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  • FOR STAFF     ~11 Jul 2019
  • My Dog     ~17 May 2019
  • 1st blog entry!     ~12 May 2019


    Posted on : 11th Jul 2019 06:47   Posted by : nimbuslover
    I am in India and don't have the device I normally use to play Mara. Until August 16, I will be using this device to play Mara so staff please don't ban me.
    Thanks Okay

    My Dog

    Posted on : 17th May 2019 16:37   Posted by : nimbuslover
    Hi guys! It's me (again). I posted this blog post to talk about my dog's story.

    So Nimbus had a horrible life before he came to Pets In Need. At his old shelter, he was cramped in a tiny cage next to many other dogs. The poor boy chewed on the bars of his cage, desperate to get out. But his teeth became infected and hazardous to his health. When he came to Pets In Need, most of his teeth had to be removed. When we came, he had been at PIN for a few weeks. He was a 5 year old, and most people looked for puppies. But not us. We (me and my family) were looking for an older dog, and Nimbus was perfect. He was sweet, cute, and trusting. When I saw him, I just fell in love with him and his beautiful brown eyes. My parents are actually afraid of dogs, and they were only getting a dog because I wanted to. Even they loved Nimbus. He's such a cute, lovable sweetheart.

    I cowered in the corner, whimpering. I didn't mean to! I just couldn't hold it, and Bear was blocking the doggy door, growling at me until I backed off. I whimpered again, and the big human raised the bat and smacked me on my back. I cried out in fear and pain, then limped over to my bed, still whimpering. "You stupid dog! Do you know how much that rug costs!" the big human yelled. My eyes started tearing up, and he hit me again, on my leg, swiping it out from under me. I slammed onto the ground and cried out again. The little girl came running, and hugged me tight. "Daddy, don't!" she said as he raised the bat again. The big human glared at me then walked away. Bear snarled at me in amusement. I buried my head in the little girl's arm, hoping that someday my life would take a turn for the better.
    I have no way to know if this really happened. But he does really cower in the corner of the kitchen and whimper when he goes to the bathroom in the house. He's afraid I'm going to hit him. I never do, but he never seems to know I won't.
    OMG, writing this makes me cry! And just looking at his big brown eyes makes me cry more!
    If anybody else has a dog or another pet, I'd love to hear their stories!

    1st blog entry!

    Posted on : 12th May 2019 07:53   Posted by : nimbuslover
    Hi ! Tnx 4 visiting my blog! I'm so excited to play marapets again! I haven't been on in so long, I forgot my password😂! So i emailed marapets and asked them to delete the account, because I knew the username. They repsonded really quickly. 👌

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