I'll always answer your mail or offers or talk. However, I'm off and on a lot, so please give me time to respond!
If it's been a few days since you've offered on a pet, that means I'm considering it still. I'll never ignore you!

Feel free to mail me about trading pets that are not on my NFT blog.

Staff, I use my phone and my laptop!
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  • Pet Goals 2.0     15th Oct 2019 19:28
  • NFT/HTP Pets     30th Sep 2019 14:59
  • Met my father in May!     6th Jul 2018 17:58

  • Pet Goals 2.0

    Posted on : 15th Oct 2019 19:28   Posted by : Spike
    Alright, trying this again now that I have.... already too many pets. Shocked Well here's a record of others I want. Displeased Luckily it seems I'm still within the 100 pets total................... 41 here


    NFT/HTP Pets

    Posted on : 30th Sep 2019 14:59   Posted by : Spike
    More for my own sake in trying not to keep hoarding pets x.x But I'm not doing a good job of that...

    NFT: Never for trade

    *Turnways (portal pet)

    HTP: or so I say....


    Met my father in May!

    Posted on : 6th Jul 2018 17:58   Posted by : Spike
    I met my father in May!! I was adopted as a baby, and went nearly 25 years without knowing who either of my birth parents were. But I did the 23 and Me kit and long, complicated story short, I was able to connect with my birth father!! And he's been wanting to know me this whole time!! Anyway here's a picture AdoreAdoreAdoreAdoreAdore (He doesn't usually like his picture taken)


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