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  • 20% - 30% discount on ALL trad...     17th Apr 2011 21:28
  • Selling Entire Gallery     6th Feb 2011 16:00
  • Goals Progress     11th Mar 2009 18:29
  • Club Stuff     7th Oct 2008 21:40
  • Learnables Needed for Percepti...     16th Mar 2008 11:19
  • LE Pet Prices     1st Feb 2008 08:06
  • BATTLE AVIES I NEED     11th Jan 2008 08:37
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  • 20% - 30% discount on ALL trades

    Posted on : 17th Apr 2011 21:28   Posted by : herbgurl21
    Check out my trades and offer 20-30% under the listed price.

    Selling Entire Gallery

    Posted on : 6th Feb 2011 16:00   Posted by : herbgurl21
    Make reasonable offers only!! I will NOT give prices, you must make an offer if you want something. No items. Pure MP only!!

    Goals Progress

    Posted on : 11th Mar 2009 18:29   Posted by : herbgurl21

    Gigantic Paradise
    You need to have a leprechaun coloured pet.

    You need to complete level 2 or higher at the Ublish's Lair mission

    Minipet Island
    You need to receive a limited edition pet from the Pet Exchange

    You need to own any Underwater coloured pet

    You need to own any Eleka coloured pet

    Lush Lake
    You need to own any Skater coloured pet

    You need to complete level 20 or higher at the Blitzen's Grotto mission

    You need to complete level 20 or higher at the Trunx's Theatre mission

    Dukka Caves
    You need a pet that has learnt 200 musical instruments.

    Complete 150 or more Computer Repair Quests.

    Wait for a news update for new levels to be added to these goals.

    Club Stuff

    Posted on : 7th Oct 2008 21:40   Posted by : herbgurl21
    Member info

    *Nick Name or Real Name:
    *What are you on Marapets: (this could be like a multi choice and have a few answers...maybe) Quester, Fourm Lurker, Pet Trainer, Item Horder, ect...
    *Anything else you want to add:


    LE Pet Giveaway Conditions

    *******NOT OPEN*******

    Ok so I have decided to do a LE pet giveaway but I have a few conditions so that to ensure it is done fairly...

    First of all I will pick the LE species...I won't go cheap but I don't want to spend up all the till on one thing either.

    I also will NOT be giving a potion away...but a created pet. I will buy the potion and create the pet with the name the winners chooses, as long as it's available. This will ensure that the potion is not sold but used and the pet loved!

    Now I know you're all dying to know how to enter and what potion I'm going to get for it and how it all works...

    I'll be holding a club poll over the next two weeks to see what pet is wanted the most, which we can afford.

    Once I get it narrowed down I'll go buy the potion and stick it in my attic for safe keeping.

    Then once we have the potion I'll start the entering phase, which you all will have -a month- to write me a mail saying why YOU want the pet, is it a dream pet, or just cool...Even simply say, I want it...that works for me..lol

    That's it, easy huh??

    After the month, within a couple of days, I'll announce the winner on the home page, chat, and by mail.


    Learnables Needed for Perception

    Posted on : 16th Mar 2008 11:19   Posted by : herbgurl21

    Ambient Forest Noises
    Angel Songs
    Baby Songs
    Candy Music
    Colourful Tunes
    Cute Love Songs
    Dark Duets
    Dark Ercuws
    Dark Love Songs
    Dead Love Songs
    Deadly Dagger Sounds
    Digital Noises
    Dragon Dance
    Dukka Fairy Songs
    Earth Fairy Sonnets
    Easter Songs
    Emo Music
    Exploring Music
    Fire Fairy Songs
    Flaming Hot Summer Songs
    Geek Remix
    Gingerbread Songs
    Goblin Tunes
    Gothic Tunes
    Greatest Hits by Baby MaraDolls
    Greatest Hits by Syn D
    Halloween Hits
    Halloween Snowman Music
    Happy Love Songs
    Ice Divas
    Irish Music
    Japanese Music
    Knutt House Music
    Light Fairy Sonnets
    Love Songs
    Lush Fountain New Age
    Lush Fountain Tinklings
    Maradan Orchestra
    Marching Band
    Midnight Music
    Minipet Christmas Carols
    Mirror Dance
    Moon Dance
    Moon Walk
    Mummy Dance
    Musical Vortex
    No More War Songs
    Number Ones by Huffix
    Olde Western Hits
    Osafo Sing Along
    Peaceful Serenade
    Pirate Shanty
    Pixie Music
    Poisonous Tunes
    Princess Songs
    Psycho Destruction Ballads
    Punk Classics
    Punk Music
    Punks Not Dead
    R n B Classics
    Rainbow Chatters
    Rainbow Tunes
    Recycled CD
    Relaxing Music
    Robot Punk
    Rocket Sounds
    Romantic Hits
    Rotten CD
    Ruins Music
    Simerian Songs
    Snowman Dance
    Snowman Songs
    Songs of Peace
    Space Age Rock
    Space Mutant Hits
    Stars Volume 1
    Tantua Tango
    Temple Tunes
    The Best Christmas Carols
    Trash Fairy Hits
    Tribal Music
    Ugly Dance
    Undead March
    Undying Fairy Songs
    Undying Tunes
    Vampire Attack Music
    Viking Metal Songs
    War Songs
    Wild Dances
    Xoi Classics
    Zetlian Classics
    Zoink Sing Along

    Bat Attack
    Be My Valentine
    Biala is Melting
    Candy Treats
    Cheese Eater
    Chibs on 34th Street
    Christmas Time
    Clam Attack
    Clown Attack
    DNA Messages
    Dukka Fairy
    Earth Fairy
    Easter Egg Hunt
    Error 51
    Fairy in Space
    Ghost Attack
    Gingerbread Movie
    Goblin Rides
    Grumpy Old Chibs
    Guide to Marasites
    History of Queen Eleka
    Huthiq Invasion
    Inside the Vortex
    Last Battle
    Learning Chess
    Lonesome Gonk
    Lost on the Island
    Love Again
    Love Story
    Make a Snowman
    Marada at War
    Midnight Sunrise
    Minipet Island War I
    Mutants Attack
    My Journal
    Nightmare in Puchala
    Prison Break
    Puchalla Villagers
    Pumpkin Patch
    Red Planet
    Shadow Vampire
    Slater Park Adventure
    Stamp Collecting
    The Egg
    The Leprechaun
    The Mermaid Tale
    The Mummy
    The Twelve Days of Christmas
    Under the Sea
    Undying Fairy
    Using Charms
    Valentines Day
    X Factor
    Year of the Rat
    You Have Maramail

    1000 Leagues Up Book
    300 Million Hits Book
    Azul Day Off Book
    Baking Gingerbread Book
    Being Elger
    Biala Book
    Blitzen Book
    Blood Stained Book
    Book of Anime
    Book of Bad Smiles
    Book of Charms
    Book of Fate
    Book of Sparkles
    Book of Stamps
    Candy Guide Book
    Candy Mysteries Book
    Canning Book
    Chinese New Year Book
    Christmas Carol Book
    Climbing Mt Dukka Book
    Clown History Book
    Death Spell Book
    Digital Spell Book
    Earth Fairy Book
    Easter Book
    Encyclopedia A
    Encyclopedia Z
    Enpiah Book
    Enpiah Law Book
    Error Book
    Festive Candles Books
    Fire Book
    First Dates Book
    Flaming Book
    Fried Eggs Book
    Gardening Book
    Gift Wrapped Book
    Glass Book
    Glittering Goods Book
    Gonk on the Ranch Book
    Gothic Photo Album
    Guide to Candy Book
    Halloween Recipe Book
    How to Fish
    Ice Book
    Ice Spell Book
    Jenoan Tales
    Jungle Book
    Leprechaun Book
    Light Fairy Book
    Lightning Book
    Maramail Grammar Guide
    Mummy Book
    Old Candy Tree Book
    On Fire Book
    Pirate Cave Book
    Pixie Book
    Puchala Village Book
    Queen Eleka Book
    Recycled Book
    Roman Numerals Book
    Royal Book
    Sand Book
    Scrolls Book
    Secrets of Simeria Book
    Simerian History Vol 2
    Skater Book
    Snowball Book
    Snowman Hats Book
    Space Fairy Book
    Surviving Madness Book
    Sushi Trouble Book
    The Travelling Pearl Book
    Under the Sea Book
    Undying Book
    Valentine Book
    Vampire Sightings Book
    Voodoo Book
    Vortex Warning Book
    Wizard's Book
    Yakubi Skeleton Book

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