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I lend all of my pets, check my blog for more info.
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  • Pet Lending     2nd Sep 2019 22:10

  • Pet Lending

    Posted on : 2nd Sep 2019 22:10   Posted by : shalo76
    I lend out my pets. A fee is not necessary but is appreciated.

    Prices may change as I use some of my pets for reading, dvds, etc. You are more than welcome to send me a MM for the current price. I'll try and keep this list up to date as soon as I can.]

    Water- 11,480MP Fee
    Earthfairy- 42,880MP Fee
    Royal Tantua- 5,120MP Fee
    Spacefairy- 194,680MP Fee
    Icecream- 11,400MP Fee
    Witch Quell- 104,560MP Fee
    Angel- 9,840MP Fee
    Fat-17,800MP Fee
    Musical- 6,960MP Fee
    Beige- 3,470,480MP Fee (This is my transformation pet and it changes often. It's also the pet that I use for books, dvds and other goals.
    Christmastree- 4,800MP Fee
    Fairy- 520,720MP Fee

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