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  • 6 reasons not to ban me (I&rsq...     21st Sep 2019 12:32
  • Things that really push my but...     22nd Aug 2019 19:27
  • My Dream Pets     12th Aug 2019 09:27
  • Test two for images!     11th Aug 2019 21:46
  • How NOT to do an image     11th Aug 2019 21:29
  • Just a test blog     11th Aug 2019 20:57

  • 6 reasons not to ban me (I’m kinda on thin ice rn)

    Posted on : 21st Sep 2019 12:32   Posted by : meepkitty9
    1: I told all of my friends about marapets and helped them make accounts, we just didn’t use the referral system because idk how
    2: I play the game... a lot. It’s kinda addicting
    3: What will happen to my club? It brought a lot of people together
    4: I might buy AU or AU sets soon
    5: I’ve worked super hard getting to the place I am
    6: I love this game and everything in it.

    This is literally me being bored and having nothing to do, so I wrote this

    I would rather not be banned, it was only a roleplay and I followed all the rules 😅

    Things that really push my buttons (on marapets)

    Posted on : 22nd Aug 2019 19:27   Posted by : meepkitty9
    1: when people want something, then decline the trade anyway.
    2: when people don’t specify what type of thing, like “any costume” then you offer a costume and they decline.
    3: when everyone ignores you
    4: when your trying to make space by auctioning a pet, but it’s not 30 days old yet. It’s not cruel!
    5: when I can’t t get anything to go my way for once.
    6: when you’re trying to pet trade, someone says they will reserve it for you, and then someone else gets it anyways.

    My Dream Pets

    Posted on : 12th Aug 2019 09:27   Posted by : meepkitty9
    The last one didnt work, so heres my list of dream pets. Please tell me if you can trade them!

    I have: (yay!)

    Test two for images!

    Posted on : 11th Aug 2019 21:46   Posted by : meepkitty9


    How NOT to do an image

    Posted on : 11th Aug 2019 21:29   Posted by : meepkitty9
    These are my dream pets! If you have any you???re willing to trade... I will gladly offer almost any of my pets for these!

    Next up would be chibs, but I love all of them. I???m not putting all of them here.

    Next is Figaro. Again I like all of them Tongue Out

    Phew! That???s it. [/center]

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