonrise wig
    Mr Skeleton Costume
    Mrs Claus Costume
    Ms Scrooge Costume
    Murfin Necklace
    Murfin Party Suit
    Mutant Female Costume
    Mutant Skin
    Mutated Costume

    Nightmare Horns

    Osafo Necklace
    Oz Dress

    Paffuto necklace
    Party Belt
    Party Blazer
    Party Runners
    Party Shoes
    Pastel Denim Shorts
    Pearl Necklace
    Peasant Male Costume
    Pisces Wig
    Pixie Wand
    Poinsettia Barette
    Pointy Boots
    Polar Bear Costume
    Polar Female Costume
    Polar Male Costume
    Polar Skin
    Polka Dot Hair Bow Bandana
    Pumpkin Costume
    Pumpkin Female Costume
    Pumpkin Male Costume
    Pumpkin Slippers

    Queen Boots
    Queen Eleka Male Costume
    Queen of Hearts Dress
    Queen Shoes
    Quell Necklace

    Red Death Costume
    Reindeer Antlers
    Reindeer Female Costume
    Reindeer Hooves
    Reindeer Male Costume
    Rofling Necklace
    Roman Helmet

    Royal Boots
    Royal Female Costume
    Royal Guard Costume
    Royal Guard Female Costume
    Royal King Male Costume
    Royal King Suit
    Royal Pants
    Royal Queen Female Costume
    Royal Shoes
    Royal Top
    Royal Wedding Male Costume

    Sad Christmas Tree
    Sagittarius Rose Tattoo
    Sagittarius Tattoo
    Santa Claus Costume
    Santa Claws Male Costume
    Santa Claws Skin
    Santa Hood Wig
    Scarab Tiara
    Scorpio Wig
    Sea Salt Ponytail Wig
    Seasonal Black Ruffle Dress
    Sea Water Wig
    Shady Hat
    Short Gothic Platforms
    Single Crystal Glove
    Skeleton Female Costume
    Skeleton Skin
    Skull Slippers
    Sleeping Mask
    Smeary Makeup
    Snookle Onesie
    Snow Child
    Spring Foliage
    Spring Jacket
    Spring Skater Skirt
    Spring Wig
    Star Dress
    Steampunk Goggles Wig
    Steampunk Suit
    Striped Hoodie
    Suede Boots
    Summer Hat Wig
    Summer Swimwear
    Superhero Female Costume
    Superhero Male Costume
    Sybri Wig

    Taurus Contact Lenses

    Teenage Witch Male Costume
    The Sly Spy
    Tight Mummy Costume
    Tilted Hat
    Trailer Female Costume
    Trailer male Costume
    Tree Female Costume
    Tuxedo Male Costume
    Twin Fish Hologram

    Undead Groom Costume
    Undying Fairy Female Costume
    Ushunda Necklace

    Vampire Corset
    Vampire Dress
    Vampire Female Costume
    Vampire Horns Wig
    Vampire Jacket
    Vampire Shirt
    Vampire Shoes
    Vampire Skirt
    Vampire Top
    Verano Summoning Stone
    Vintage Devil Costume
    Vintage Witch Costume
    Virgo Dress
    Vixen Female Costume
    Vixen Skin
    Vlad Party Dress
    Vlad Party Suit

    Walee Necklace
    War Long Pants
    War Pants
    War Prize #1
    War Prize #2
    War Prize #6
    War Prize #9
    War Prize #10
    War Prize 13
    War Prize #14
    War Prize #15
    War Prize #16
    War Prize #18
    War Prize #19
    War Sleeveless Top

    Werewolf Wig
    White Disco Pants
    Winter Boots
    Winter Wig
    Witch Female Costume
    Wonderland Boots
    Wonderland Top Hat
    Wonderland Wig
    Wooly Beanie

    Yakubi Necklace

    Zetlian Necklace
    Zombie Costume
    Zombie Fairy Costume

    Miniature Pumpkins


    City Accountant Trading Card
    Evil Bunny Trading Card
    Hero Trading Card
    Little Invader Trading Card
    Sandman Trading Card



    Hand Made Brown Bunny Plushie

    musical intstruments needed

    Posted on : 28th Dec 2015 01:43   Posted by : Furship
    Updated June 23, 2019

    Didgeridoo - 2

    Harmonica 4

    Trombone 2


    Missing stamps

    Posted on : 13th Jan 2014 14:15   Posted by : Furship
    Missing stamps

    This list may not be up to date. Haven't time to check constantly. Thanks and have a great Mara-day!
    Last updated August 22, 2019

    Account Upgrades Stamp

    Angel Wings Stamp

    Blue Justin Stamp

    Christmas Trees Stamp

    Dukka Fairy Stamp

    Gingerbread Stamp

    Light Side Stamp

    Lush Lake Stamp

    MaraJournals Stamp

    Marasites Stamp

    Referral System Stamp

    Seasonal Stamp

    Smartphone Stamp

    Spy Stamp

    Unlucky Stamp

    Uploads Stamp

    Wizard Stamp

    Zola Juice Stamp

    Guest Book

    Posted on : 11th Jan 2010 14:59   Posted by : Furship
    Just sign in a hello or if there is anything else on your mind.
    Thanks for visiting Furship on Marapets!


    Posted on : 23rd Jul 2014 22:21   Posted by : Furship
    Members can leave what they need here and when time will make or trade item.

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