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A lot of items in my gallery are for sale, please mail if interested. I also have dozens of trades up all the time so please check them out

Collecting Pearls - 148/155!
  1. CDs I need
    27th Sep 2018 07:20
    5 years, 9 months & 15 days ago
  2. DNA Minipets
    6th Dec 2017 07:21
    6 years, 7 months & 4 days ago
  3. Pet Colours in future
    7th Nov 2017 03:01
    6 years, 8 months & 5 days ago
  4. ****TRADE PRICES****
    1st Nov 2017 14:05
    6 years, 8 months & 11 days ago
  5. Trading Cards Needed
    13th Mar 2017 04:04
    7 years, 3 months & 30 days ago
  6. Old Trade Prices
    6th Aug 2015 14:19
    8 years, 11 months & 6 days ago
  7. Smuggler Restocks
    16th Mar 2015 03:58
    9 years, 3 months & 27 days ago
  8. LE Restocks
    16th Mar 2015 03:39
    9 years, 3 months & 28 days ago
  9. Olympics
    15th Feb 2015 17:05
    9 years, 4 months & 25 days ago
  10. Quests
    5th Nov 2014 11:13
    9 years, 8 months & 7 days ago
CDs I need
5 years, 9 months & 15 days ago
27th Sep 2018 07:20

17/12/18 - Sidhe - Borrowing Blissaur for 60 days

Bonanza is missing 194 CDs

9th Birthday Songs
Advent 2011 Music
Advent Tree Music
Ambient Fly Buzzing
Angel Songs
Baby Bird Songs
Balloon Beats
Basil Beats
Blizzard Blues
Blue Sisters Volume 01
Blue Sisters Volume 02
Bubbly Pop
Cheesy Tunes
Christmas Carols
Christmas Tree Hits
Classic Jazz
Classical Melodies
Classical Music
Colourful Tunes
Conspiracy Tunes
Dakota Stepping
Dance Classics
Dancing Eggs
Dark Dance
Daylight Dance
Desert Melodies
Digital Noises
Discontinued Music
Dragon Dance
Earth Fairy Sonnets
Earth Songs
Easter Egg Bop
Easter Hunting Tunes
Easter Songs
Electro Music
Enpiah Space Music
Evil Clown Music
Experimental Music
Exploring Music
Fairy Bop
Fasoro Flamenco
Fire Fairy Salsa
Fire Fairy Songs
Fire Hits
Firework Noises
Firework Sounds
Flaming Hot Summer Songs
Frankenstein Fusion
Free Cell Soundtrack
Funeral Fables
Geek Remix
Gingerbread Men Group
Gingerbread Songs
Glam Tunes
Glitched Noises
Gnome Music
Goblin Tunes
Gold Wrapped Tunes
Golden Desert Hits
Greatest Hits by Baby MaraDolls
Greatest Hits by Syn D
Greedy Fairy Music
Guitar Solos
Hairy Music
Halloween Hits
Heavy Metal Music
Hexxagon Soundtrack
Hospital Music
Hot Air Instrumental
Hot Chibs Songs
House Classics
House Cleaning Tunes
Howling Hits
Ice Divas
Ice Fairy Lament
Insideout Playlist
Irish Music
Item Collector Soundtrack
Jelly Tunes
Kids Pop
Killer Songs
Late Night Lullabies
Lazy Fairy Hits
Leopard Snarl
Light Fairy Sonnets
Light Side Music
Loser Blues
Loud and Terrible Music
Love Music
Love Songs
Lowlyhood Classics
Lowlyhood Hits
Lush Fountain New Age
Lush Fountain Tinklings
Mahjong Soundtrack
Maradan Orchestra
Marching Band
Memory Pets Soundtrack
Mini Fairy Music
Minipet Christmas Carols
Moonlight Melodies
Musical Vortex
Native Music
Newth Box Soundtrack
Number Ones by Huffix
Oasis Album
Olde Western Hits
Olympic Anthems
Opera Music
Osafo Sing Along
Peace Songs
Peaceful Serenade
Pearl Skipping Soundtrack
Pixie Music
Planet Playlist
Plasma Wars Soundtrack
Polar Tunes
Princess Songs
Psycho Destruction Ballads
Puchalla Hits
Punk Music
R n B Classics
Radioactive Jazz
Recycled CD
Relaxing Music
Relaxing Ocean Sounds
Robo Bop
Robot Playlist
Robot Punk
Rock n Roll Classics
Rocket Sounds
Romantic Hits
Rotten CD
Royal March
Rubbish Songs
Ruins Music
Safari Hits by Mara
Scales of Music
Schnoodle Struddel Hits
School Bus Songs
Seasonal Classics
Simerian Songs
Skater Music
Slater Park Hits
Snowman Dance
Snowman Sing Alongs
Snowman Songs
Songs of Kamilah Desert
Soul Music
Splash Hits
Spooky Tunes
Stars Volume 01
Straya Songs
Summer Hits 2010
Sunset Playlist
Sunset Sonnets
Superhero Anthems
Swan Songs
Tantua Tango
Temple Tunes
The Best Christmas Carols
Thunder Noise
Tow Truck Tunes
Transumption Tunes
Transuranic Tunes
Transvaluation Tunes
Tribal Music
Turkey Trot Pop
Ugly Dance
Undead March
Undercover Hits
Undying Fairy Songs
Undying Tunes
Vampire Attack Music
Vampire Tunes
Viking Metal Songs
Villain Music
Villain Soundtrack
Walkie Talkie Sounds
War Music
War Songs
Whack an Azul Soundtrack
Winter Exploring Tunes
Ziranek Electro Music
Zoink Sing Along
Zombie Screeches

DNA Minipets
6 years, 7 months & 4 days ago
6th Dec 2017 07:21

Currently need: Blue Zointy (Zoink + Phanty)

I can offer 50k to people to Falls me a minipet (I will supply a pink DNA mini)

Le/Restricted below (minus Chibs ones I have), Strikes through mean I have 3 of:

Only occurence:
Daisy + Gizmo = Dazmo
Hump + Vixen = Huxen
Basil + Kujo = Kusil
Nino + Zoosh = Noosh
Arinya + Tasi = Arasi
Echlin + Poera = Echera
Zoink & Phanty = Zointy
Dakota + Rusty = Dusty
Crikey + Pucu = Pikey
Troit + Figaro = Trigaro

Gonk + Decadal = Decadonk (only deca)
Chibs + Lati = Chati (only Lati)
Ercuw + Renat = Renuw
Ercuw + Yuni = Erni (only yuni)
Flab + Kronk = Flonk (only kronk)
Gonk + Oglue = Goglue
Ike + Oglue = Iklue (only Ike)
Gonk + Mordo = Gordo (only Mordo)
Huthiq + Bolimo = Huthimo (only Huthiq)
Quell + Addow = Quelow
Quell + Chibs = Quibs
Rofling + Addow = Roflow (only rofling)
Speiro + Gobble = Spobble (only gobble)
Osafo + Sybri = Osabri
Viotto + Sybri = Syotto
Viotto + Crindol = Viondol
Sindi + Snookle - Snoodie (only sindi)
Willa + Snookle = Wookle
Willa + Chibs = Chilla
Willa + Osafo = Willafo

Pet Colours in future
6 years, 8 months & 5 days ago
7th Nov 2017 03:01

Reminder for what I want. Ideas appreciated!

17 - Not Sure
Abyss - Nightmare something
Action - Super hero raulf
Angel - DONE
Bam - DONE (Battle pet, change costumes)
Binge - DONE Fat Quell
Birthday - Maybe Party costume one day
Bran - Halloween Pucu one day (If not - tundra)
Caveman - DONE
Chum - Maybe Fat something
Core - DONE
Dungeon - DONE for now, maybe darker costume
Extra - Not Sure, maybe Fancy something
Finger - Not sure
Flick - Not sure, maybe Bug costume
Fowl - Some form of Gobble/CHicken looking pet
Gimp - DONE
Guard - Potentially Mafia costume
Hairy - Wait for Hairy costume to be re-done/re-released
Hard - Maybe Stone costume, not sure
Hel - White Rusty
Hive - DONE
Jumper - Not sure
Jungle - Not sure, something more planty than arleady
Knife - DONE
Mash - Not sure
Nail - Not Sure
Pest - Not sure
Pill - Look for something to look like a pill
Pitch - DONE maybe look for darker one day
Plot - DONE
Pong - DONE
Pope - Royal or Angel or White perhaps one day
Power - DONE for now, maybe another species one day
Pud - Something cute, maybe Fat
Punch - Not sure - Anime Arinya
Rash - Not sure
Rocky - Not sure, something big
Rolo - Calico Rusty
Saffie - DONE
Shell - Summer Leido, get Drew
Snark - DONE Not sure/Done?
Spotty - DONE Something Spotty/Calico? Possibly Fire Figaro or Candy
Toad - DONE
Vomit - DONE for now

6 years, 8 months & 11 days ago
1st Nov 2017 14:05

I am about to purge my gallery and sell a lot off. A lot of these items are very scarce and are only being sold by me for this time only.

My prices are taking from trades and are one I have also sold at previously/have estimated.



Please 'Ctrl+F' if you can't find anything as things might not be listed in a correct category or in a strange category.


Chibi - 17m
Checkered - 15m
Christmas - 6m
Bee - 4m
Summer - 9m
Tundra - 12m


Halloween Pearl - 12m
Mini Pearl - 2m
Valentine Pearl - 3.5m
Frankenstein Pearl - 14m
Monster Pearl - 1.5m
Wedding Pearl - 25m
Steampunk Pearl - 12m
Alien Pearl - 1.5m
Aura Pearl - 5m
Devil Pearl - 2.5m
Festival Pearl - 2m
Zetzilla Pearl - 1.5m
Easter Bunny Stew - 10m
10th Birthday Potato - 5m
Slice of Birthday Cake - 5m
Heart Shaped Sandwich - 4m
Taiyaki - 4.5m
Tako - 4.5m
Pumpkin Potato - 5m
Corned Beef & Vegetables - 4m
Candy Buttons - 1m
Pot of Gold Cake - 80m
Gummi - 4m
Easter Cupcake - 15m
Yolk - 15m
Roasted Chestnuts - 8m
Makara Tail - 5m
Aquarius Water - 5m
Blood Orange Slice - 2.25m

Trading Cards

Shadow Trading Card - 6m
Bad Chocolate Trading Card - 8m
Cowboy Trading Card - 12m
Grinch Trading Card - 2m
Hasani Trading Card - 14m
Fungus Trading Card - 7m
Lotus Trading Card - 25m
Naunet Trading Card - 15m
Meager Trading Card - 25m
Wee Trading Card - 25m
Runty Trading Card - 20m
Flitter Trading Card - 25m
Explosive Trading Card - 45m
Bomb Trading Card - 45m
Magic Trading Card - 30m
Caveman Trading Card - 20m
Nocto Trading Card - 10m
Can Trading Card - 20m
Snowman Twin Trading Card - 5m
Eleka Guard Trading Card - 10m
Desert Spy Trading Card - 6m
Newth Nurse Trading Card - 20m
Party Pooper Trading Card - 5m
Bad Egg Trading Card - 20m
Nille Trading Card - 7m
Raa Trading Card - 25m
Reisand Trading Card - 50m
Oke Trading Card - 22m
Mini Gobble Herd Trading Card - 18m


Mad Scientist Suit - 7.5m
Love Tuxedo - 7.5m
Leo Jacket - 4m
Leo Shirt - 4m
Scrooge Shirt - 15m
Steampunk Suit - 3m
Alien Armour - 2m
Vlad Party Suit/Furry Shirt - 20m
Snookle Party Suit/Party Blazer - 20m
Blood Splattered Gloves - 1.6m
Pastel Denim Shorts - 18m
High Waisted Shorts - 25m
Snuggly Sweater - 800k
Striped Knitted Top - 800k
Winter Kujo Onesie - 800k
Royal Top - 8m
Cat Lover Shirt - 4m
Say Cheese Shirt - 4.5m
Ho Ho HO Sweater - 15m
Gothabilly Dress - 2.5m
Murfin Party Dress - 5m
Vira Dress - 7m
Aquarius Skirt - 5m
Elf Dress - 35m
Bunny Leotard - 4m
Crow Dress - 4m
Galactic Dress - 12m
Splatter Dress - 2m
Native Skirt - 3m
Star Dress - 6.5m
Rock Dress - 6.5m
Alien Empress Dress - 1.75m
Sindi Party Dress - 7.5m
Snookle Party Dress - 8m
Birthday Dress - 6m
Gothic Maxi Dress - 2m
Teenage Witch Costume - 3.5m
Drummer Girl Costume - 4.5m
Royal Guard Female Costume - 4.5m
Crazy Scientist Costume - 10m
Galactic Costume - 5m
Nisse Costume - 3m
Easter Bunny Costume - 10m
Leopard Skin - 1.5m
Yeti Costume - 7.5m
Geek Male Costume - 5m
Gingerbread Skin - 17.5m
Superboy Costume - 4m
Royal Male Costume - 20m
Loose Mummy Costume - 3m
Black Death Costume - 4m
Winter King Costume - 5m
Chocolate Bunny Costume - 12m
Pisces Belt - 4.5m
Pisces Gloves - 4.5m
Pisces Jacket - 8m


Tall Archer Boots - 10m
Bloody Boots - 2m
Tall Gothic Platforms - 12m
Winter Boots - 45m
Reindeer Hooves - 25m
Snuggly Boots - 800k
Blood Shoes - 15m
Hermes Shoes - 7.5m
Nightmare Shoes - 15m
Short Gothic Platforms - 6m
Rose Vine Shoes - 2m
Steampunk Boots - 3m
Sindi Feet - 450k
Harmony Shoes - 4.75m

Wings & Things & 'Wearables' etc

Fall Angel Wings - 12m
Crow Wings - 15m
Pixie Wand - 1.5m
Chibs Ears - 6m
Fasoro Tail - 7m
MP3 Player - 4.75m
Fasoro Ears - 2.5m
Demonic Wings - 10m
Dark Mark Tattoo - 2.5m
Aquarius Jewellery Set - 5.5m
Aquarius Wrist Jewellery - 7.5m
Cupid Sword Belt - 3.25m
Evil Clown Face Make Up - 20m
Hollow Mask - 20m
Crow Skull Necklace 2.5m
Skeleton Key Necklace - 2m
Aquarius Tail - 6.75m
Creepy Bunny Mask - 10m
Pisces Necklace - 4.5m
Plastic Halo - 4m
Wing Hair Clips - 12m
Devil Horns - 12m
Fiendish Horns - 5m
Nymph Horns - 4.5m
Nightmare Horns - 5m
Holiday Vixen Antlers - 20m
Reindeer Antlers - 20m
Bloody Head Knife - 10m
Merman Tail Fin - 10m

Holograms/Scenery etc

Eerie Lamp Post - 2.8m
Dark Demon - 3m
Aquarius Bubbles - 12m
Ring of Water - 10m
Love Hearts - 12m
Pool of Blood - 4m
Candycane Patch - 25m
Mini Christmas Tree - 25m
North Pole Sign - 25m
Snow Child - 25m
Wolf - 8m
Twin Fish - 12m
Adorab Summoning Stone - 8.5m
Doon Summoning Stone - 3m


Fire Ercuw Potion - 40m
Devil Murfin Potion - 1.5m

Contact Lenses

Bittersweet Contact Lenses - 5m
Bunny Contact Lenses - 25m
Elf Contact Lenses - 18m
Capricorn Contact Lenses - 7m
Aquarius Contact Lenses - 5m
Mismatched Contact Lenses - 15m
Summer Contact Lenses - 5m

Wigs & Hats etc

Capricorn Wig - 8m
Blood Soaked Wig - 15m
Mad Scientist Wig - 4.5m
Bittersweet Wig - 4.5m
Bunny Ear Hoodie Wig - 2m
Alien Emperor Wig- 3m
Unruly Locks - 4m
Werewolf Wig - 4.5m
Spring Wig - 25m
Sagittarius Wig - 12m
Maeven Wig - 12m
Frosty Braid Wig - 9m
Double Braid Wig - 12m
Aquarius Wig - 5m
Wonderland Wig - 5m

Turtle Scarf 1.5m
Wizard Hat - 10m
Winter Hoodie - 4m
Devil Hat - 3m
Withered Flower Crown - 3m
Rotten Veil - 18m
Wooly Beanie 8m
Wonderland Top Hat - 6m
Antler Crown - 3m
Cat Beanie - 8m

Glowing Eggs

Forest Fairy Glowing Egg - 3m
Corrupted Glowing Eggs - 2.75m each
9th Birthday Glowing Eggs - 2.25m each
Melted Glowing Egg - 25m
Demonic Glowing Egg - 15m
Red Damask Glowing Egg - 6m
Black Damask Glowing Egg - 5m
Extremely Scary Glowing Egg - 7.5m
Tan Fleshy Glowing Egg - 4m
Battle Fairy Glowing Egg - 15m


Enchanted Space Crindol Plushie - 1m
Cracked Easter Egg Plushie - 2m
10th Birthday Plushie - 3m
Enchanted Ninja Knutt Plushie - 4.5m x2 x1


Wizard Stamp - 30m
Hobo Stamp - 25m
Fairy Stamp - 20m
Marapop Stamp - 20m
Princess Rapunzel Stamp - 12.5m
Mystery Egg Stamp - 2.5m
Sunny Side Up Stamp - 8m
10 Years Stamp - 25m
Snowman Stamp - 4m
Whirlpool Stamp - 10m
Lush Lake Stamp - 7.5m
Pumpkin Stamp - 18m
Christmas 2008 Stamp - 1.75m
Werewolf Stamp - 2m
Gamma Stamp - 5m
Easter Bunny Stamp - 30m
Duckling Stamp - 22m
Battle Arena Stamp - 750k


Wand of Monsterous Power - 4m
Romantic Guitar - 2.75m
Jug - 1.2m
Timpani Drum - 600k
Smuggler Sword - 4m
Unnecessary Perfection Instructions Full Set - 75m

(Some Gourmet Minipets under Minipets)

Aura - 800k
Kirikoo - 9m
Centaur - 6m
Kumbha - 4m
Mizu - 4m
Sneaky - 4m


Greedy Fairy Book - 2.5m
The Three Scavengers - 1.5m
Holographic Encyclopedia - 2m
10 Years Book - 15m
Book of Holiday Poems - 25m
Aquarius Book - 3m
Book of Eggcelent Puns - 10m
Frosty Adventures Book - 1m
Raising a Quell Book - 6m
The Mermaid Tale - 9m
Jenoa - 9m
Greedy Fairy - 3m
Stalled - 2.5m
The Hunt for the Golden Carrot - 18m
9th Birthday Songs - 60m
Greatest Hits by Baby Maradolls - 50m
Monster Mash - 1m
Winter Exploring Tunes - 18m
Sakura Sonnet - 2m

Treasure Chests

Summer Treasure Chest - 20m
Steampunk - 25m
Party - 20m
Arctic - 25m
Aquarius - 22m

Trading Cards Needed
7 years, 3 months & 30 days ago
13th Mar 2017 04:04

Cake Trading Card - 30m
Evil Tree Trading Card - 10m
Inflate Trading Card
Mrog Trading Card
Nightmare Trading Card
Party Popper Trading Card - 8m
RIP Trading Card - 45m
Rusty Trading Card - 15m
Sandman Trading Card
Sniffer Trading Card - 20m
Sultan Trading Card
Villain Trading Card - 1om

Flamed Trading Card
Jet Trading Card - 10m
Smuggler Trading Card - 15m
Vibue Trading Card

Fairy etc
Drake Trading Card
Homeless Fairy Trading Card
Hospice Trading Card
Krikill Trading Card
Merman Trading Card
Mini Fairy Trading Card
Moonlight Fairy Trading Card
Old Fairy Trading Card
Peasant Fairy Trading Card
Penitentiary Trading Card
Plushie Fairy Trading Card
Rainbow Fairy Trading Card - 10m
Royal Fairy Trading Card
Satyr Trading Card
Space Fairy Trading Card
Vampire Trading Card

Cake Trading Card
Drake Trading Card
Evil Tree Trading Card
Flamed Trading Card
Homeless Fairy Trading Card
Hospice Trading Card
Inflate Trading Card
Jet Trading Card
Krikill Trading Card
Merman Trading Card
Mini Fairy Trading Card
Moonlight Fairy Trading Card
Mrog Trading Card
Nightmare Trading Card
Old Fairy Trading Card
Party Popper Trading Card
Peasant Fairy Trading Card
Penitentiary Trading Card
Plushie Fairy Trading Card
RIP Trading Card
Rainbow Fairy Trading Card
Royal Fairy Trading Card
Rusty Trading Card
Sandman Trading Card
Satyr Trading Card
Smuggler Trading Card
Sniffer Trading Card
Space Fairy Trading Card
Sultan Trading Card
Vampire Trading Card
Vibue Trading Card
Villain Trading Card

Agent Trading Card (18m)
Apollo Trading Card (4m)
Bad Chocolate Trading Card (~6m)[/s]
Bailiff Trading Card (~15m)
Balloon Trading Card (28m)
Battle Fairy Trading Card (Free)
Bomb Trading Card (15m)
Bumpkin Trading Card (2m)
Carnivore Trading Card (500k)
City Accountant Trading Card (30m)
City Banker Trading Card (20m)
City Hobo Trading Card (20m)
City Mayor Trading Card (1m)
City Realtor Trading Card (20m)
Clam Trading Card (1.3m)
Conker Trading Card (15m)
Cowboy Trading Card (15m)
Cremated Trading Card (~15m)
Crinkal Trading Card (~6m)
Daemon Trading Card (~15m)
Dark Fairy Trading Card (35k)
Daylight Fairy Trading Card (5m)
Desert Spy Trading Card (3m)
Digital Fairy Trading Card (2.5m)
Double Peck Trading Card (~10m items)
Elder Trading Card (10m)
Eleka Minions Trading Card (~6m)
Elger Trading Card (4m)
Explosive Trading Card (10m)
Forest Fairy Trading Card (6m)
Frostbite Trading Card (~8m)
Fugunzel Trading Card (1m)
Gargoyle Trading Card (12m)
Gelatin Trading Card (6k)
Glowing Fairy Trading Card (1.5m)
Goblar Trading Card (10m)
Grinch Trading Card (1.5m)
Gross Trading Card (10m)
Hades Trading Card (Swap for item I paid 2m for)
Hasani Trading Card (~8m)
Hibi Trading Card (2m)
Hot Dog Trading Card (45m)
Insomniac Trading Card (~25m)
Jester Trading Card (650k)
Karate Trading Card (~8m)
Kleptome Trading Card (~15m)
Krick Trading Card (Part of Deal ~8m)
Lightning Trading Card (20m_
Little Invader Trading Card (3m)
Lotus Trading Card (Part of Deal ~8m)
Lxi Trading Card (6m)
Magic Trading Card (13m)
Meager Trading Card (20m)
Murderer Trading Card (Part of Deal ~8m)
Native Fairy Trading Card (2.25m)
Naunet Trading Card (Part of Deal ~8m)
Operative Trading Card (~15m)
Party Animal Trading Card (25m)
Phospho Trading Card (25m)
Pirate Mafia Trading Card (1m)
Plutonium Trading Card (~8m)
Punk Xoi Trading Card (1m)
Pyramid Trading Card (500k)
Runty Trading Card (20m)
Sassilla Trading Card (5m)
Scare Crow Trading Card (~4m)
Scrooge Trading Card (12m)
Sewer Cleaner Trading Card (~1m)
Sewer Fairy Trading Card (10m)
Sleshalk Trading Card (1mil)
Snot Newth Trading Card (~15m)
Snow Fight Trading Card (15m)
Snowball Trading Card (Part of Deal ~8m)
Snowman Twin Trading Card (6m)
Sorcerer Trading Card (20m)
Spam Fairy Trading Card (Traded with items ~9mil)
Stellar Trading Card (14m)
Team Maple Leaf Trading Card (3m)
Terrorantula Trading Card (4.5m)
Thunder Trading Card (20m)
Tichu Trading Card (Part of Deal ~8m)
Troll Trading Card (2m)
Trotters Trading Card (750k)
Ublish Trading Card (1.3m)
Undying Trading Card (10m)
Venus Trading Card (550k)
Waste Trading Card (~8m)
Wee Trading Card (7m)
Winter Demon Trading Card (25m)
Zetlian Guard Trading Card (200k)

Pink Minis Leidow Azeido etc
Riss (I) send second, Brienne, Meivabelle (II) sent second, tango94, shellan82 (I)sent second, Drama (II)sent third, EllenE (I), Sen, Elephant, ketchup, Nicksie, Kaitlin, jelleo123

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