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17/ Female/ Highschool Student/ Novice Artist/ Sometimes I just keep the tab open but isn't looking at it so if I don't reply even if I'm online that's why / I basically live in the graphics forum/ I log on with 4 devices my desktop, laptop, phone and tablet/ I use VPNs a lot so my IP changes







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  • A Small Announcement Regarding Commissions

    Posted on : 20th Mar 2019 11:46   Posted by : Cresion
    Hi, after a long while I've decided to stop doing and advertising commissions on mara.

    The new rules are making it difficult to find varied content and just don't feel worth it anymore. I now have other places where I can get paid more in irl money, so you'll probably see me start to sell AU a lot now when I run myself broke.

    As for myself I often felt held back by my commissions because I have to admit most of my onsite commissions I feel are not my best work, I want to improve my art a bit and it's not helping when I just get requested and paid to do the same things over and over again.

    I'll still occasionally do art for my profile, fan art or just show randoms stuff I did on the forums sometimes if anyone actually wants to see the crap I make. I'll run some free art boards or art boards for items (like the plates one) when I have the time or need one, but no more full on commissions.

    Thank you everyone for the support in the past year or so.

    ✥✤✣"Dolls Only" Fashion Contest Art Prizes✣✤✥

    Posted on : 15th Mar 2019 07:20   Posted by : Cresion
    Congrats to the top 3 winners!

    #1 Austen
    Full Size:

    #2 Snixie
    Full Size:

    #3 Darko
    Full Size:


    2019 Dolls

    Posted on : 3rd Mar 2019 16:15   Posted by : Cresion

    9-Tailed Divine Fox
    Inspired by Xiang Ling from Sword of Legend


    Porcelain Autumn & Golden Winter


    Gaia Online


    Poisoned Noblity (Christmas Doll)


    Lolita Dragon


    Industrial Coration


    Yin Yang Jelly


    Order of the Cerulean Rose


    Grande Valse Brillante


    Love is a Lie, Nothing is Real

    Fantasie Impromptu




    Prismatic Tracer


    Fleek Sleepover


    Galaxia Beach


    Neon Sentinel


    Steampunk Dragonborn


    Cosplay - Richter (Elsword)


    Cosplay - Quicksilver (X-Men Film)


    ✧・゚: *Fleek Binary Codes Raffle*:・゚✧

    Posted on : 24th Jan 2019 18:43   Posted by : Cresion

    Raffle is now over, here are the winners!

    1st Prize

    2nd Prize

    Winners please head to my trades and offer on the lot(s) marked with your name!

    Hello Fleek members!

    I\'m holding a raffle to give away 2 sets of all 36 binary codes worth 1416 memory points total for the new release of the wonky pyramid.

    ?????????: *?????????:*How to enter*:?????????*:?????????
    -Be part of the club Fleek
    -Simply comment on this blog and you\'ll be automatically entered and recieve one entry
    -Send me any item valued 500mp or lower for one additional entry, you can send up to 15 items max
    -The Raffle will run between January 24th and January 27th, winners would be announced late January 28th!

    ?????????????????????Prized and Winners?????????????????????
    ???Main Prize (x2)???
    Full Set of Binary Codes (0-9, A-Z)
    1416 Memory Points Total

    ???Second Prize (x2)???
    Set of Numbers Binary Codes (0-9)
    613 Memory Points Total

    ???Participation Prize???
    Everyone who enters gets 1 random Binary Code

    Pet Planning

    Posted on : 22nd Dec 2018 21:45   Posted by : Cresion
    Vlads have been my favorite pet since I joined and they don\'t seem to get as much love as some other restricted pets so I decided to love them and make all of my pets into them at some point!

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    Four Corners
    in 5 minutes
    240,554MP Prize

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