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  • Trick or treat 2019     29th Oct 2019 02:30
  • Maraween Snowman 2019     25th Oct 2019 02:20
  • Pumpkin Hunt 2019     25th Oct 2019 02:08
  • Elger Maraween 2019     25th Oct 2019 01:57
  • Previous Pets     8th Nov 2018 03:52

  • Trick or treat 2019

    Posted on : 29th Oct 2019 02:30   Posted by : Taunted

    Curled Wig [X]
    Midnight Skirt
    Ruffled Shorts[X]
    Head Wings [X]
    Spooky Shawl [X]
    Moon Sweater [X]
    Poofy Top [X]
    Bat Lyre [10/10]
    Witch Hat Plushie [X]
    Candy Corn Plushie [X]
    Skeleton Rocking Horse [X]
    Zombieland 2 [X]
    Chibs Cake Pop [X]
    Creepy Orange Eye Cupcake [X]
    Mystery Blue Juice [X]

    Maraween Snowman 2019

    Posted on : 25th Oct 2019 02:20   Posted by : Taunted

    Arinya Cake Pop [X]
    Candy Corn Ice Cream [X]
    Cat Purse [X]
    Cat Slippers [X]
    Chain Belt [X]
    Count Vladula [X]
    Creepy Eye Cupcake [X]
    Creepy Red Eye Cupcake [X]
    Crikey Cake Pop [X]
    Curved Horns [X]
    Ghost Tissue [X]
    Mystery Red Juice [X]
    Purple Candy Corn Plushie [X]
    Rose Necklace [X]
    Slime Book [X]
    Smeary Eye Makeup [X]
    Swept Bangs Hair Extension [X]
    Tarot Top [X]
    Torn Sleeve Gloves [X]

    Pumpkin Hunt 2019

    Posted on : 25th Oct 2019 02:08   Posted by : Taunted

    Addow Cake Pop [X]
    2019 Pumpkin [X]
    Alien Pumpkin [X]
    Aqua Pumpkin [X]
    Azul Cake Pop [X]
    Blue Candy Corn Plushie [X]
    [b]Bone Trumpet [10/10]
    Bootleg Pumpkin [X]
    Breeze Pumpkin [X]
    Bronze Pumpkin [X]
    Checkered Pumpkin [X]
    Cobweb Pants [X]
    Dakota Cake Pop [X]
    Fairy Pumpkin [X]
    Fat Pumpkin [X]
    Ghost Dress [X]
    Gold Pumpkin [X]
    Happy Pumpkin Glowing Egg [X]
    Ice Fairy Pumpkin [X]
    Light Fairy Pumpkin [X]
    Mystery Yellow Juice [X]
    Pampered Pumpkin [X]
    Pirate Pumpkin [X]
    Pixie Pumpkin [X]
    Plushie Pumpkin [X]
    Pumpkin Balloon [X]
    Pumpkin Dress [X]
    Pumpkin Mug [X]
    Pumpkin Scarf [X]
    Royal Pumpkin [X]
    Silver Pumpkin [X]
    Skater Pumpkin [X]
    Stacked Pumpkins [X]
    Starry Pumpkin [X]
    Voodoo Pumpkin [X]
    Witch Pumpkin [X]
    Zombieland [X]

    Elger Maraween 2019

    Posted on : 25th Oct 2019 01:57   Posted by : Taunted

    Elger Trick Or Treat 2019
    Flames [X]
    Tucked Apron [X]
    Royal Ruff [X]
    Rose Crown[X]
    Fancy Gloves [X]
    Bat Dress [X]
    Equilor Cake Pop [X]
    Doyle Cake Pop [X]
    Crindol Cake Pop [X]
    Creepy Blue Eye Cupcake [X]
    Bat Cookie [X]
    Bolimo Cake Pop [X]
    Mystery Purple Juice [X]
    Mystery Green Juice [X]
    The Good the Bad and the Oglue[X]
    Glowing Egg:
    Cat Glowing Egg [X]
    Red Candy Corn Plushie [X]
    Candy Corn Candle [X]

    Previous Pets

    Posted on : 8th Nov 2018 03:52   Posted by : Taunted
    Orforce - Radioactive Ideus - given to AuraQueen
    Clinical - Injured Bolimo - traded to aaronjohn
    Wrestling - Injured Renat - given to ??
    Terribly - Bronze Addow - given to Drimley
    Cherophobia - Eleka Snookle - given to mythmyjo
    Serotine - Bootleg Vlad - given to goddesswisdom
    Baths - Minipet Ideus - given to SnowStrawberryLim
    Unsuccessful - Baby Tantua - given to ??
    Cellulite - Invisible Gonk - disowned
    Burdened - Lava Hump - traded to mikeandjen
    Hindered - Baby Limax - traded to mikeandjen
    Vaporised - Invisible Astro - traded to mikeandjen
    ah_harrow - Chinese Gonk - auctioned to husky230
    Linguinne - Coral Astro - disowned - stevez
    Tarps - Olive Astro - disowned - Enna
    Mocked - Prison Yuni - given to 5SecondsOfJessie
    Unzipped - Insideout Kujo - given to Foot
    Fued - Blue Equilor - auctioned to MelaShen
    Credits - Party Addow - auctioned to PatrickSeal
    Outraged - Sketch Yuni - given to Ejit123
    Tormented - Violet Speiro - given to WolfRevolution
    Difficulty - Spring Vlad - disowned - Paissa
    Seeding - Spring Eyru - traded to Minipet
    Groomed - Mutant Rusty- given to lorraineparkx
    Stethoscope - Blue Addow - given to Honesty
    Unavailable - Lava Vixen - given to Maratropolis

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