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Gontagoku and KaedeAka are NOT for trade or lend! Anything tier 5 and above on my wishlist are my top priority!

I collect Carrotastrophe Dolls and Yuni Brows coupons.
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  • Fleek Pokemon     21st Sep 2019 12:15
  • 15th Birthday Checklist     17th Aug 2019 19:15
  • July 19th, 2019. 3:18 PM     19th Jul 2019 12:24

  • Fleek Pokemon

    Posted on : 21st Sep 2019 12:15   Posted by : Trench

    15th Birthday Checklist

    Posted on : 17th Aug 2019 19:15   Posted by : Trench
    Gift Bag Prizes
    15 Going on 30 [x]
    15th Birthday Toy Gift [x]
    Balloon Bouquet [x]
    Birthday Heels [x]
    Birthday Waves Wig [x]
    Blue 15th Birthday Balloon [x]
    Book of Party Hats [x]
    Buttoned Collar [x]
    Chocolate 15th Birthday Cake [x]
    Chocolate 15th Birthday Cupcake [x]
    Chocolate Birthday Sundae [x]
    Cozy Striped Shorts [x]
    Cupcake Scarf [x]
    Cupcake Socks [x]
    Fifteen [x]
    Gift Glowing Egg [x]
    Green 15th Birthday Balloon [x]
    Moon Balloon [x]
    Party Horn [x]
    Purple 15th Birthday Candle [x]
    Red 15th Birthday Candle [x]
    Ruffled Tank Top [x]
    Short Shawl [x]
    Shoulderless Sweater [x]
    Slice of Strawberry 15th Birthday Cake [x]
    Strawberry 15th Birthday Cake [x]
    Strawberry 15th Birthday Cupcake [x]
    Tropical Tank Top [x]
    Yellow 15th Birthday Candle [x]

    Pinata Prizes
    15th Birthday Book [x]
    15th Birthday Cupcake [x]
    15th Birthday Playlist [x]
    Birthday Lolly [x]
    Birthday Party Wig [x]
    Blue 15th Birthday Candle [x]
    Celebrate Glowing Egg [x]
    Cupcake Hat [x]
    Cupcake Tank Top [x]
    Green 15th Birthday Candle [x]
    Ice Cream Pinata Stamp [x]
    Long Waves Hair Extension [x]
    Loud Party Horn [x]
    M Balloon [x]
    Marapets Beanie [x]
    Marapets Sweater [x]
    Party Candy Floss [x]
    Purple 15th Birthday Balloon [x]
    Red 15th Birthday Balloon [x]
    Ruffled Skirt [x]
    School Girl Cincher [x]
    Sheer Arm Warmer [x]
    Single Stripe Jacket [x]
    Slice of Chocolate 15th Birthday Cake [x]
    Slice of Vanilla 15th Birthday Cake [x]
    Strawberry Birthday Sundae [x]
    Sun Balloon [x]
    Vanilla 15th Birthday Cake [x]
    Vanilla Birthday Sundae [x]
    Yellow 15th Birthday Balloon [x]

    July 19th, 2019. 3:18 PM

    Posted on : 19th Jul 2019 12:24   Posted by : Trench
    It's been a boring summer. Nothings really been happening, and I have been away from home for almost two weeks now. Not across the country or anything, but just far away in the state. I have not hung out with any of my friends this entire summer, and my two best friends are at camp together without me. Sad

    I don't have much to do, because the person I'm staying with doesn't let me leave the house on my own.

    That's all for now. Going under.

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