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  • My New Luck 😍❤&...     ~20 Aug 2019
  • Sneekpeek Part 3 of Day of the...     ~15 Aug 2019
  • The Day of the Welcoming Part ...     ~13 Aug 2019
  • The Day of the Welcoming     ~13 Aug 2019

  • My New Luck 😍❤️❤️MiniBlog Episode 1

    Posted on : 20th Aug 2019 08:32   Posted by : sapphireglow5
    Once opon a time I was Playing on my Web browser earning Mp When I played Double or Nothing I played Until Level 18 it was weird and I was shocked But happy at the same time whats the word hmm.... Ah Hapocked Anyway my luck continued won this money because of hard work remember if you want to acomplish your goal Do some Hard work and see
    what happens...

    Sneekpeek Part 3 of Day of the Welcoming (Trailer)

    Posted on : 15th Aug 2019 21:48   Posted by : sapphireglow5
    This is the moment you have been waiting for....... Me:Woah who are you...... sapphireglow5:introducing a special........ MeSoh so cute!!........ sapphireglow5:welcome to my shop.......... Me:woah i love marapets for life!!!............. ---------Day of the Welcoming Part 3-------- Premieres September 1 2019......... Me:YES BEST GAME EVER ...........

    The Day of the Welcoming Part 2

    Posted on : 13th Aug 2019 20:16   Posted by : sapphireglow5
    sapphireglow5: thank you so much and now i can make the part 2 and Thank you so much for being my new friend EXPENSIVE now new word though 1 friend request=New blogs so hope you enjoy Me: ok then so how do i put this on Miley 15. 5 minutes later... MeWide Grinrew? whos he Drew: you will look good in these items... Me: nope i think i will go to um the items? Me: oh there is Miley 15 use item Server:Are you sure you want to add miley 15 to your wardrobe? Me:yes im sure *presses the button* Server:Miley 15 is now in your Wardrobe Me: Time to go in my wardrobe *PUTS ON MILEY 15* NICE UPDATE DOLL... TO BE CONTINUED sapphireglow5:sorry guys but i think its enough for today remember 1 friend request= New blogs/Continuation ok good and post

    The Day of the Welcoming

    Posted on : 13th Aug 2019 01:21   Posted by : sapphireglow5
    sapphireglow5:so hi im new at this Marapets game and i hope you enjoy the story now i can tell you my story... It all started when i was in the computer... Me: ok time to bookmark pages. I said then an add popped out Me:Woah! Marapets? i have been waiting since 2017 to play this game now i can finally make an account in peace I said Me:AdoreAdoreAdore. After Creating my account Me:now woah all the pets are so cute AdoreAdoreAdore now lets see what pet to choose i think a Kaala lets name it Sapphire wait its taken oh im not adding numbers well i guess it can be named \'SapphireMagic wait its not taken thank goodness!. I said with delight Me: now to turn my Kaala blue. i said with grace Me:woah whos she? after the introduction Me:finally clothing rack weird i think i should take free clothing. Server:Miley 15 is now in your inventory MeSok?. sapphireglow5:to be continued sorry that thats all friend me then i will make sure of a part 2 hope you enjoyed!Pleased

    Big Money Bingo
    in 14 minutes
    1,870,387MP Prize

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