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    Posted on : 11th Oct 2019 02:49   Posted by : Daze
    So I thought I would document my second time around to see how much it actually cost me to get a pucu maker. I feel like I have left out one of the last levels by accident as the levels do not get to 30 but it is a close enough figure to what I spent. I also used my magic carpet, and traded items to get to the end which definitely helped save a heap of dukkas. Feel free to have a browse if you are looking at starting the mission, or would like some idea of what to expect in the coming levels Smile This run would’ve been about equal to the current cost of a pucu maker (40mil~) and it took 15 days with the missions gb.
    TOTAL DUKKAS SPENT: 1783. Which, at the rate of 1:15k is 26,745,000mp.

    Levels 1-10
    Level 1: Flowery pot and lunar belly = 8 dukka coins
    Level 2: Diamond earrings and dark spell = 10 dukka coins
    Level 3: Duck with sauce and heart earrings = 15 dukka coins
    Level 4: Easter vase and flowery pot = 8 dukka coins
    Level 5: Spotted pot and energy spell = 9 dukka coins
    Level 6: Hoop earrings and striped vase = 9 dukka coins
    Level 7: Cross necklace and Lasagne = 25 dukka coins
    Level 8: Spotted pot and hoop earrings = 7 dukka coins
    Level 9: Invisible spell and Christmas necklace = 9 dukka coins
    Level 10: Pancake roll and cross necklace = 19 dukka coins
    Total so far: 119 dukka coins
    Levels 11-20
    Level 11: Air spell and silver nose ring = 22 dukka coins
    Level 12: Diamond belly ring and corned beef and veg = 7 dukka coins + navy vlad potion
    Level 13: Striped vase and spicy chicken broth = 18 dukka coins
    Level 14: Crab fritters and earth spell = 15 dukka coin + 4.85mil
    Level 15: Energy spell and fish soup = 17 dukka coins
    Level 16: Solar forehead gem and Christmas vase = 30 dukka coins (had gem in attic or it would???ve been 1.45mil)
    Level 17: Lunar forehead gem, prawn and squid soup and water spell = 65 dukka coins
    Level 18: Lunar forehead gem, fish and sweetcorn soup and diamond ring = 37 dukka coins
    Level 19: Cross necklace, gold ring and chicken broth = 45 dukka coins
    Level 20: Pancake rolls, diamond bracelet and prawn and squid soup = 43 dukka coins
    Total so far: 279 dukka coins
    Levels 21-30
    Level 21: Crispy won ton, heart earrings and energy spell = 14 dukka coins (had won tons in attic but would have been 8 dukka coins if not)
    Level 22: Bootleg gizmo plushie = 15 dukka coins
    Level 23: Bootleg Murfin plushie = 15 dukka coins
    Level 24: Timpani drum = 50 dukka coins
    Level 25: Aquarius = 50 dukka coins
    Level 26: Tomato pearl and staff of the dark = 350 dukka coins
    Level 27: Asked for orange dna and werewolf wig = Magic carpet
    Level 28: Pirate ship stamp and werewolf wig = 400 dukka coins (plus trade deal for stamp)
    Level 29: Piano and staff of the dark = 400 dukka coins
    Total spent all together: 1783 dukka coins

    My recommendation would be to have at least 3,000 dukka coins in your exchange to complete this mission.


    Posted on : 30th Apr 2019 01:36   Posted by : Daze
    Level 1: B,Z and 3
    Level 2: 4,F and A
    Level 3: 6,C and G
    Level 4: 4,K and R
    Level 5: J,W and 0
    Level 6: D,8 and A
    Level 7: T,X and L
    Level 8: T,T and 8
    Level 9: L,R and H
    Level 10: 9,R and R
    Level 11: 5,Q and N
    Level 12: 6,T and U


    Posted on : 23rd May 2015 14:40   Posted by : Daze
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