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  1. My story! Plz read and rate!
    3rd Jul 2009 14:44
    12 years, 2 months & 16 days ago
  2. you know you live in 2010 when...
    20th Mar 2009 10:49
    12 years, 6 months & 1 day ago
My story! Plz read and rate!
12 years, 2 months & 16 days ago
3rd Jul 2009 14:44

There once was a girl named Sam???

Early one morning, Sam had decided to wake up early for school. She wanted to look extra special, for this certain guy she liked. Sam, the night before, had planned out her outfit before hand. She was going to wear, (since it was St.Patricks day), a green tank top, green blazer, 4 leaf clover medallion, skinny jeans, converse, and have her straightened.
When Sam woke up that morning, to hop in the shower, she was feeling a little dizzy, figuring it to be the nerves; she just got over it and got into the shower. As Sam was in the shower, she began to feel more and more faint, by the minute. She got out, a little freaked, and took and Advil.
As planned, Sam got dressed, straightened her hair, did her make-up (green eye shadow, mascara, and eyeliner), put on her shoes, and walked out the door to wait for the bus. As Sam was waiting for the bus, she noticed a strange shadow in the distance, but just made it as a stray cat.
Like normal, she got on the bus, and sat in her normal seat. She sat in the back, with this one guy, of whom she liked a lot.
???Hey??? Sam said, trying to make conversation
???Hey, got enough green on?
???I guess, with my luck, if I didn???t wear any green, they would probably pinch my face, which, I imagine hurts,???
???Haha, I guess it does,???
Sam went back to listening to her Ipod, with one ear bud incase he wanted to say something. Nope, all morning, she just sat there, when she would look over, she would notice him staring. He almost wouldn???t realize she caught him, but, would, and would immediately look away.
As Sam walked into school, still boggled by why he was looking at her like that, she noticed stares, up and down, some even with their mouths open. It WAS still rude to stare right? When Sam realized so many people were staring, she looked up, boggled, and still a little dizzy, she smelled her sleeve, no, what was it? Then, she remembered, she had looked completely different.
Sam walked into the cafeteriam (cafeteria and auditorium combined) and sat at the corner table where she would normally sit. All of the 8th graders LOVED to think that it was ???their??? table. Sam loved to Newths float my boat people off, especially if they had the nerve to talk about her behind her back.
Paul walked around the corner, to see Sam, and all he could manage to say was, ???Who???s the new girl????
???She???s not new! That???s Sara Palin!??? joked Lewey
Sam sat there, laughed, blushed, and then looked away. Sam had instantly known what ???Sara Palin??? was referring to. She had glasses that sort of made her look like Sara Palin! All day, Sam received stares up and down, and, at recess, when she played softball, people looked at her like she had three heads.

The next day, Sam had decided to wear a maroon tank top, white tank top, and a peach tank top, all under a white strapless shirt, with a classic California design, (even though she lived in Maine), along with some matching, purple, white, and peach, shorts. Of course, she had her hair straightened again, because she liked the attention, and, in her hair, 2 bobby pins, and her sunglasses.
Sam put on her flip-flops, grabbed her bag, and went outside like usual, to wait for the bus. She felt much better today, but still, she noticed a strange shadow in the same spot. She got on the bus, and all Brian could say was, ???Wow???
???Oh, nothing, never mind!???
That day, Sam pretended, like she did not have her Ipod with her, so they could talk. Their conversation bounced from, bras, all the way to cars, then down, to, boyfriends.
???So, you???ve never had a boyfriend????
???If you don???t start early, you???ll never get any, it???s true, I???ve seen it happen???
???Ok, ok! I get it! God! It???s not my fault!???
???KK, Whatever? Do you still like Paul????
???No, why????
???Just wondering! It???s ok if you do, Tracey won???t be mad???
???I don???t! I swear!???
???If you don???t like Paul, then, who do you like???? he seemed a little too anxious, Sam knew something was up.
???People! Why?!??? At the time, she was telling the truth, she didn???t like Paul, she liked Lewey, and Brian. She wasn???t really a big flirt, so, she didn???t really know how to say that she liked him.
???If you don???t tell me, I am going to the whole school, that you like Paul!???
???Go ahead! Tell them! I???m gonna tell them it???s not true!???
???They aren???t going to believe you!???
???I know???.??? She knew it was true, but, still, did not believe that he was going to do it.
???Haha, I???m gonna, just because you dared me!??? he sounded excited, but, at the same time, worried, and resentful.
They both walked into school, and thankfully, the 1st person Sam saw, was, none other, than Paul.
???It???s not true! Don???t believe them! No matter what, just remember, it is not true!??? was all she had time to scream at him.
???What???? he looked back at her, confused, but amused.
???Do you believe me? It doesn???t matter! But, you just have to! Believe me! Just believe me!???
???Ok, I do, but about what????
???You???ll see in a few seconds, just remember, it???s not true???
She walked into her room, he walked to go get breakfast, and, as she promised, as soon as he walked in, he found out.
After breakfast, a million eyes, ???Do you really like Paul???? Each time, replying, with the same answer, ???No, I don???t! And he knows that!??? Every time, with more, and more, disbelieving eyes, and stares.

As time wore on, Sam continued to dress girly, but, people who truly knew her, knew, she was no girly girl, and could take on any of the guys at school. Most were intimidated, others, though, the daring ones, took it as a challenge. Every time, the same outcome, they run away in pain.

One day, she decided to change, she decided, she was going to tell Brian, how she felt. Everyday, just at the thought of telling him, she would have shivers, just going, 90 mils an hours, up and down her spine. Her stomach doing back flips, her mind going blurry, until, even almost to the point of passing out. But, when she was near him, all of those things, times 3, and her mouth, can???t possibly manage to work, for the first time in her life. Everyone had always complained about her talking too much, but, around him, no words would ever manage to sneak out.
???Can???t wait to graduate,??? he said
???Yeah, my mornings will be boring without you though???
???Sorry! You going to the street dance tonight????
???Yup! I am going with Maliyan, and Sara Bickford???
???Cool! You know anyone else going????
???No one you know???
???You would be surprised, who????
???Brittany, Sara, Heidi, Becca, Haley, Karin???
???Ok you???re right,???

Later that night
Sam got dressed, white shorts, blue shirt, and makeup with flip-flops. She walked to the street dance, where, she met her friends. In the back, was ???the crew??? from their school. Sam and Maliyan weren???t accepted into the crew, because they didn???t do drugs. Many rumors had been circulating, that most of them smoked pot, but Sam knew she knew that Brian didn???t. And it was true, he didn???t. He didn???t really fit in with them. He more hung out with the crew from Old town, none of whom, did drugs. He was a skater, dirt biker, basketball player, soccer player, pretty much everything, but, a drug addict.
Sam, was really hyper, a result from downing 3 giant pixie sticks, and 5 mountain dews. She went to scream, ???I love pixie sticks??? but, instead, she screamed, ???I love Brian!!??? He was only about 5 feet away, and, not knowing it, she kept screaming, the same thing, over, and over again. He heard her, he definitely heard her. Her friends, stopped her, and took her sugar away. Well, little did her friends know, Her and Brian ended up hanging out after the dance was over.

After that weekend, she was exhausted, and embarrassed. She got on the bus, expecting an awkward silence, but, instead, they carried on like normal. As if nothing had ever happened.
Sam, really needed to cry, later that afternoon, all the names, the words, they were all getting to her finally, so, she asked to go to the bathroom, and, left, making no scene. When she walked out, she found, Paul, Brian, Lewey, Steven, all, sitting on the stairs.
???Hey, hey, hey, hey, fine then!??? Brian said. Sam ignored it, and, knew, if she said, anything, anything at all, her voice would break, and give her away, she would never be able to get away with it. She walked into the bathroom for a few minutes, cried, cleaned herself up, then walked back out, into the hall.
???Hey!??? Brian said again, still looking for a reaction.
???Hi??? was all Sam could say. Then she noticed, Paul, and Steven, had left, no clue where, but they where gone. So, only Brian and Lewey were left. Sam walked over to her locker, and began to unlock it.
???BRIAN LOVES YOU! HE WANTS TO GO OUT WITH YOU!??? After that, Lewey said something, COMPLETELY unintelligible, he just kept screaming the same thing over and over.
The whole time, Brian, was standing there, screaming, ???SHUT UP! SHUT UP! DON???T LISTEN TO HIM!??? he was laughing, for some reason, no one knows.
For one instant, Sam felt a faint glimpse of hope. But, crushed, as fast as it came on. She blushed, locked back up her locker, and returned to class. After that, she kept making all of the most ridiculous excuses to go out into the hall, to see what else would slip out.
???Why do you keep coming out here???? Brian asked
???Need a new pen, god! Spastic much???? was all Sam could think of.
???Jeez! Nevermind!??? Brian sounded amused, but, yet, offended.
Sam walked into her room, and, as soon as she sat down, she told her best friend, Maliyan, who then, told Kirsten, who told Mahalia, who hung out with Lewey. Mahalia asked Lewey if he was serious, he was. As soon as Sam heard the news, she instantly turned as bright red as a tomato.

The next morning, on the bus, Sam sat down, like normal.
???You know we aren???t going out right???? Brian asked
???What are you talking about????
???You haven???t heard????
???Well, obviously not!???
???Well, supposedly, you and me are going out, and you are going out with Lewey all at the same time, without either of us finding out????
???Oh really!? Who told you that????
???I don???t remember???
???Well, we will have to fix this???
???Definitely! If my girlfriend finds out, I am D.E.A.D!???
???Ha, wow! I wonder who made this stupid rumor up!??? but, Sam could not help but ask herself, ???what is wrong with going out with me???? her heart, had just been broken, once again.

Weeks past, and, it was time for Brian and Lewey to graduate. Sam became more and more depressed, by the day. She would often cry herself to sleep. Just to awake with blood shot eyes. That was when she was determined to tell Brian, to tell him the truth.

She planned on telling him, the weekend she would be out of state, no luck, couldn???t get the words out. The next week, nope. She couldn???t find the strength to do what she needed to do. It was necessary, and she knew it, she just didn???t know how to get the words out. The last week came, before they were graduating. Would she tell him, before, or after he actually graduates? In the parking lot? In the gym, near his class? How could she?
Graduation day came, and, just her luck, she was, of course, sick. She barely made it through the day, let alone making it to graduation. There went her plans to tell him.
???Hey Brian???
???We need to talk, but, I don???t think I can, like here,??? she was too embarrassed because they were around his friends.
???Well, why not? What???s the big deal????
???I just, can???t, I don???t know why, I just can???t,??? she sounded upset Brian knew it, but, unfortunately, so did his friends.
???Whatever, text cha later????
???Yeah, sure, I guess,???
Sam walked away; she was off to go swimming, to actually hang out with live people. Sam had 1-3 people who would sit with her, at breakfast and lunch, but, now that the school year was over, people seemed to like her more.
One day, Sam decided to go for a walk, and bumped into Brian and his friends.
???Hey Brian,???
???Hey, will you talk to me now????
???I can???t, I, I just can???t,???
???What???s the big deal????
???I don???t know, I just can???t right now,??? Sam looked over to his friends, then, quickly looked away, ashamed of what had just happened.
???Kay???, whatever, bye,???
???Kay???, bye,???
As Sam walked one way, and Brian walked the other, she could hear little whispers:
???Dude, I think she likes you,??? one said
???She totally wants to tell you, but didn???t because we were around??? another
???Dude, you know you like her too!??? the last one, the one that made Sam???s heart stop. Her jaw dropped, her face got redder and redder by the millisecond.
???Shut up! She can hear you, you know! And so what if I do, that???s not even what she wanted to tell me I bet!??? He was upset.
???But, it was. But, I more than like you, I love you, I think of you constantly, I see you smile and I get this smile that I almost always have for the rest of the day. I think about you, I smile, and my stomach flips. But, when I am around you, wow, no words to describe it, those are the happiest times in my life. I???m happy I spent every morning with you. I???m happy I text you. I???m happy I have your myspace! Brian! Listen to your friends! Listen to me! Listen! Please! For once!??? Sam appeared, staring back at them, but now, she was beginning to cry.
You could see one, but only one tear, running down her cheek. You could see she was holding a lot more back. Her mind racing, heart barely working, she couldn???t hold it in anymore. Brian, just stood there, speechless, ???uh, umm,??? was all he could ever mumble out.
???Just spit it out!??? her eyes bawling, voice cracking,
???Sam, I, I love you too! But, but,??? still speechless, he had never had someone feel that strongly about him, because, he mostly only dated Newths float my boats, and was not use to it.
???But WHAT!? What? I am too young? You don???t want to be seen around me? Already have a girlfriend? What????
???I know someone that likes you a lot more than I do. Maybe, I didn???t think it was possible.???
???Who? I can GUARANTEE I don???t like them as much! But, tell me anyway??? her voice began to clear, and tears began to stop.
Brian had a really long silent pause. Like he was debating whether or not to tell her, and, if so, who would he say? ???Lewey, it???s Lewey, he likes you, a lot!???
???But, Brian, I don???t like him, I like you! Stop making up excuses, just, just say it! I can take it.???
???I don???t know,???
???About what? Whether you like me? If I can take it? You know I am not good at this. You know I have never had a real boyfriend! Just say it!???
???I love you, beyond compare, but,???
???STOP SAYING BUT! Just tell me! I can take it! I beat up ever guy in the school, I am sure I can take what you have to say!???
???I just, I just got diagnosed with small pox. It is almost always fatal. The doctor told me, to ask people I have had contact with, if they feel strange,???
???How far back? She not only sounded worried, but was.
Sighs ???Four months, which includes you, the only reason they let me out of the hospital is because I am cured, I made it, but, others I know might not, like you,??? he looked down, guilty, ashamed, angry.
???What was wrong? Like, what did you feel? Like what happened????
???Dizziness, irregular heart beat, hollusinations, generally of shadows, fever, and diarrhea. But the fever and the diarrhea came once I was in the hospital,???
Sam had instantly fainted. But, thankfully, expecting it, Brian caught her. I guess she couldn???t handle it after all. Sam had dizziness, irregular heartbeat, and those hallucinations. She was speechless, and began to cry.
???No! No! Please tell me you don???t!???
???I don???t know Brian, why didn???t you call me or something????
???Like you, you couldn???t tell me what you needed to say, over the phone,???
???Wait, so your girlfriend, really does beat up all the guys in your school???? one piped in
???Well, not me,??? Brian admitted.
Sam, had instantly gone to the clinic, but brought Brian along, for support, because after what she just did, she wasn???t about to lose him. She demanded she talk to a doctor, and get her blood tested, and the receptionist could tell she wasn???t playing around.
???Doctor, we have a girl, who says that she urgently needs to see you,??? she asked.
???Send her in!???
???Thank-you, so much!??? Sam exclaimed, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw the receptionist roll her eyes while she was walking away.
???So, what seems to be the problem???? the doctor asked, sort of in a rude tone.
???Uhh. .We just have some concerns, and would like to have my blood tested.???
???Okay, this won???t hurt that much,??? he said as he stuck the needle in her arm.
???Okay, how long will it take to find out the results???? she asked, tryin to bide her time with Brian very carefully.
???Well, it depends, what do you want us to look for????
???Anything out of the ordinary,??? she said, trying not to make him suspicious.
???Well, then, about 30-60 minutes!???
???Okay, thank-you! We???ll be in the waiting room!???
As the moments passed, and she heard the tick-tock of the clock behind her head, she began to get more nervous by the second. Then, on the 678th tick, if she counted right, the door finally opened.
???Okay, you???re all clear, but, may I ask one thing????
???Sure,??? she was puzzled on what he was going to say.
???What brought you here????
???Well, my friend is sick, and it might be contagious, and I have been having some of the symptoms as him, so we were just being safe!???
???Oh, okay, and one more thing,??? he said, smiling.
???You???re pregnant.???


I love to write! I wrote this in one night. Please write my story 1-10! Thanks! If you have any suggestions, I might think about it! NO COPYING! I WILL tell staff, and you WILL be banned!

you know you live in 2010 when...
12 years, 6 months & 1 day ago
20th Mar 2009 10:49

1] You accidentally enter your password on a microwave.

2] You haven't played solitaire with real cards for years.

3] The reason for not staying in touch with your friends is they don't have a screen-name or MySpace.

4] You'd rather look all over the house for the remote instead of just pushing the buttons on the TV.

6] Your boss doesn't even have the ability to do your job.

7] As you read this list you keep nodding and smiling.

8] As you read this list you think about sending it to all your friends.

9] And you were too busy to notice number 5.

10] You scrolled back up to see if there was a number 5.

11] Now you are laughing at yourself, stupidly.

12] Post this in your blog if you fell for it.. you know you did XD

  1. My story! Plz read and rate!
    3rd Jul 2009 14:44
    12 years, 2 months & 16 days ago
  2. you know you live in 2010 when...
    20th Mar 2009 10:49
    12 years, 6 months & 1 day ago