Started playing September 19th 2018 10:27pm
July 8th is my birthday!

I auto-price and set trades at or below lowest available. I love to trade for things I need! Cant afford it - MM/MT to discuss a deal!!


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  • 🍴Heatwave Utensils🍴

    Posted on : 18th Nov 2019 14:06   Posted by : Froggy
    Swapping for missing

    Gold BBQ Fork
    Gold BBQ Spatula
    Gold BBQ Tongs
    Gold Corn Holders
    Gold Salad Spoon
    Metal BBQ Fork
    Metal BBQ Spatula
    Metal BBQ Tongs
    Metal Corn Holders
    Metal Salad Spoon
    Plastic BBQ Fork
    Plastic BBQ Spatula
    Plastic BBQ Tongs
    Plastic Corn Holders
    Plastic Salad Spoon
    Silicone BBQ Fork
    Silicone BBQ Spatula
    Silicone BBQ Tongs
    Silicone Corn Holders
    Silicone Salad Spoon
    Wooden BBQ Fork
    Wooden BBQ Spatula
    Wooden BBQ Tongs
    Wooden Corn Holders
    Wooden Salad Spoon

    🕯Melted Candles🕯

    Posted on : 11th Nov 2019 13:25   Posted by : Froggy
    Melted Candles
    Open to swapping for ones Scarlet needs of equal or greater value. Not currently selling, only swapping. Please see trades. Thank you.

    Melted Blossom Candle
    Melted Blossom Hexagon Candle
    Melted Blossom Snowman Candle
    Melted Blueberry Candle
    Melted Blueberry Hexagon Candle
    Melted Blueberry Snowman Candle
    Melted Breeze Candle
    Melted Breeze Hexagon Candle
    Melted Breeze Snowman Candle
    Melted Candle
    Melted Cedar Candle
    Melted Cedar Hexagon Candle
    Melted Cedar Snowman Candle
    Melted Cherry Candle
    Melted Cherry Hexagon Candle
    Melted Cherry Snowman Candle
    Melted Dirty Candle
    Melted Dirty Hexagon Candle
    Melted Dirty Snowman Candle
    Melted Dung Candle
    Melted Dung Hexagon Candle
    Melted Dung Snowman Candle
    Melted Fresh Candle
    Melted Fresh Hexagon Candle
    Melted Fresh Snowman Candle
    Melted Hexagon Candle
    Melted Lavender Candle
    Melted Lavender Hexagon Candle
    Melted Lavender Snowman Candle
    Melted Lemon Candle
    Melted Lemon Hexagon Candle
    Melted Lemon Snowman Candle
    Melted Lilac Candle
    Melted Lilac Hexagon Candle
    Melted Lilac Snowman Candle
    Melted Mango Candle
    Melted Mango Hexagon Candle
    Melted Mango Snowman Candle
    Melted Old Candle
    Melted Rose Candle
    Melted Rose Hexagon Candle
    Melted Rose Snowman Candle
    Melted Sandalwood Candle
    Melted Sandalwood Hexagon Candle
    Melted Sandalwood Snowman Candle
    Melted Snot Candle
    Melted Snot Hexagon Candle
    Melted Snot Snowman Candle
    Melted Snowman Candle
    Melted Spiced Apple Candle
    Melted Spiced Apple Hexagon Candle
    Melted Spiced Apple Snowman Candle
    Melted Unscented Candle
    Melted Unscented Hexagon Candle
    Melted Unscented Snowman Candle
    Melted Vanilla Candle
    Melted Vanilla Hexagon Candle
    Melted Vanilla Snowman Candle
    Melted Vintage Candle
    Melted Vintage Hexagon Candle
    Melted Vintage Snowman Candle
    Melted Zen Candle
    Melted Zen Hexagon Candle
    Melted Zen Snowman Candle

    🍦Brain Freeze🍦

    Posted on : 8th Nov 2019 17:17   Posted by : Froggy
    150 Ice Creams For Brain Freeze

    Ant Hill Ice Cream

    Apple Snowcone

    Banana Lolly

    Banana Soft Serve

    Banana Split

    Beelzebub Ice Cream

    Black Spookfruit Sundae

    Blackberry Snowcone

    Blood Witch Ice Cream

    Blue Moon Ice Cream Cone

    Blue Spookfruit Sundae

    Blueberry 13th Birthday Popsicle

    Blueberry Gelato

    Blueberry Ice Cream Newth Lolly

    Blueberry Ice Cream Vixen Lolly

    Blueberry Snowcone

    Brain Witch Ice Cream

    Bubble Gum Ice Cream Cone

    Bunny Ice Cream Sundae

    Candy Corn Ice Cream

    Candycane Ice Cream Cone

    Cherry Ice Cream

    Cherry Ice Cream Newth Lolly

    Cherry Ice Cream Vixen Lolly

    Cherry Snowcone

    Cherry Sundae

    Chocolate 13th Birthday Popsicle

    Chocolate Almond Cone

    Chocolate Almond Lolly

    Chocolate Birthday Sundae

    Chocolate Brownie Sundae

    Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

    Chocolate Chip Lolly

    Chocolate Crunch Lolly

    Chocolate Dip Cone

    Chocolate Dipped Cone

    Chocolate Ice Cream

    Chocolate Ice Cream Cone

    Chocolate Ice Cream Newth Lolly

    Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich

    Chocolate Ice Cream Vixen Lolly

    Chocolate Ice Cream Waffle Bowl

    Chocolate Soft Serve

    Chocolate Sugarcone

    Chocolate Sundae

    Chocolate Swirl Cone

    Chocolate Vanilla Soft Serve

    Chocolate and Cream Cone

    Christmas Ice Cream Cone

    Christmas Tree Ice Cream

    Cola Snowcone

    Cookie Dough Ice Cream

    Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich

    Cookie Dough Ice Cream Waffle Bowl

    Dark Chocolate Lolly

    Deep Fried Ice Cream

    Double Cherry Ice Cream Cone

    Double Chocolate Ice Cream Newth Lolly

    Double Chocolate Lolly

    Double Chocolate Swirl Cone

    Easter Egg Ice Cream

    Ghost Ice Cream

    Grape Ice Cream Cone

    Grape Snowcone

    Green Spookfruit Sundae

    Item Kiwi Ice Cream Cone

    Lemon Snowcone

    Mango Gelato

    Mango Ice Cream Cone

    Mango Soft Serve

    Matcha Ice Cream Sandwich

    Mint Chip Sundae

    Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Newth Lolly

    Mint Ice Cream Cone

    Mint Ripple Ice Cream Newth Lolly

    Mint Snowcone

    Mocha Ice Cream

    Mocha Soft Serve

    Mud Ice Cream Treat

    Neapolitan Ice Cream

    Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich

    Neapolitan Ice Cream Waffle Bowl

    Neapolitan Snowman Ice Cream

    Newth Box Ice Cream

    One Scoop Rainbow Ice Cream

    Orange Ice Cream

    Orange Ice Cream Newth Lolly

    Orange Snowcone

    Orange Spookfruit Sundae

    Passion Fruit Ice Cream Cone

    Peach Ice Cream

    Peach Snowcone

    Pecan Ice Cream

    Pistachio Gelato

    Pistachio Ice Cream

    Protein Ice Cream

    Radioactive Ice Cream

    Rainbow Swirl Ice Cream

    Raspberry Ice Cream Cone

    Raspberry Ice Cream Newth Lolly

    Raspberry Ice Cream Vixen Lolly

    Red Spookfruit Sundae

    Sand Ice Cream

    Snowman Ice Cream

    Squid Pop

    Stracciatella Gelato

    Strawberry 13th Birthday Popsicle

    Strawberry Birthday Sundae

    Strawberry Gelato

    Strawberry Ice Cream

    Strawberry Ice Cream Cone

    Strawberry Lolly

    Strawberry Ripple Ice Cream Newth Lolly

    Strawberry Soft Serve

    Strawberry Sugarcone

    Strawberry Sundae

    Strawberry Swirl Cone

    Sweetheart Sundae

    Three Scoops Rainbow Ice Cream

    Tiramisu Gelato

    Toffee Ice Cream

    Toffee Ice Cream Waffle Bowl

    Tropical Popsicle

    Tub of Cherry Ice Cream

    Tub of Chocolate Ice Cream

    Tub of Cookie Dough Ice Cream

    Tub of Matcha Ice Cream

    Tub of Mint Ice Cream

    Tub of Mocha Ice Cream

    Tub of Neapolitan Ice Cream

    Tub of Orange Ice Cream

    Tub of Peach Ice Cream

    Tub of Pecan Ice Cream

    Tub of Strawberry Ice Cream

    Tub of Toffee Ice Cream

    Tub of Vanilla Ice Cream

    Vanilla 13th Birthday Popsicle

    Vanilla Birthday Sundae

    Vanilla Chocolate Cone

    Vanilla Ice Cream

    Vanilla Ice Cream Cone

    Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich

    Vanilla Ice Cream Waffle Bowl

    Vanilla Soft Serve

    Vanilla Sugarcone

    Vomit Witch Ice Cream

    Watermelon Popsicle

    Watermelon Snowcone

    Whipped Ice Cream Cone

    White Chocolate Dip Lolly

    🥴Unwanted Extras

    Posted on : 2nd Nov 2019 13:55   Posted by : Froggy
    Character ToT Extras not including mp gains, what I’ve used, or given away already...
    55 Bat Lyres
    63 Candy Corn Plushies
    17 Chibs Cake Pop
    52 Creepy Orange Cupcakes
    1 Wig
    16 Head Wings
    15 Moon Sweater
    58 Mystery Blue Juice
    13 Poofy Tops
    49 Skeleton Rocking Horses
    8 Spooky Shawls
    15 Zombieland 2
    362 Extra items I don’t need


    EDIT: While I appreciate the inquiries, I don’t sell current event items only do swaps. However, If you are still interested in buying them after the event has ended, I’m happy to negotiate then. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

    Missing Tattoos

    Posted on : 28th Oct 2019 09:52   Posted by : Froggy
    To pass this level you need to do the following:
    You need 40 or more Tattoos in your Wardrobe
    You have 38 Tattoos

    Aquarius Scale Tattoo
    Cancer Tattoo
    Crescent Moon Tattoo
    Dark Mark Tattoo
    Doomsday Sleeve Tattoo
    Dragon Sleeve Tattoo
    Exposed Ribs Tattoo
    Eye of Horus Sleeve Tattoo
    Leo Tattoo
    Libra Tattoo
    Pisces Tattoo
    Sagittarius Tattoo
    Scorpio Tattoo
    Sunburnt Tattoo
    Sunkissed Tattoo
    Tanned Tattoo
    Taurus Tattoo
    Zombie Bites Tattoo

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