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  • Astronomical St. Patty's Event!

    Posted on : 16th Mar 2019 13:02   Posted by : Cedar
    Astronomical Club Members Only

    Hey all!
    It's St. Patty's day event time and to go along with the main site event, we'll be doing Leprechaun quests to go along with it!

    To enter into this event, all you have to do is post your starting number of leprechaun quests here:
    Exp. "You have completed 1,038 Leprechaun Quests"

    If you have completed some quests already, you CAN post that previous number if you remember it. BUT we expect honesty, don't put a ridiculous number just to be ahead of others.

    This event will run from March 16th til March 31st (depending on site that will be March 22nd at 23:59 or March 31st 23:59).

    You MUST post your starting quest count to be counted as entered.

    The prizes for this event will all be GREEN THEMED!

    And there will be prizes for the top 6 people of the event!

    The prizing will also be a bit different then previous events, winners will get to choose what item they want from the group instead of it being assigned since all the items will be from different groups.


    So let's get questing and have a St. Patty's day guys!

    St. Patty's Day Event Items

    Posted on : 16th Mar 2019 12:21   Posted by : Cedar
    Clover Stamp
    Clover Sweater
    Clover Tales [2/3]
    Golden Horseshoe
    Leprechaun Pants
    Mushroom Garden Pearl [2/3]
    Lucky Cookie [0/3]
    Pot of Gold Secrets [2/3]
    Rainbow Skirt
    Rainbow Sloped Sweater

    Carpenter Quest

    Posted on : 7th Feb 2019 18:20   Posted by : Cedar
    Starting MP: 2,966,134
    Ending MP: 1,128,302
    Total MP Lost: 1,837,832

    Start: You have completed 1,917 Carpenter Quests
    End: You have completed 2,167 Carpenter Quests
    Total Quests: 250 quests

    Items earned:
    Chippy Trading Card (x5)
    Toy Block C
    Toy Block E
    Toy Block F
    Toy Block G
    Toy Block I
    Toy Block M
    Toy Block N
    Toy Block P
    Toy Block R
    Toy Block W
    Toy Block X (x3)
    Toy Block 0 (x2)
    Toy Block 8
    Toy Block 9

    Fixes received:
    I'm all out of MP and Toy Blocks at the moment...
    (5 plays)
    I'm all out of MP and Toy Blocks at the moment...
    (10 plays)
    I'm all out of MP and Toy Blocks at the moment...
    (1 play)
    I'm all out of MP and Toy Blocks at the moment...
    (12 plays)

    Missing Books

    Posted on : 10th Nov 2018 21:40   Posted by : Cedar
    10 Years Book
    1000 Easter Egg Recipes
    300 Million Hits Book
    5000th Century Tales
    Alien Phone Book
    Armoured Book
    Autumn Rain Book
    Baking Gingerbread Book
    Bankruptcy Book
    Beach Ball Book
    Beach Book
    Bed Time Book
    Being a Punk Book
    Being Elger
    Biala Book
    Biography of Elger
    Biography of Fugunzel
    Biography of Smuggler
    Biography of Sultan
    Book of Candles
    Book of Easter Eggs
    Book of Eggcelent Puns
    Book of Elements
    Book of Explosions
    Book of Gnomes
    Book of Heroes
    Book of Holiday Poems
    Book of Nightmares
    Book of Pixies
    Book of Pumpkins
    Book of Pyramids
    Book of Ra
    Book of Secrets
    Book of Sparkles
    Book of Villains
    Book of Wings
    Brutal Weapons Book
    Camp Fire Book
    Candy Guide Book
    Capsule Prize List
    Christmas Carol Book
    Christmas Lights Book
    Christmas Ribbons Book
    Christmas Tree Book
    Chronicles of the Dark
    Chronicles of the Light
    Classic Comics
    Crazy Science Book
    Creepy Book
    Cursed Book
    Dark Journal
    Death Spell Book
    Decorating a Tree Book
    Dressing Like a Doll Book
    Earth Book
    Easter Book
    Easter Egg Hunt Map
    Egg Painting Guide
    Enchanted Storybook
    Encyclopedia A
    Encyclopedia Z
    Enpiah Book
    Error Book
    Eye of Horus Book
    Festive Candles Book
    Figaro Colouring Book
    First Dates Book
    Flurso Facts Book
    For Sale Book
    Four Leaf Clover Book
    Frankenstein Book
    Fried Eggs Book
    Full Moon Book
    Full Moon Chronicles
    Gift Wrapped Book
    Glass Book
    Golem Summoning Tablet
    Grave Digging 101
    Greedy Fairy Book
    Grumpy Ladybug Book
    Guide to Candy Book
    Halloween Book
    Holographic Encyclopedia
    How to Fish
    Ice Fairy Book
    Kidlet Book
    Kitten Book
    Leprechaun Hat Book
    Light Fairy Book
    Lightning Book
    Long Lost Maramail Book
    Marapets Colouring Book
    Marapets Memories Book
    Memoirs of a Monster
    On Fire Book
    One Thousand and Two Nights
    Party Book
    Petal Book
    Phantom Book
    Pilgrim Book
    Pixie Book
    Polar Book
    Pool Rules
    Possessed Book
    Puchalla Village Book
    Pyramid Book
    Queen Eleka Book
    Rainbow Popup Book
    Rainy Book
    Raising A Quell Book
    Roman Numerals Book
    Royal Book
    Runes Book
    Rusty Book
    Santas Secrets
    Sea Water Book
    Secrets of Simeria Book
    Simerian History Vol 04
    Simerian History Vol 05
    Skater Book
    Skater Story
    Smuggler Journal
    Snowman Hats Book
    Snowmans Halloween Book
    Space Fairy Book
    Springtime Stories
    Spy Guide Book
    Starter School Series
    Stock Market Crash Book
    Summer Vacation Book
    Surviving 9 Years Book
    Survivor Story
    Sweets Galore Book
    The Frost Princess
    The Steampunk Trilogy
    Trojan Diary
    U Jelly Book
    Undying Book
    Valentine Book
    Vampire Sightings Book
    Vortex Warning Book
    Werewolf Book
    Witch Cook Book
    Wonderland Book
    Zombie Stories

    Missing CDs

    Posted on : 10th Nov 2018 21:19   Posted by : Cedar
    9th Birthday Songs
    Advent Tree Music
    Bad Easter Music
    Bedtime Stories
    Breeze Beats
    Burning Hits
    Candy Music
    Christmas Carols
    Christmas Tree Hits
    Classical Melodies
    Classical Music
    Dance Around the Christmas Tree
    Dancing Easter Eggs
    Dancing Eggs
    Dark Dance
    Discontinued Music
    Earth Fairy Sonnets
    Easter Hunting Tunes
    Easter Songs
    Electro Music
    Experimental Music
    Exploring Music
    Firework Sounds
    Frankenstein Fusion
    Funeral Fables
    Funky Egg Hits
    Geek Remix
    Gingerbread Songs
    Glitched Noises
    Gnome Music
    Gobble Love Songs
    Gobbling Gobbles
    Goblin Tunes
    Greatest Hits by Baby MaraDolls
    Greatest Hits by Syn D
    Greedy Fairy Music
    Halloween Album 2009
    Halloween Hits
    Hoppy Tunes
    Ice Divas
    Kids Pop
    Killer Songs
    Late Night Lullabies
    Lazy Fairy Hits
    Light Fairy Sonnets
    Light Side Music
    Love Music
    Mini Disc
    Minipet Christmas Carols
    Murfin Bat Tunes
    Music DNA
    Musical Vortex
    Native Music
    Nightmare Notes
    Number Ones by Huffix
    Opera Music
    Peaceful Serenade
    Pixie Music
    Planet Playlist
    Polar Tunes
    Punk Music
    Rainbow Tunes
    Recycled CD
    Rocket Sounds
    Romantic Hits
    Rotten CD
    Sakura Sonnet
    Scales of Music
    School Bus Songs
    Scientific Songs
    Seasonal Classics
    Serenade of the Sea
    Shattered CD
    Simerian Songs
    Singing with the Stars
    Sk8er Boi
    Skater Music
    Sleepy Songs
    Snowman Dance
    Snowman Sing Alongs
    Snowman Songs
    Soul Music
    Sounds of Nature
    Space Age Rock
    Splatter Tunes
    Spring Songs
    Spring Sonnets
    St Patricks Day Music
    Stars Volume 01
    Straya Songs
    Summer Anthems
    Summer Hits 2010
    Superhero Anthems
    Synthetic Memory
    The Best Christmas Carols
    The Colour of Infinity
    Thunder Noise
    Transumption Tunes
    Transuranic Tunes
    Transvaluation Tunes
    Undead March
    Undercover Hits
    Underwater CD
    Undying Fairy Songs
    Undying Tunes
    Villain Music
    War Music
    Werewolf Howl
    Winter Exploring Tunes

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