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If you need a plate of any of the minis in my gallery I'm happy to make it to swap for a photo I need (list on marasite)
  1. Missing photos
    17th Jul 2021 05:56
    3 months & 17 hrs ago
  2. 2021
    1st Jan 2021 00:07
    9 months, 16 days & 22 hrs ago
  3. Advent 2020
    1st Dec 2020 00:09
    10 months, 16 days & 22 hrs ago
  4. Wacky workshop
    12th Oct 2020 04:43
    1 year & 5 days ago
  5. Reunite Prizes
    22nd Sep 2020 00:28
    1 year & 25 days ago
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    29th May 2020 00:47
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    26th Apr 2020 05:22
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Missing photos
3 months & 17 hrs ago
17th Jul 2021 05:56

Top of the list are photos I will trade for (similar value please), bottom of the list are just for reference

Updated: 29/08/21

Advent Gizmo Photo
Advent Poera Photo

American Lati Photo
American Zoosh Photo

Angel Basil Photo
Angel Lorius Photo
Angel Raulf Photo
Angel Vlad Photo
Angel Zoosh Photo

Baby Phanty Photo
Baby Zola Photo

Bee Basil Photo
Bee Sindi Photo
Bee Zoosh Photo

Blitzen Dakota Photo
Blitzen Hump Photo
Blitzen Lati Photo
Blitzen Oglue Photo
Blitzen Vlad Photo
Blitzen Yuni Photo

Bootleg Flab Photo
Bootleg Osafo Photo
Bootleg Ushunda Photo

Breeze Viotto Photo
Breeze Zola Photo

British Feliz Photo
British Ike Photo
British Kidlet Photo
British Kujo Photo
British Nino Photo
British Quell Photo
British Ushunda Photo
British Yakubi Photo
British Zola Photo

Bug Arinya Photo
Bug Azul Photo
Bug Snookle Photo
Bug Tasi Photo

Burnt Grint Photo
Burnt Straya Photo
Burnt Vlad Photo

Calico Doyle Photo
Calico Eyru Photo
Calico Tasi Photo

Camouflage Arinya Photo
Camouflage Astro Photo
Camouflage Basil Photo
Camouflage Crikey Photo
Camouflage Figaro Photo
Camouflage Lati Photo
Camouflage Quell Photo
Camouflage Raulf Photo
Camouflage Troit Photo
Camouflage Zoosh Photo

Candy Equilor Photo
Candy Poera Photo
Candy Raulf Photo

Cartoon Figaro Photo

Checkered Arinya Photo
Checkered Basil Photo
Checkered Chibs Photo
Checkered Dakota Photo
Checkered Decadal Photo
Checkered Ercuw Photo
Checkered Eyru Photo
Checkered Fasoro Photo
Checkered Figaro Photo
Checkered Flab Photo
Checkered Gobble Photo
Checkered Hump Photo
Checkered Kaala Photo
Checkered Nino Photo
Checkered Osafo Photo
Checkered Pucu Photo
Checkered Quell Photo
Checkered Raulf Photo
Checkered Reese Photo
Checkered Rusty Photo
Checkered Snookle Photo
Checkered Sybri Photo
Checkered Viotto Photo
Checkered Wallop Photo
Checkered Willa Photo
Checkered Yakubi Photo
Checkered Yuni Photo
Checkered Zetlian Photo
Checkered Zoink Photo
Checkered Zola Photo
Checkered Zoosh Photo

Cheese Crikey Photo
Cheese Dakota Photo
Cheese Decadal Photo
Cheese Echlin Photo
Cheese Eyru Photo
Cheese Gonk Photo
Cheese Ike Photo
Cheese Justin Photo
Cheese Nino Photo
Cheese Oglue Photo
Cheese Pucu Photo
Cheese Raulf Photo
Cheese Snookle Photo
Cheese Tasi Photo
Cheese Ushunda Photo
Cheese Yuni Photo
Cheese Zola Photo

Chibi Kujo Photo
Chibi Rusty Photo
Chibi Snookle Photo
Chibi Tasi Photo
Chibi Viotto Photo
Chibi Zoink Photo

Chocolate Arinya Photo
Chocolate Astro Photo
Chocolate Bolimo Photo
Chocolate Crikey Photo
Chocolate Dakota Photo
Chocolate Eyru Photo
Chocolate Feliz Photo
Chocolate Flab Photo
Chocolate Hump Photo
Chocolate Huthiq Photo
Chocolate Justin Photo
Chocolate Kaala Photo
Chocolate Knutt Photo

Christmas Osafo Photo

Christmas Tree Chibs Photo

Clown Astro Photo
Clown Crikey Photo
Clown Equilor Photo
Clown Huthiq Photo
Clown Jessup Photo
Clown Murfin Photo
Clown Sybri Photo
Clown Zetlian Photo
Clown Zoosh Photo

Cotton Candy Addow Photo
Cotton Candy Gobble Photo
Cotton Candy Raulf Photo
Cotton Candy Zola Photo

Cowboy Rusty Photo

Cursed Justin Photo
Cursed Vlad Photo

Dalmatian Arinya Photo
Dalmatian Astro Photo
Dalmatian Decadal Photo
Dalmatian Figaro Photo
Dalmatian Gonk Photo
Dalmatian Grint Photo
Dalmatian Huthiq Photo
Dalmatian Kaala Photo
Dalmatian Kujo Photo
Dalmatian Viotto Photo
Dalmatian Vlad Photo

Dark Renat Photo

Dark Fairy Addow Photo
Dark Fairy Azul Photo
Dark Fairy Walee Photo
Dark Fairy Wallop Photo
Dark Fairy Xoi Photo
Dark Fairy Yuni Photo

Defective Addow Photo
Defective Ideus Photo
Defective Jessup Photo
Defective Newth Photo
Defective Nino Photo
Defective Osafo Photo
Defective Phanty Photo
Defective Rusty Photo
Defective Viotto Photo
Defective Zetlian Photo

Detective Addow Photo
Detective Azul Photo
Detective Gizmo Photo
Detective Wallop Photo

Devil Crikey Photo
Devil Justin Photo
Devil Willa Photo
Devil Yuni Photo
Devil Zoink Photo

Digital Arinya Photo
Digital Azul Photo
Digital Crikey Photo
Digital Eyru Photo
Digital Knutt Photo
Digital Kujo Photo
Digital Phanty Photo
Digital Viotto Photo
Digital Vixen Photo
Digital Zoosh Photo

Dragon Arinya Photo
Dragon Kronk Photo
Dragon Limax Photo
Dragon Zoosh Photo

Easter Astro Photo
Easter Ercuw Photo
Easter Flab Photo
Easter Huthiq Photo
Easter Phanty Photo
Easter Quell Photo
Easter Zoink Photo
Easter Zoosh Photo

Eleka Crikey Photo
Eleka Gizmo Photo
Eleka Justin Photo
Eleka Kronk Photo
Eleka Raulf Photo
Eleka Rusty Photo
Eleka Straya Photo
Eleka Yuni Photo

Elf Daisy Photo
Elf Decadal Photo
Elf Gizmo Photo
Elf Vixen Photo

Enpiah Dakota Photo
Enpiah Decadal Photo
Enpiah Gobble Photo
Enpiah Ike Photo
Enpiah Poera Photo
Enpiah Tantua Photo
Enpiah Ushunda Photo

Evil Clown Astro Photo
Evil Clown Azul Photo
Evil Clown Ushunda Photo

Fade Arinya Photo
Fade Crikey Photo
Fade Daisy Photo
Fade Dakota Photo
Fade Decadal Photo
Fade Echlin Photo
Fade Fasoro Photo
Fade Figaro Photo
Fade Gobble Photo
Fade Gonk Photo
Fade Grint Photo
Fade Hump Photo
Fade Ideus Photo
Fade Ike Photo
Fade Jessup Photo
Fade Justin Photo
Fade Knutt Photo
Fade Kronk Photo
Fade Lati Photo
Fade Limax Photo
Fade Lorius Photo
Fade Newth Photo
Fade Nino Photo
Fade Oglue Photo
Fade Osafo Photo
Fade Quell Photo
Fade Raulf Photo
Fade Reese Photo
Fade Renat Photo
Fade Rusty Photo
Fade Sindi Photo
Fade Snookle Photo
Fade Speiro Photo
Fade Tantua Photo
Fade Ushunda Photo
Fade Viotto Photo
Fade Walee Photo
Fade Wallop Photo
Fade Willa Photo
Fade Yuni Photo
Fade Zoink Photo
Fade Zoosh Photo

Fairy Eyru Photo
Fairy Lorius Photo
Fairy Oglue Photo
Fairy Poera Photo

Fat Kronk Photo

Fire Jessup Photo

Floral Dakota Photo
Floral Lorius Photo
Floral Oglue Photo
Floral Tasi Photo
Floral Viotto Photo
Floral Willa Photo
Floral Zola Photo

Frostfire Arinya Photo
Frostfire Dakota Photo

Funky Straya Photo

Galaxy Crikey Photo
Galaxy Fasoro Photo
Galaxy Figaro Photo
Galaxy Flab Photo
Galaxy Gizmo Photo
Galaxy Grint Photo
Galaxy Kaala Photo
Galaxy Lati Photo
Galaxy Limax Photo
Galaxy Poera Photo
Galaxy Quell Photo
Galaxy Rusty Photo
Galaxy Straya Photo
Galaxy Sybri Photo
Galaxy Willa Photo
Galaxy Xoi Photo
Galaxy Yuni Photo
Galaxy Zoink Photo
Galaxy Zoosh Photo

Genie Photo

Glass Arinya Photo
Glass Decadal Photo
Glass Lati Photo
Glass Oglue Photo
Glass Pucu Photo
Glass Raulf Photo
Glass Viotto Photo
Glass Willa Photo

Goblin Reese Photo
Goblin Xoi Photo
Goblin Zetlian Photo

Gold Poera Photo
Gold Ushunda Photo

Gothic Decadal Photo
Gothic Oglue Photo

Hairy Viotto Photo

Halloween Basil Photo
Halloween Crikey Photo
Halloween Gizmo Photo
Halloween Leido Photo
Halloween Osafo Photo
Halloween Sindi Photo
Halloween Sybri Photo
Halloween Tasi Photo
Halloween Troit Photo
Halloween Wallop Photo
Halloween Zola Photo

Headless Justin Photo
Headless Sindi Photo
Headless Straya Photo
Headless Vlad Photo
Headless Zoink Photo
Headless Zoosh Photo

Hobo Basil Photo
Hobo Dakota Photo
Hobo Ike Photo

Ice Daisy Photo
Ice Decadal Photo
Ice Lorius Photo
Ice Nino Photo
Ice Pucu Photo
Ice Raulf Photo
Ice Rusty Photo
Ice Tasi Photo
Ice Ushunda Photo
Ice Zoosh Photo

Ice Fairy Sindi Photo

Injured Astro Photo
Injured Equilor Photo
Injured Fasoro Photo
Injured Flab Photo
Injured Huthiq Photo
Injured Kidlet Photo
Injured Knutt Photo
Injured Lati Photo
Injured Poera Photo
Injured Tantua Photo

Insideout Bolimo Photo
Insideout Crikey Photo
Insideout Dakota Photo
Insideout Decadal Photo
Insideout Figaro Photo
Insideout Gizmo Photo
Insideout Gonk Photo
Insideout Kujo Photo
Insideout Nino Photo
Insideout Poera Photo
Insideout Pucu Photo
Insideout Raulf Photo
Insideout Sindi Photo
Insideout Straya Photo
Insideout Troit Photo
Insideout Ushunda Photo
Insideout Willa Photo
Insideout Zoink Photo
Insideout Zoosh Photo

Invisible Arinya Photo
Invisible Crikey Photo
Invisible Gobble Photo
Invisible Hump Photo
Invisible Kaala Photo
Invisible Lati Photo
Invisible Newth Photo
Invisible Nino Photo
Invisible Oglue Photo
Invisible Phanty Photo
Invisible Speiro Photo
Invisible Troit Photo
Invisible Vlad Photo
Invisible Wallop Photo
Invisible Willa Photo
Invisible Zola Photo

Island Astro Photo
Island Azul Photo
Island Dakota Photo
Island Huthiq Photo
Island Kujo Photo
Island Pucu Photo

Killer Decadal Photo
Killer Fasoro Photo

Lava Addow Photo
Lava Arinya Photo
Lava Bolimo Photo
Lava Daisy Photo
Lava Dakota Photo
Lava Decadal Photo
Lava Ercuw Photo
Lava Fasoro Photo
Lava Feliz Photo
Lava Gizmo Photo
Lava Grint Photo
Lava Huthiq Photo
Lava Ike Photo
Lava Jessup Photo
Lava Justin Photo
Lava Kidlet Photo
Lava Kronk Photo
Lava Kujo Photo
Lava Lati Photo
Lava Limax Photo
Lava Lorius Photo
Lava Nino Photo
Lava Sindi Photo
Lava Speiro Photo
Lava Sybri Photo
Lava Tantua Photo
Lava Tasi Photo
Lava Ushunda Photo
Lava Viotto Photo
Lava Walee Photo
Lava Yakubi Photo
Lava Zoosh Photo

Leopard Addow Photo
Leopard Arinya Photo
Leopard Crikey Photo
Leopard Ercuw Photo
Leopard Feliz Photo
Leopard Gizmo Photo
Leopard Gobble Photo
Leopard Kujo Photo
Leopard Limax Photo
Leopard Lorius Photo
Leopard Newth Photo
Leopard Nino Photo
Leopard Osafo Photo
Leopard Phanty Photo
Leopard Poera Photo
Leopard Pucu Photo
Leopard Quell Photo
Leopard Snookle Photo
Leopard Straya Photo
Leopard Ushunda Photo
Leopard Viotto Photo
Leopard Vlad Photo
Leopard Yuni Photo
Leopard Zoink Photo
Leopard Zola Photo
Leopard Zoosh Photo

Leprechaun Chibs Photo
Leprechaun Jessup Photo
Leprechaun Quell Photo
Leprechaun Willa Photo

Light Addow Photo
Light Nino Photo

Lightning Arinya Photo
Lightning Huthiq Photo
Lightning Justin Photo
Lightning Kujo Photo
Lightning Lorius Photo
Lightning Murfin Photo
Lightning Nino Photo
Lightning Oglue Photo
Lightning Quell Photo
Lightning Raulf Photo
Lightning Rusty Photo
Lightning Viotto Photo
Lightning Willa Photo

Lilac Astro Photo
Lilac Basil Photo
Lilac Chibs Photo
Lilac Dakota Photo
Lilac Decadal Photo
Lilac Ercuw Photo
Lilac Gizmo Photo
Lilac Gobble Photo
Lilac Justin Photo
Lilac Lati Photo
Lilac Nino Photo
Lilac Poera Photo
Lilac Quell Photo
Lilac Raulf Photo
Lilac Viotto Photo
Lilac Willa Photo
Lilac Zoink Photo
Lilac Zola Photo
Lilac Zoosh Photo

Love Astro Photo
Love Chibs Photo
Love Crikey Photo
Love Decadal Photo
Love Ercuw Photo
Love Eyru Photo
Love Flab Photo
Love Gizmo Photo
Love Gobble Photo
Love Hump Photo
Love Murfin Photo
Love Oglue Photo
Love Osafo Photo
Love Phanty Photo
Love Quell Photo
Love Straya Photo
Love Ushunda Photo
Love Viotto Photo
Love Willa Photo
Love Yuni Photo
Love Zoink Photo
Love Zoosh Photo

Mad Scientist Astro Photo
Mad Scientist Equilor Photo
Mad Scientist Flab Photo
Mad Scientist Gizmo Photo
Mad Scientist Poera Photo
Mad Scientist Reese Photo
Mad Scientist Viotto Photo

Mermaid Chibs Photo
Mermaid Dakota Photo

Midnight Kronk Photo
Midnight Rusty Photo
Midnight Ushunda Photo

Millionaire Arinya Photo
Millionaire Decadal Photo
Millionaire Huthiq Photo
Millionaire Limax Photo
Millionaire Lorius Photo
Millionaire Rusty Photo
Millionaire Snookle Photo
Millionaire Tasi Photo
Millionaire Viotto Photo

Minipet Ercuw Photo
Minipet Eyru Photo
Minipet Gizmo Photo
Minipet Gobble Photo
Minipet Kaala Photo
Minipet Kronk Photo
Minipet Murfin Photo
Minipet Phanty Photo
Minipet Poera Photo
Minipet Pucu Photo
Minipet Ushunda Photo
Minipet Viotto Photo
Minipet Yuni Photo
Minipet Zola Photo

Mummy Decadal Photo
Mummy Doyle Photo
Mummy Grint Photo

Mutant Basil Photo
Mutant Pucu Photo
Mutant Renat Photo

Negative Dakota Photo
Negative Huthiq Photo
Negative Kronk Photo
Negative Nino Photo
Negative Raulf Photo
Negative Yuni Photo
Negative Zoosh Photo

Nightmare Mordo Photo

Ninja Doyle Photo
Ninja Eyru Photo
Ninja Kronk Photo
Ninja Newth Photo
Ninja Nino Photo

Old Addow Photo
Old Bolimo Photo
Old Daisy Photo
Old Gizmo Photo
Old Lorius Photo
Old Oglue Photo

Origami Addow Photo
Origami Arinya Photo
Origami Bolimo Photo
Origami Doyle Photo
Origami Equilor Photo
Origami Feliz Photo
Origami Flab Photo
Origami Gonk Photo
Origami Grint Photo
Origami Hump Photo
Origami Huthiq Photo
Origami Poera Photo
Origami Viotto Photo
Origami Wallop Photo
Origami Zola Photo

Panda Crindol Photo
Panda Ercuw Photo
Panda Xoi Photo
Panda Zoink Photo
Panda Zoosh Photo

Party Ercuw Photo
Party Ike Photo
Party Nino Photo
Party Vixen Photo

Pastel Addow Photo
Pastel Crindol Photo
Pastel Kujo Photo
Pastel Nino Photo
Pastel Raulf Photo
Pastel Tasi Photo
Pastel Vlad Photo
Pastel Zoosh Photo

Phantom Zola Photo

Pirate Yuni Photo

Pixel Azul Photo
Pixel Chibs Photo
Pixel Huthiq Photo
Pixel Limax Photo
Pixel Nino Photo
Pixel Rusty Photo
Pixel Sindi Photo
Pixel Ushunda Photo
Pixel Wallop Photo

Pixie Huthiq Photo
Pixie Lorius Photo
Pixie Sindi Photo
Pixie Viotto Photo

Plant Bolimo Photo
Plant Fasoro Photo
Plant Leido Photo
Plant Poera Photo
Plant Straya Photo
Plant Walee Photo

Plushie Astro Photo
Plushie Gonk Photo
Plushie Renat Photo
Plushie Xoi Photo
Plushie Zola Photo

Poison Raulf Photo

Princess Justin Photo

Prison Kaala Photo

Prize Vlad Photo

Radioactive Arinya Photo
Radioactive Ercuw Photo
Radioactive Huthiq Photo
Radioactive Lati Photo
Radioactive Lorius Photo
Radioactive Poera Photo
Radioactive Raulf Photo
Radioactive Rusty Photo
Radioactive Sindi Photo
Radioactive Tasi Photo
Radioactive Viotto Photo
Radioactive Yuni Photo
Radioactive Zoink Photo
Radioactive Zola Photo

Rainbow Fairy Photo
Rainbow Gizmo Photo
Rainbow Gobble Photo
Rainbow Kronk Photo
Rainbow Limax Photo
Rainbow Nino Photo
Rainbow Oglue Photo
Rainbow Poera Photo
Rainbow Sindi Photo
Rainbow Wallop Photo

Rainy Hump Photo
Rainy Huthiq Photo
Rainy Leido Photo
Rainy Renat Photo

Recycled Arinya Photo
Recycled Dakota Photo
Recycled Fasoro Photo
Recycled Gonk Photo
Recycled Grint Photo
Recycled Kronk Photo
Recycled Osafo Photo
Recycled Poera Photo
Recycled Tantua Photo
Recycled Wallop Photo

Red Panda Fasoro Photo
Red Panda Figaro Photo
Red Panda Hump Photo
Red Panda Kaala Photo
Red Panda Knutt Photo
Red Panda Nino Photo
Red Panda Tasi Photo
Red Panda Wallop Photo

Royal Grint Photo
Royal Justin Photo

Sad Azul Photo
Sad Kronk Photo
Sad Poera Photo
Sad Quell Photo
Sad Sybri Photo
Sad Wallop Photo

Safari Dakota Photo
Safari Tasi Photo

School Decadal Photo

Scout Basil Photo

Seasonal Crikey Photo
Seasonal Huthiq Photo
Seasonal Yuni Photo

Sewer Fairy Photo

Sewers Astro Photo
Sewers Basil Photo
Sewers Chibs Photo
Sewers Crikey Photo
Sewers Dakota Photo
Sewers Decadal Photo
Sewers Echlin Photo
Sewers Ercuw Photo
Sewers Eyru Photo
Sewers Figaro Photo
Sewers Gobble Photo
Sewers Hump Photo
Sewers Huthiq Photo
Sewers Kronk Photo
Sewers Kujo Photo
Sewers Lati Photo
Sewers Lorius Photo
Sewers Nino Photo
Sewers Oglue Photo
Sewers Phanty Photo
Sewers Poera Photo
Sewers Pucu Photo
Sewers Raulf Photo
Sewers Rusty Photo
Sewers Sindi Photo
Sewers Snookle Photo
Sewers Speiro Photo
Sewers Straya Photo
Sewers Sybri Photo
Sewers Tasi Photo
Sewers Troit Photo
Sewers Viotto Photo
Sewers Willa Photo
Sewers Xoi Photo
Sewers Yuni Photo
Sewers Zola Photo
Sewers Zoosh Photo

Shaved Justin Photo
Shaved Limax Photo
Shaved Zoink Photo

Silver Crikey Photo
Silver Grint Photo
Silver Limax Photo
Silver Sybri Photo
Silver Viotto Photo

Simerian Crikey Photo
Simerian Gonk Photo
Simerian Ike Photo
Simerian Yakubi Photo
Simerian Yuni Photo
Simerian Zoosh Photo

Skater Chibs Photo
Skater Ercuw Photo

Skeleton Tasi Photo

Sketch Ideus Photo
Sketch Murfin Photo
Sketch Nino Photo
Sketch Tasi Photo
Sketch Vlad Photo

Sleepy Equilor Photo

Slime Crindol Photo
Slime Dakota Photo
Slime Feliz Photo
Slime Ike Photo
Slime Knutt Photo
Slime Nino Photo
Slime Oglue Photo
Slime Phanty Photo
Slime Poera Photo
Slime Rusty Photo
Slime Sybri Photo
Slime Tasi Photo
Slime Viotto Photo
Slime Zoink Photo
Slime Zola Photo
Snazzy Photo

Snow Crikey Photo
Snow Dakota Photo
Snow Gobble Photo
Snow Hump Photo
Snow Huthiq Photo
Snow Ike Photo
Snow Justin Photo
Snow Kujo Photo
Snow Limax Photo
Snow Oglue Photo
Snow Rusty Photo
Snow Viotto Photo
Snow Willa Photo
Snow Zoink Photo

Snowman Viotto Photo
Snowman Vixen Photo

Space Fairy Astro Photo

SPAM Fairy Photo

Sparkle Arinya Photo
Sparkle Dakota Photo
Sparkle Decadal Photo
Sparkle Echlin Photo
Sparkle Ercuw Photo
Sparkle Eyru Photo
Sparkle Hump Photo
Sparkle Huthiq Photo
Sparkle Justin Photo
Sparkle Kronk Photo
Sparkle Leido Photo
Sparkle Limax Photo
Sparkle Lorius Photo
Sparkle Poera Photo
Sparkle Pucu Photo
Sparkle Raulf Photo
Sparkle Reese Photo
Sparkle Sindi Photo
Sparkle Snookle Photo
Sparkle Troit Photo
Sparkle Ushunda Photo
Sparkle Viotto Photo
Sparkle Vixen Photo
Sparkle Wallop Photo
Sparkle Willa Photo
Sparkle Zoink Photo

Splatter Arinya Photo
Splatter Decadal Photo
Splatter Lati Photo
Splatter Poera Photo
Splatter Snookle Photo
Splatter Willa Photo
Splatter Zetlian Photo

Sponge Wallop Photo

Sports Doyle Photo
Sports Poera Photo

Spring Crindol Photo
Spring Decadal Photo
Spring Equilor Photo
Spring Kujo Photo
Spring Lorius Photo
Spring Nino Photo
Spring Viotto Photo
Spring Willa Photo
Spring Zola Photo

Staff Bolimo Photo
Staff Crikey Photo
Staff Crindol Photo
Staff Dakota Photo
Staff Doyle Photo

Starry Astro Photo
Starry Crikey Photo
Starry Decadal Photo
Starry Gobble Photo
Starry Hump Photo
Starry Kronk Photo
Starry Lati Photo
Starry Limax Photo
Starry Newth Photo
Starry Poera Photo
Starry Sindi Photo
Starry Straya Photo
Starry Ushunda Photo
Starry Vixen Photo
Starry Wallop Photo
Starry Willa Photo

Steampunk Ike Photo
Steampunk Rofling Photo
Steampunk Snookle Photo
Steampunk Zoink Photo

Stone Age Dakota Photo
Stone Age Gizmo Photo
Stone Age Gobble Photo
Stone Age Grint Photo
Stone Age Poera Photo
Stone Age Troit Photo
Stone Age Zoosh Photo

Stone Arinya Photo
Stone Dakota Photo
Stone Ercuw Photo
Stone Eyru Photo
Stone Huthiq Photo
Stone Ike Photo
Stone Lati Photo
Stone Lorius Photo
Stone Nino Photo
Stone Oglue Photo
Stone Rusty Photo
Stone Sybri Photo
Stone Tasi Photo
Stone Troit Photo
Stone Ushunda Photo
Stone Viotto Photo
Stone Yuni Photo

Strobe Arinya Photo
Strobe Astro Photo
Strobe Basil Photo
Strobe Crikey Photo
Strobe Eyru Photo
Strobe Feliz Photo
Strobe Gizmo Photo
Strobe Gobble Photo
Strobe Gonk Photo
Strobe Huthiq Photo
Strobe Jessup Photo
Strobe Kujo Photo
Strobe Lati Photo
Strobe Lorius Photo
Strobe Poera Photo
Strobe Pucu Photo
Strobe Quell Photo
Strobe Rofling Photo
Strobe Rusty Photo
Strobe Snookle Photo
Strobe Straya Photo
Strobe Viotto Photo
Strobe Zoosh Photo

Super Hero Azul Photo
Super Hero Fasoro Photo
Super Hero Flab Photo
Super Hero Huthiq Photo
Super Hero Jessup Photo
Super Hero Kronk Photo
Super Hero Wallop Photo

Thunder Crikey Photo
Thunder Daisy Photo
Thunder Decadal Photo
Thunder Ercuw Photo
Thunder Fasoro Photo
Thunder Feliz Photo
Thunder Figaro Photo
Thunder Gizmo Photo
Thunder Gobble Photo
Thunder Hump Photo
Thunder Jessup Photo
Thunder Kronk Photo
Thunder Kujo Photo
Thunder Lati Photo
Thunder Lorius Photo
Thunder Nino Photo
Thunder Oglue Photo
Thunder Paffuto Photo
Thunder Raulf Photo
Thunder Renat Photo
Thunder Sybri Photo
Thunder Tasi Photo
Thunder Vixen Photo
Thunder Xoi Photo
Thunder Yakubi Photo
Thunder Zoink Photo
Thunder Zola Photo

Tiger Crikey Photo
Tiger Decadal Photo
Tiger Echlin Photo
Tiger Hump Photo
Tiger Huthiq Photo
Tiger Ike Photo
Tiger Kujo Photo
Tiger Lati Photo
Tiger Poera Photo
Tiger Pucu Photo
Tiger Viotto Photo
Tiger Vixen Photo
Tiger Willa Photo
Tiger Xoi Photo
Tiger Yuni Photo
Tiger Zetlian Photo

Toddler Huthiq Photo

Town Hall Photo

Tundra Eyru Photo
Tundra Poera Photo

Underwater Arinya Photo
Underwater Daisy Photo
Underwater Feliz Photo
Underwater Ike Photo
Underwater Kujo Photo
Underwater Poera Photo
Underwater Pucu Photo
Underwater Zoink Photo

Undying Fairy Basil Photo
Undying Fairy Crikey Photo
Undying Fairy Equilor Photo
Undying Fairy Ike Photo
Undying Fairy Nino Photo
Undying Fairy Oglue Photo
Undying Fairy Rusty Photo
Undying Fairy Straya Photo
Undying Fairy Troit Photo
Undying Fairy Xoi Photo

Unlucky Photo

Valentine Crikey Photo
Valentine Decadal Photo
Valentine Equilor Photo
Valentine Ercuw Photo
Valentine Feliz Photo
Valentine Gizmo Photo
Valentine Leido Photo
Valentine Limax Photo
Valentine Newth Photo
Valentine Troit Photo
Valentine Ushunda Photo
Valentine Yuni Photo
Valentine Zoink Photo
Valentine Zola Photo

Vampire Kidlet Photo
Vampire Lorius Photo
Vampire Snookle Photo
Vampire Zoosh Photo

Voodoo Decadal Photo
Voodoo Huthiq Photo

Wizard Yuni Photo

Zombie Bolimo Photo
Zombie Decadal Photo
Zombie Ideus Photo
Zombie Leido Photo
Zombie Lorius Photo
Zombie Osafo Photo
Zombie Renat Photo
For reference only, NOT trading for these

Beige Lorius Photo
Beige Viotto Photo
Blue Justin Photo
Blue Pucu Photo
Blue Tasi Photo
Blue Vlad Photo
Bronze Arinya Photo
Bronze Bolimo Photo
Bronze Ercuw Photo
Bronze Tasi Photo
Brown Justin Photo
Brown Nino Photo
Brown Poera Photo
Brown Ushunda Photo
Brown Viotto Photo
Grey Basil Photo
Grey Kujo Photo
Grey Lati Photo
Grey Limax Photo
Grey Nino Photo
Grey Poera Photo
Grey Raulf Photo
Grey Straya Photo
Grey Viotto Photo
Magenta Crikey Photo
Magenta Decadal Photo
Magenta Lorius Photo
Magenta Raulf Photo
Magenta Wallop Photo
Maroon Arinya Photo
Maroon Rusty Photo
Maroon Wallop Photo
Olive Arinya Photo
Olive Kronk Photo
Olive Limax Photo
Olive Sybri Photo
Olive Viotto Photo
Olive Wallop Photo
Orange Azul Photo
Orange Justin Photo
Orange Lati Photo
Orange Lorius Photo
Orange Raulf Photo
Pink Decadal Photo
Pink Justin Photo
Pink Lati Photo
Pink Lorius Photo
Pink Raulf Photo
Pink Rusty Photo
Purple Azul Photo
Purple Limax Photo
Purple Poera Photo
Purple Tasi Photo
Red Crikey Photo
Red Limax Photo
Red Raulf Photo
Red Straya Photo
Teal Raulf Photo
Teal Viotto Photo
Teal Vlad Photo
Teal Zoosh Photo
White Crikey Photo
White Figaro Photo
White Raulf Photo
White Viotto Photo
White Wallop Photo
White Xoi Photo
Yellow Crikey Photo
Yellow Figaro Photo
Yellow Gizmo Photo
Yellow Limax Photo
Yellow Mordo Photo
Yellow Raulf Photo

9 months, 16 days & 22 hrs ago
1st Jan 2021 00:07

You have completed a total of 218,923 Quests

Aquarium -2,870
Borak's Brew -3,066
Candy Tree - 964
Carpenter - 3,386
Computer Repair - 2,828
Cosmonaut - 904
Desert Spy - 7,814
Drew - 1,688
Eleka Prison - 744
Farming - 4,615
Garage - 2,052
Haunted House - 30,943
Hump Racing - 559
Kamilah Traveller - 4,870
Knutt House - 194
Knutt Knight - 44,261
Leprechaun - 9,598
Microwave - 795
Personal Trainer - 278
Puchalla Inn - 1,441
Queen Bee - 753
Robot Repair - 2,137
Santa Claws - 1,346
Secret Santa - 3,380
Sewer Monster - 763
Shusan - 4,759
Simerian Excavator - 16,232
Simerian Explorer - 7,048
Slater Stalker - 4,311
Snowman - 14,503
Sumo Sally - 30,022
Talon - 8,780
Travis Truck - 1,019

3,819 / 3,820 Health
1,804 Level
3,934 Magic
2,982 Strength
2,341 Defence
2,982 Speed
2,313 Balance
2,313 Coordination
2,312 Stamina
1,191 Charisma

51 Business Studies
53 Computer Science
51 Environmental
51 Humanities
51 Law
51 Molecular Science
50 Politics
52 Sociology

464 Art
463 Geography
462 History
462 Language
462 Maths
464 Music
464 Science
461 Sports

michael1010 has eaten 4,542 Gourmet Foods
michael1010 has played with 5,067 items


Rachel1996 has eaten 6,775 Gourmet Foods
Rachel1996 has played with 6,188 Toys

Plushies: 2,115
Photos: 5,840
Avatars: 1,954
Games: 99,749

You have won 272,281 battles

Advent 2020
10 months, 16 days & 22 hrs ago
1st Dec 2020 00:09

Day 1 : 2 Viotto Cake Pop and 3,000MP
Day 2 : 2 Figaro Jigsaw Puzzle and 4,000MP
Day 3 : 2 Gingerbread Scrapbook and 500MP
Day 4 : 2 Origami Viotto and 350MP
Day 5 : Christmas Jumper Glowing Egg and 3,750MP
Day 6 : 2 Christmas Tree Sugar Cookie and 5,000MP
Day 7 : 2 Sybri Ice Sculpture and
Day 8 : 2 Festive Decorations and 10MP
Day 9 : 2 Gingerbread Man and 10,000MP
Day 10 : 2 Dark Chocolate Pudding and 600MP
Day 11 : 2 Straya Cake Pop and 2,500MP
Day 12 : 2 Splatter Pucu Plushie and 1,500MP
Day 13 : 2 Viotto Action Figure and 3,500MP
Day 14: 2 Confessions of an Heiress and
Day 15 : 2 Purple Festive Decorations and 250MP
Day 16 : 2 Christmas Tree Ornament and 800MP
Day 17 : 2 Advent Mitten Cookie and 1,000MP
Day 18 : 2 Purple Snowflake Ornament and 8,000MP
Day 19 :2 Candycane Donut and 2,250MP
Day 20 : 2 White Chocolate Pudding and 700MP
Day 21 : 2 Gingerbread Tree and 2,000MP
Day 22 : 2 Blue Christmas Candle and 400MP
Day 23 : 2 Candycane Cocoa and 1,000MP
Day 24 : 2 Advent Booster and 25,000MP
Day 25 : 2 Crystals and £1 Account Upgrade Credit
Day 26 : 2 Strawberry Pizza and 15,000MP
Day 27 : 2 Newth Cake Pop and 1,750MP
Day 28 : 2 Vlad Ice Sculpture and 750MP
Day 29 : 2 Scarf and 6,000MP
Day 30 : 2 Zoink Action Figure and 500MP
Day 31 : 2 Tub of Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream and 7,500MP

Wacky workshop
1 year & 5 days ago
12th Oct 2020 04:43

Level 16 with 3 stars - 5785 points

Level 17 with 3 stars - 6501 points

Level 18 with 3 stars - 6499 points

Level 19 with 3 stars - 6644 points

Level 20 with 3 stars - 8211 points

Level 21 with 3 stars - 8365 points

Level 22 with 2 stars - 5147 points
Level 22 with 3 stars - 8733 points

Level 23 with 2 stars - 5616 points
Level 23 with 3 stars - 9828 points (ginger)

Level 24 with 2 stars - 6752 points
Level 24 with 3 stars - 10475 points (cantaloupe)

Level 25 with 2 stars - 6734 points
Level 25 with 3 stars - 10693 points (cantaloupe)

Level 26 with 2 stars - 6750 points
Level 26 with 3 stars - 11175 points (cookie)

Level 27 with 2 stars - 7296 points (spearmint) under 18 moves?
Level 27 with 3 stars - 11932 points (cookie)

Level 28 with 2 stars - 7854 points
Level 28 with 3 stars - 12281 points (bubblegum)

Level 29 with 2 stars - 8073 points
Level 29 with 3 stars - 13104 points (matcha)

Level 30 with 2 stars - 8611 points
Level 30 with 3 stars - 14141 points (coconut)

Level 31 with 2 stars
Level 31 with 3 stars - 14440 points (coconut)

Level 32 with 2 stars - 9355 points (ginger)
Level 32 with 3 stars - with more than 27 moves left (grape)

Level 33 with 2 stars -
Level 33 with 3 stars - 16113 points (peppermint)

Level 34 with 2 stars - 10831 points (cantaloupe)
Level 34 with 3 stars -

Level 35 with 2 stars - 11340 points
Level 35 with 3 stars - 17338 points (butterscotch)

Level 36 with 2 stars - 11942 points
Level 36 with 3 stars - 18444 points (pear)

Level 37 with 2stars - 12126 points
Level 37 with 3 stars - 19092 points

Level 38 with 2 stars - 12789 points
Level 38 with 3 stars - 19618 points (cloud)

Level 39 with 2 stars -
Level 39 with 3 stars - 20020 points (kiwi)

Level 40 with 2 stars - 13572 points (matcha)
Level 40 with 3 stars - 20826 points (kiwi)

Level 41 with 2 stars - 13770 points (matcha)
Level 41 with 3 stars - 21600 points (clover)

Level 42 with 2 stars - 14378 points (coconut)
Level 42 with 3 stars - 22522 points (coffee)

Level 43 with 2 stars - 14398 points (coconut)
Level 43 with 3 stars - points

Level 44 with 2 stars - points
Level 44 with 3 stars - 23854 points (tea)

Level 45 with 2 stars - 16262 points (peppermint)
Level 45 with 3 stars - 25427 points (honey)

Level 46 with 2 stars - 16910 points (peppermint)
Level 46 with 3 stars - 26172 points (lavender)

Level 47 with 2 stars - 17472 points (butterscotch)
Level 47 with 3 stars - 27264 points (peanut butter)

Level 48 with 2 stars - 18284 points (pear)
Level 48 with 3 stars - 28287 points (cheese)

Level 49 with 2 stars - 18081 points
Level 49 with 3 stars - 27930 points (peanut butter)

Level 50 with 2 stars - 18661 points (pear)
Level 50 with 3 stars - 29056 points (daylight)

Level 51 with 2 stars - 19350 points (cloud)
Level 51 with 3 stars - 29850 points (daylight)

Level 52 with 2 stars -
Level 52 with 3 stars -

Level 53 with 2 stars -
Level 53 with 3 stars -

Level 54 with 2 stars -
Level 54 with 3 stars -

Reunite Prizes
1 year & 25 days ago
22nd Sep 2020 00:28

Aqua Ink: L1 3 stars,
L2 2 stars,
L3, L4 or L5 1 star

Beige Ink: L2 3 stars,
L3 or L4 2 stars,
L6, L7 or L8 1 star

Blue Ink: L4 3 stars,
L6 or L7 2 stars,
L12, L13 or L14 1 star

Black Ink: L5 2 stars,
L9, L10 or L11 1 star

Brown Ink: L5 3 stars,
L8 2 stars,
L15, L16 or L17 1 star

Coral Ink: L6 3 stars,
L9 or L10 2 stars,
L 18, 19 or 20 1 star

Green Ink: L7 3 stars,
L11 2 stars
L 21 or L 22 1 star

Grey Ink: L8 3 stars,
L12 or L13 2 stars,
L 23, L24, L25 or L26 1 star

Lilac Ink: L9 3 stars,
L14 2 stars ,
L28 or L29 1 star

Magenta Ink: L10 3 stars,
L15 or L16 2 stars,
L30 or L31 1 stars

Maroon Ink: L11 3 stars

Navy Ink: L12 3 stars,
L17 or L18 2 stars

Olive Ink: L13 3 stars,
L19 2 stars

Orange Ink: L14 3 stars,
L20 or L21 2 stars

Pink Ink: L15 3 stars,
L22 2 stars

Purple Ink: L16 3 stars,
L23 or L24 2 stars

Red Ink: L17 3 stars,
L25 2 stars

Teal Ink: L18 3 stars,
L26 or L27 2 stars

White Ink: L19 3 stars,
L28 2 stars

Yellow Ink: L20 3 stars,
L29 2 stars

Candle - Level 21 with 3 stars
Book - Level 32 with 2 stars


Ercuw: L22 with 3 stars or L33 and 34 with 2 stars
Lati: L23 with 3 stars or L35 with 2 stars
Sybri: L24 with 3 stars or L36 and 37 with 2 stars
Quell : L25 with 3 stars or L38 with 2 stars
Nino : L26 with 3 stars or L39 and 40 with 2 stars
Limax: L27 with 3 stars
Dakota: L28 with 3 stars
Kujo: L29 with 3 stars
Vlad: L30 with 3 stars
Willa: L31 with 3 stars
Vixen: L32 with 3 stars
Mordo: L33 with 3 stars
Snookle: L34 with 3 stars
Tasi: L35 or 36 with 3 stars
Chibs: L37, 38 , 39 or 40 with 3 stars

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