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  • [Collection/Hoard] Items To Ho...     ~13 Aug 2019
  • Personal Goals - organizing - ...     ~12 Aug 2019
  • Lucky Wins at Games     ~31 May 2018
  • Master List of Pets Wanted     ~30 May 2018
  • Gemini TC Checklist & Trad...     ~27 May 2018

  • [Collection/Hoard] Items To Hoard For Gallery

    Posted on : 13th Aug 2019 11:05   Posted by : Brandi
    Ghost Items on WL, hoard style, will but multiple of most items. For more expensive wardrobe items I am looking for 2 copies, one for wardrobe, one for gallery.

    For items under 100k, hoarding as many as possible.
    Certain more expensive "favorite items" I'll buy more than 1 of.

    Personal Goals - organizing - so much to do D:

    Posted on : 12th Aug 2019 14:05   Posted by : Brandi
    -Color change on Jazmon - DONE
    -Goal Stats/Learnables for goal pets (100/200?)
    500 Wardrobe Items
    -Monthly Checklist (3 LEFT, INCL. FLASH)
    -Decide what items to collect for gallery
    -MaraHome? House?

    Lucky Wins at Games

    Posted on : 31st May 2018 07:17   Posted by : Brandi


    Master List of Pets Wanted

    Posted on : 30th May 2018 10:30   Posted by : Brandi
    While I do not expect to obtain all these pets, these are the only ones I'm actively seeking. All other pets/items obtained will be sold off to obtain one of these pets (or wardrobe items, see the clothing blog for reference).

    Anything already obtained will be noted as such. If there's nothing indicating that I have obtained the item/pet, I am still seeking.

    Please feel free to contact through whatever medium you deem necessary.

    Angel Limax Angel Costume, Photo
    Bug TroitBug Costume, Photo -OBTAINED
    Calico FasoroCalico Costume, Photo
    Calico Chibs Calico Costume, Enchanted Calico Chibs Plushie, Calico Chibs Plushie, Calico Chibs Photo
    Calico Rusty Calico Costume, Enchanted Calico Rusty Plushie, Calico Rusty Plushie,Calico Rusty Photo
    Calico Viotto Calico Costume, Enchanted Calico Viotto Plushie, Calico Viotto Plushie, Calico Viotto Photo
    Calico Zola Calico Costume, Calico Zola Photo
    Baby Astro Baby Costume, Baby Astro Photo
    Baby Huthiq Baby Costume, Enchanted Baby Huthiq Plushie, Baby Huthiq Plushie, Baby Huthiq Potion
    Baby Osafo Baby Costume, Baby Osafo Potion, Baby Osafo Photo
    Bee Rusty Bee Costume, Bee Rusty Photo
    Bootleg Gonk Bootleg Costume, Bootleg Gonk Photo
    Anime Chibs Anime Costume, Enchanted Anime Chibs Plushie, Anime Chibs Plushie, Anime Chibs Photo
    Anime Raulf Anime Costume, Enchanted Anime Raulf Plushie, Anime Raulf Plushie, Anime Raulf Photo
    Chibi Straya Chibi Costume, Chibi Straya Photo
    Dalmatian Straya Dalmatian Costume, Dalmatian Straya Photo
    Dalmatian Rusty Dalmatian Costume, Dalmatian Rusty Photo
    Dalmatian Chibs Dalmatian Costume, Enchanted Dalmatian Chibs Plushie, Dalmatian Chibs Plushie, Dalmatian Chibs Potion
    Cursed Jessup Cursed Costume, Cursed Jessup Photo
    Cotton Candy Zola Cotton Candy Costume, *No Available Photos* 17 pets
    Desert Chibs Desert Costume, Desert Chibs Photo
    Daylight Zola Daylight Costume, Daylight Zola Photo
    Dark Fasoro Dark Costume, Enchanted Dark Fasoro Plushie, Dark Fasoro Plushie, Dark Fasoro Potion
    Doll Rusty Doll Costume, Doll Rusty Photo
    Floral Gonk Floral Costume, Floral Gonk Photo
    Funky Straya Funky Costume, Funky Straya Photo
    Funky Rusty Funky Costume, Funky Rusty Photo
    Galaxy Limax Galaxy Costume, Galaxy Limax Photo
    Galaxy Zola Galaxy Costume, Galaxy Zola Photo
    Galaxy Ushunda Galaxy Costume, Galaxy Ushunda Photo
    Ghost Gonk Ghost Costume, Ghost Gonk Potion, Ghost Gonk Photo
    Ghost Kidlet Ghost Costume, Ghost Kidlet Photo
    Ghost Xoi Ghost Costume, Ghost Xoi Potion, Ghost Xoi Photo
    Gold Zola Gold Costume, Gold Zola Photo
    Hairy Rusty Hairy Costume, Hairy Rusty Photo
    Hairy Straya Hairy Costume, Hairy Straya Photo
    Hairy Gonk Hairy Costume, Hairy Gonk Photo
    Hairy Chibs Hairy Costume, Hairy Chibs Plushie, Hairy Chibs Photo
    Gothic Tantua Gothic Costume, Enchanted Gothic Tantua Plushie, Gothic Tantua Plushie, Gothic Tantua Potion, Gothic Tantua Photo
    Gothic Gonk Gothic Costume, Gothic Gonk Photo
    Hobo Leido Hobo Costume, Hobo Leido Photo
    Halloween Daisy Halloween Costume, Halloween Daisy Photo
    Halloween Chibs Halloween Costume, Halloween Chibs Plushie, Halloween Chibs Photo
    Killer Sindi Killer Costume, Killer Sindi Photo
    Leopard Limax Leopard Costume, Leopard Limax Photo
    Leopard Gonk Leopard Costume, Leopard Gonk Photo
    Love Gonk Love Costume, Love Gonk Photo
    Mermaid Straya Mermaid Costume, Enchanted Mermaid Straya Plushie, Mermaid Straya Plushie, Mermaid Straya Photo
    Mermaid Sindi Mermaid Costume, Mermaid Sindi Photo
    Mermaid Chibs Mermaid Costume, Mermaid Chibs Photo
    Maroon Zola Maroon Costume, 2 pets, No Photos
    Maroon Limax Maroon Costume, 1 pet, No Photos
    Maroon Fasoro Maroon Costume, Maroon Fasoro Photo
    Magenta Zola Magenta Costume, Magenta Zola Photo
    Minipet Equilor Minipet Costume, Minipet Equilor Photo
    Minipet Gonk Minipet Costume, Enchanted Minipet Gonk Plushie, Minipet Gonk Plushie, Minipet Gonk Potion, Minipet Gonk Photo
    Minipet Huthiq Minipet Costume, Minipet Huthiq Photo
    Millionaire Troit Millionaire Costume, Enchanted Millionaire Troit Plushie, Millionaire Troit Plushie, Millionaire Troit Photo
    Midnight Gonk -OBTAINTED
    Midnight Costume, Midnight Gonk Photo
    Moonlight Raulf Moonlight Costume, Moonlight Raulf Photo
    Moonlight Straya Moonlight Costume, Moonlight Straya Photo
    Monster Xoi Monster Costume, Monster Xoi Photo
    Monster Viotto Monster Costume, Monster Viotto Photo
    Pixie Huthiq Pixie Costume, Pixie Huthiq Photo
    Pixie Viotto Pixie Costume, Pixie Viotto Photo
    Pastel Zola Pastel Costume, Pastel Zola Photo
    Pastel Limax Pastel Costume, Pastel Limax Photo
    Prison Limax Prison Costume, Prison Limax Photo
    Rainbow Zola Rainbow Costume, Rainbow Zola Photo
    Snow Limax Snow Costume, Snow Limax Photo
    Snow Zola Snow Costume, Enchanted Snow Zola Plushie, Snow Zola Plushie, Snow Zola Photo
    Snow Viotto Snow Costume, Snow Viotto Photo
    Sparkle Speiro Sparkle Costume, Sparkle Speiro - obtained
    Sparkle Straya Sparkle Costume, Sparkle Straya Photo
    Splatter Zola Splatter Costume, Splatter Zola Photo
    Strobe Zola Strobe Costume, Strobe Zola Photo
    Tiger Viotto Tiger Costume, Tiger Viotto Photo
    Tiger Zola Tiger Costume, Tiger Zola Photo
    Valentine Huthiq Valentine Costume, Photo
    Valentine Limax Valentine Limax, Valentine Limax Photo
    Underwater Limax Underwater Costume, Underwater Limax Photo


    Gemini TC Checklist & Trades

    Posted on : 27th May 2018 12:37   Posted by : Brandi

    Gemini Blouse
    Gemini Book
    Gemini Boots
    Gemini Contact Lenses

    Gemini Pants
    Gemini Shirt
    Gemini Shoes
    Gemini Skirt

    Gemini Tattoo
    Gemini Top
    Gemini Wig
    Yin Yang Jelly

    Extra for Trades
    Gemini Skirt

    Please feel to contact me if you want to trade, or check my trades for other things I have available. Thank you


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