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  • Sweetness Lelitia is the first...     4th Nov 2013 09:29
  • Cheap Gourmet Food Guide     21st Sep 2013 19:29
  • Some Useful Sites     16th Sep 2013 19:56
  • Avatar Goals     20th Apr 2013 13:17
  • Guest Book     12th Jul 2009 13:29
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  • Test Your Eyes     16th Jul 2008 05:32

  • Sweetness Lelitia is the first Cursed Zoink!

    Posted on : 4th Nov 2013 09:29   Posted by : Haret5
    I wanted to get a Cursed costume for her and I did.
    Now she will be harder to pry from me.
    I don't know how many pumpkins I clicked but I probably have less than 50 in my attic.

    She is never allowed to portal again.

    Cheap Gourmet Food Guide

    Posted on : 21st Sep 2013 19:29   Posted by : Haret5
    1. "Fizzy" Drinks
    You can buy a variety of sodas that start with the word "Fizzy" at the soft drink shop, some of these are under 1000 mp.

    2. Potatoes
    Some potatoes are really cheap, as low as 1 mp such as the trash potato.

    3. Loyalty Prizes
    These can be free if you are patient enough, if not, you can spend a few k for some of them.

    4. (Insert Color) Heart Lollies
    Yet again, cheap and there are multiple ones rarity 10 or over.

    5. Cereal
    Do yourself a favor and head to the wishlist and "check price" all the cereals. A good portion of them can be bought under 5k each.

    6. Worms
    You have a chance to dig one up for free every three hours.

    7. Pearls
    Oddly enough these count as food, the Test Your Strength Pearl can be bought for 1 mp.

    8. Fast Food
    Take a few minutes and buy some items from the Fast Food shop such as a Beef Fajita, Egg Muffin, Mashed Potato and Gravy and Potato Wedges.

    9. Easter Eggs
    When Easter comes around again, do the Egg Hunt and when you are finished you will get several dozen eggs that can be used as food for a very small amount of mp.

    10. Advent Calender
    Go to Biala in December and collect your daily prize, it just might be food.

    Can Bread Pudding

    Some Useful Sites

    Posted on : 16th Sep 2013 19:56   Posted by : Haret5
    Wanna see how a wig would look on you ?

    What about makeup?

    Need help picking out contacts?

    Avatar Goals

    Posted on : 20th Apr 2013 13:17   Posted by : Haret5
    Right now, my goal is to reach 300 avatars.
    Goal Completed!

    666: Done!
    Agatha: Done!
    Bacon: Done!
    Blue: Get costume and apply!
    Deck: 41/75
    Essence: Need the ask the genie really nicely for one and apply.
    Forums: 3524/10,000
    Genie: Wait for more LE's to be able to dress up in LE and apply.
    Glowing Egg Enthusiast: 77/82
    High: 219/230
    Jinn: Not started.
    London Bus: Buy and Break.
    Lolzebra: Done
    Maisonette: Build and Destroy.
    Skinny: Completed!
    Upgrade: Done!

    Guest Book

    Posted on : 12th Jul 2009 13:29   Posted by : Haret5
    Please Sign.
    Thank you.

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