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  1. Coding...
    14th Apr 2009 13:38
    12 years, 5 months & 4 days ago
  2. From Black To Golden [[Story]]
    25th Mar 2009 17:59
    12 years, 5 months & 24 days ago
  3. Missions
    23rd Jul 2008 19:43
    13 years, 1 month & 27 days ago
  4. Goals
    23rd Jul 2008 19:40
    13 years, 1 month & 27 days ago
12 years, 5 months & 4 days ago
14th Apr 2009 13:38

Codings. xD

From Black To Golden [[Story]]
12 years, 5 months & 24 days ago
25th Mar 2009 17:59

Chapter 1

"Well, class. I feel as no one is listening. Anyone care to tell me why? You do understand you have a test soon," our teacher said. The bell rang. Finally. School is over. Never thought it would end! I was on my way out of Science when my teacher, Mrs. Cander, stopped me.

"Jayne, you are aware your grades are going down, right?" Mrs. Cander notified me.
"Yeah, I'm aware," I annoyingly told her.
Mrs. Cander had a concered look on her face. "Mind explaining why? You have changed quite a bit, Jayne. You used to be a very intelligent girl. Always elated. Now, look," she slowly said to me.
"Well, people change. I changed. My life changed. So, maybe I don't want the words intelligent, elated, and preppy, in my life anymore. I've changed. I've got to get going. Promised to be home early today," I explained to her. I walked out the door swiftly. Mrs. Cander tried to stop me, but before she could say stop, I was out of the classroom.

I reached my locker. I grabbed my backpack and all the books I needed. As I was turning around, I stopped half way. I couldn't help but noticing "him."

"His" name was Adriam. He was handsome. His skin seemed as soft as an angel. Brunette hair, blue eyes, tan skin. What wasn't to love? As I was day dreaming, he turned and stared at me. I turned around without hesitation. Gawd, I just made a fool of myself. Whatever. My life just had to be like this. I wonder why. I sighed and closed my locker. I walked out of the school. I felt like I had just been laughed at. My face turned bright red, so I looked down at my Converse and walked home.

On my way home, I thought about my talk with Mrs. Cander. Why had she chosen me out of everyone else in the class? Everyone changes. I thought about it. As I was looking at my Converse, I noticed I used to wear flats and high heels to school. Hm. I guess I have changed a lot. It isn't her business to tell me, though. I can handle things on my own.

I opened the front door of my house. Home sweet home. I walked in. "MOM! I'M HOME!" I yelled. Nothing back. "Mom, you here?" I yelled again. I heard the bathroom door open. I went near the bathroom and saw my mom coming out. Gawd, she scared me. "Hey, honey! You're home! How was your day?" my mom cheerfully said. "Er, great," I said back. I decided I shouldn't tell her about Mrs. Cander. My mom would start telling me all about how I /have/ changed. "I'm going to go upstairs. Lay down a bit then do my homework," I told my mom.

I ran up the steps to reach the upper floor. I went up two steps at a time. I walked to my room, closed the door, and locked it. I grabbed a scrunchie and tied my hair up. My hair is naturally blonde. I dyed it black and added red and blonde highlights. "I haven't used one of these scrunchies in a while," I whispered under my breath. I still had some hair come down since I cut my hair quite short. Up to my chin getting shorter in the back. I grabbed a headbang and put it on to get the extra hair out of my face. I was just about to try a technique to show Mrs. Cander how much I've /really/ changed.

I started searching through my drawers. "Where the h*ll did I put them?" I asked myself quietly.

"Gotcha," I happily exclaimed. I found all of the yearbooks that I've bought through the past years. Since Kindergarden.

I opened up the one from Kindergarden. I looked up my name.... I scrolled through the names with my index finger which was painted black. Here we go. Jayne Lemprano. I looked cute. Blonde curly hair. Beautiful green eyes. Pink dress. My skin quite pale. "Wow," I whispered. "Okay, well Kindergarden didn't help much," I said. I opened up the yearbook from first grade. I did the same. Scrolled down and found Jayne Lemprano. I looked at myself shockingly. My blonde hair turned darker, and my curls were gone. My eyes seemed somewhat darker. My pink dress changed into a blue one. "Well, I changed from Kindergarden to first," I quickly said as I wrote it down on some paper. I opened up the next year's yearbook. Second grade. I opened it, and looked for my name. I found my picture. I looked somewhat the same. Third and fourth were the same as second grade. Graduating year of Elementary School. Here we go. I opened up to the fifth grade section of the yearbook. Here I was. My dresses. They're gone. Now I'm wearing a T - Shirt and jeans. Not any T - shirt, though. A /brand/ name T - Shirt. "Well, I've changed there," I spoke softly. I wrote everything from Elementary School down and labeled it, Elem. I then put the Elementary School yearbooks back.

I took out the three yearbooks from Middle School. I looked up myself from sixth, seventh, and eigth. I hadn't really changed then. Same old. Same old. I wrote it down and labeled it, Mid. I put away the Middle School yearbooks and took out the current ones from High School.

I'm 16, so I only had two books to take out. Two books, plus a picture. Freshman year. I really hadn't changed. All that changed was my haircut and smile. No acne yet, thank Gawd. I wrote it down. I opened up the book for the next year. Opened up to the sophomore section, and looked myself up. There I was. I was turning girly again here. My blonde hair seemed a bit lighter. I had my hair pulled to the side and curled some. Girlier. I wrote it down. I had the picture turned over the whole time. Here we go. For some reason, I felt a bit nervous. It was only a picture, right? Oh well. I flipped it over. My eyes widened, and I gasped staring at the picture for a while...


Someone was knocking at the door. "Yeah?" I yelled. "It's Mom! Time for dinner! Get down quickly, babe," my mom yelled back. Dinner?! Already?! I got home at 4:30! We have dinner at 7:00! I checked the time. 6:54. I hadn't noticed all that time had gone by. Sh*t. This technique for Mrs. Cander has been so shocking, that I haven't even noticed how fast time was going by. I grabbed all the books and threw them into the drawer not wanting to be suspicious. The picture!? What should I do? I need a safe spot. I lifted my matress and slid it in between the bottom stand of the bed and the matress. That should be a good place. I ran down the stairs.

Everyone turned from the dinner table and stared at me. I slowed down while coming down the last few steps. Everyone had a suspicious look on their face... Including me.

Finally, my mom said, "Going preppy again, babe?" I said, "What!? Why!? No! Who told you that? Mom, were you spying on me!?" Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at me. "Hun, are you okay? Do you need some medicine? Do you feel okay? Is your head hurting?" my mom was asking. I replied slowly, "Yeahhh..... Are /you/ okay is the question? Why did you think I was going preppy again?" My mom said, "Well, I said you went preppy again because you have your hair up again and you have a head band on. We can see your beautiful face again." I touched the top and back of head and opened my mouth wide. Sh*t! How could I forget!? I still had my hair up and my head band on! Gawd, damn it! "Oh, I just... Uhhh.... I wanted to rest and my hair was annoying me. I forgot to take it down," I hesitantly said while letting my hair loose.

Ew. Meat loaf. My mom calls it her "specialty." I can see why. It tastes like she added something disgustingly special in it. Our lunch lady cooks better. I pretended to like it not wanting to upset my mom.

"So, uh, dad. How was your day at work today?" I asked trying to distract them so I can spit the meat loaf into a napkin. My dad excitedly said, "Well, we've just went up with the sales! I may get double my salary!" Not caring, I replied, "Er, cool."

I spit most of the meat loaf into a napkin while trying to pretend I was coughing but really spitting. From the taste of the meat loaf, I could've started coughing.

After dinner, I ran back upstairs. I locked my room, once again. I lifted my matress, and reached for the picture. I panicked. I looked again. I panicked even more. I flung everything off my bed and took my matress off. I almost screamed, but I couldn't. My mom would wonder why. I can't believe it! It was here! Where did it go!? The picture! It's gone! I started flinging things off my dresser. Nothing! Where is it!?! Gawd damn it! Gawd! F*ck! Gawd! I searched my closet. No where could I find the picture. I was so p*ssed I could've started crying. I cleaned my room up hoping to mysteriously find the picture, but I didn't. I was so upset, it seemed that the temperature in my room was as hot as h*ll. I was burning up. I couldn't believe it. I started sweating. No way. Where did it go!? I tried to get my mind off of it. I checked the time. 8:09. I sighed. I started to feel dizzy. Unconcious. I stripped off my school clothes and put on some pajamas. Something cool because my temperature was rising. A pair of black shorts and a black tanktop made up my pajama. I went on my computer. I decided to go on AIM. Instant message a few friends if they were online. I checked my buddy list. Few friends on. I minimized my buddy list after saying hi to a few friends. I heard a door open from my computer. Someone logged on AIM. I checked who it was. Adriam. I didn't want to talk to him. I was too nervous.

After a while, I got sick of the boring chats with my friends. Just as I was about to logg off, Adriam sent me an instant message. I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought I was starting to see things. I mean, after the picture incident. It was no mistake.

Adriam's screen name was brownblue875. Mine was musiclosecontrol45. Our chat surprised me.
brownblue875 : hey its adriam

musiclosecontrol45 : oh hey

brownblue875 : jayne lomprano right?

musiclosecontrol45 : yeah wuts up?

brownblue45 : nm can i ask u sumtin?

musiclosecontrol45 : sure go ahead

brownblue875 : well ive noticied u last year what happened? a prep to emo? y?

musiclosecontrol45 : yeah i found out my bf was cheating on me, so i broke up wit him nd hes always after me

musiclosecontrol45 : he wants to take me back nd that fact scared me he was my destiny, my life but i guess not him i turned emo. i wanted him in my life. y do u ask?

brownblue875 : idk im sorry about tht tho hope u feel better

musiclosecontrol45 : tnks but unless the guy of my dreams likes me, i wont feel any better

brownblue875 : well maybe this will.....

brownblue875 : Will you go out with me?

musiclosecontrol45 : yeah when?

brownblue875 : friday ill pick u up at 6:30 where do u want to go?

musiclosecontrol45 : er, anywhere is fine ur choice

brownblue875 : we'll go to red lobster, do u like seafood?

musiclosecontrol45 : yeah, i love it

brownblue875 : well i gtg sleep before Mrs. Renteer freaks out again lol

musiclosecontrol45 : lol yeah same here

brownblue875 : i liked a PREPPY girl named jayne lemprano last year, try being a prep again

He logged off...

I was as tired as f*ck*n h*ll. I crawled into bed. Gawd. I yawned. I needed some sleep. I checked the time. 10:32. I had school. I didn't want Mrs. Renteer to go crazy like today. Half the class was asleep. We have her first period. Social Studies. I turned my light off. I fell asleep.

I twisted and turned all night. I couldn't sleep. The picture was haunting me. Gawd damn it, where did it go? I faced from left to right every 2 seconds, as if I couldn't make up my mind which side was better. My room felt alive. Alive with the wildest animals all huddled up and surrounding me, ready to eat me from flesh to bone. I was as scared as h*ll. Who could've stolen it? I have no siblings. Just my mom, dad, and I. We were all downstairs in the Kitchen for dinner. Someone had to have broken in the house, or I have lost my mind. I bet it's both.

I was sweating. I was clinging to my blanket. I couldn't sleep. I felt like a baby, scared in it's new crib. What if someone broke in right now? The same person who took the picture? Then what? Oh gawd. I was sweating a lot now. My whole body shaking. My teeth making noises due to how much I was shaking. I felt the sheets underneath me. They were soaking wet. I was sweating from fright. I closed my eyes. Gawd it felt great to close them. I opened them a minute later. I was too scared to go to sleep. Gawd damn it. Gawd damn it. The sun started to come up. My mind kept flashing back to when I slid the picture under my matress. Then it started flashing back to the break up. I closed my eyes. I sighed a sigh of relief.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! My alarm. 7:00 aleady!? I was so tired. I got up up from my bed. It's Thursday. Tomorrow's my date. I walked to my closet unsteadily. My legs felt so sore. Too sore to walk on. I looked into the back of my closet. I glanced back at my emo clothes, and grabbed an emo outfit, but that's not all. I grabbed a preppy outfit too...

Chapter 2

I took off my pajamas. I put on my emo outfit. A pair of dark black skinny jeans and a striped black and dark purple long sleeved shirt. This was a normal outfit I wore to school. Of course, since half a year ago. I took it off. I wasn't too skinny, but I wasn't chubby either. I was perfect. Broad shoulders, thin waist, and not too big or small thighs. I used to stand up straight 6 months ago, but now I stand with my head down and my shoulders a bit laggy. I make myself un-noticable.

I put on the preppy outfit. It fit perfectly. A layered mini skirt that's hott pink, and a cute top. The top was plaid, and it looked like a school-girl shirt. It was pink, black, and white. I think it looked cute. I put away my Converse that lay near my bed. I grabbed some flats. These were plaid also. Pink, black, and white. My hair seemed like it didn't belong there. Preppy outfit, but dark hair. I had a side bang. It covered my right eye. Well, if you thought about it, my hair seemed nice with it because it's black and my outfit had black. The blonde could somehow be white. the red could be the pink since the red was fading away. I switched my side bang from my right to my left. When I pulled it to the left, it didn't cover as much of my eyes. I pulled my side bang behind me ear. I didn't like it. I left it not behind my ear. I was ready for school.

I came down the stairs. I stood up straight. I sort of hopped down. My hair was flying up with me. I came down. My parents looked at each other and smiled. They tried to hide the smiles, but I noticed them. My mom gave me some toast, and I left through the front door after saying good bye.

I walked into the school. My face was /actually/ showing. Everyone looked at me. I walked to my locker. Adriam. He was there. Waiting for me. He smiled the most beautiful and hottest smile I've ever seen.

He said, "Changed? I like it." I said, "Yeah. Just for you, babe."
He smiled again. He gave me a small kiss. He grabbed his Social Studies books, and so did I. He held my hand and we walked to Mrs. Renteer's class. He took a seat, and I took one next to him. We were pretty early, so we started talking. We whispered to keep it hidden from Mrs. Renteer who looked happy that I changed. She had a huge smile on her face while she was writing something on the board.

"Hey, hun, I can't wait for tomorrow," Adriam said.
"Me either." I smiled.
"I'm reserving a table for us today."
"Awesome, you're amazing, babe."
"Okay. Do you think we'd be able to hang out today? A picnic at the park or something?" Adriam said.
"Of course, babe. Anything for you," I replied.

The bell rang. School was starting.

Mrs. Renteer started the class by saying, "Hey! Is everyone actually up today? I hope so. We're starting the day off with Daniel Shays. As half of you may know from yesterday, Mr. Shays led a mob of farmers to take over the Massachusetts ars*nal. this caused many citizens of the United States to think we needed a stronger /national/ government. Well, today, we're having a fun activity. Hopefully you're awake. We will decide how we would arrange our national government if we were part of Congress. We will divide into groups. I am letting /you/ choose your groups. You will each be in a different Congress. One group will decide which plan of government they like best. You can not use the three branches and levels of government. You have to choose your own way. Ready? Divide into groups!"

After Social Studies, Adriam and I had to leave each other. We had different classes now. This upset me. I walked to Math while he walked to Reading.

Math was really boring. We were talking about area and all that crap. I didn't enjoy it. Adriam and I didn't have our next classes together. I had Reading now. He had Math.

Reading wasn't too bad. It was actually really easy. I had fun, but it would be better with Adriam.

I was so excited so excited for after school and tomorrow. I was about to squeal everytime I thought about it.

Hours passed. One more class to go. Adriam and I walked to Science. Mrs. Cander looked like she was about to jump for joy. She was /extremely/ happy that I changed. She actually made the class fun. She seemed to be in a good mood. The whole class was /really/ happy. She knew the class really wasn't getting what she was talking about, so she postponed the test. We had a whole extra week to study. Amazing day.

Adriam walked me home. He would pick me up at 5:00. Half an hour from now. I got home. Told my mom about my day. She was so happy that I changed. She wanted to go shopping tomorrow with me, but I told her I had a date, so she told me Saturday. My life was beginning to feel great again. Finally. I thought I would never get over Blake. Blake Avermoor. Too bad. Now I'm with Adriam Jellminson, and I was happy. Until we got to the park...


At 5:00 PM sharp, Adriam rang my doorbell. I changed my outfit. I put on a white, sky blue, and lime green floral dress. It was sleeveless and it was tight on the top and shaped into a bell at the bottom. Not a round bell, though.

"You like as beautiful as heaven," Adriam said.
"You look as hott as h*ll," I said while smiling.
We walked to the park. It was a beautiful day. I was holding the picnic basket. Adriam packed it, but I decided to hold it. It'd seem a bit wierd if he held it.

We got to the park. Adriam spread a sheet across the soothing grass. He opened the picnic basket. He had packed a whole roll of french bread that had turkey, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and jalapenos in it. It looked delicious. There was 2 cans of pop too. Orange Fanta. My favorite. I wonder how he knew I loved that type of sandwich and pop...

Adriam took out a pretty big knife. I got scared for a moment, but noticed it was to cut the sandwich. He cut it into 4 pieces. He wrapped them in tin foil and gave me one, and took one himself. We started eating. I grabbed a can of pop, and opened it. We talked and laughed for a while.

After a while, I heard a gun shot. I sat close to Adriam. BOOM! BOOM! More gun shots. Gawd, was I scared, or what!? I was so scared, I could've peed my pants. Well, literally, I couldn't. I was wearing a dress, but you know what I mean.

I got closer to Adriam. I put down my food. I was about to explain how we need to run home, but then I saw Blake. My ex boyfriend. He was holding the gun. Not /just/ the gun, but something I've been searching for. Scared out of my mind about. The picture.

"Looking for this, Jayne?" Blake blurted out.

He held the picture in front of my face. I tried to snatch it out of his hands and run, but he pulled it away too quickly. I wish I never tried to snatch it because he held me by the neck, and Adriam held my body down. Blake told me, "You made a mistake, Jayne. A big mistake. Adriam and I are upset with you. Do you know why?"
I said, "Yes. I do. What do you want from me, Blake?"
Wait. Wait. Wait. Did he said /Adriam/ and I are upset with you? ADRIAM?! HE WAS IN WITH BLAKE!? I can't believe I fell for it. I can't believe it.

"You know what I want, I want your heart back. I either get it back, or I plunge it out of your body. You choose," Blake said holding the gun to my head.

Adriam held the butcher knife in his hand, putting it towards my leg. No. No. No.

"No Blake. You lost my heart. I let you have it. You didn't cherish it well enough. Leave me alone. Leave me f*ck*n alone, " I yelled.
"Fine, I'll do it the hard way. Good bye," Blake said, about to click the gun.

I let my hand free, and right as he clicked, I pushed the gun away from my head. It shot my leg instead. My leg started bleeding. The blood was like a nonstop waterfall. Dark red gushing blood streaming out. I screamed in pain. "AHHHHHHH!"

"My leg! My leg! Owwww! My leg! My f*ck*n leg! My leg! Help me! Help me!" I couldn't stop screaming. Adriam and Blake laughed in horror. My dress turned red. My leg kept bleeding. Parts of my leg stained with dried blood. I held on to my leg. I ripped off some of my dress and wrapped it around the shot. The bullet seemed pretty stuck in my leg.

As Adriam and Blake were about to leave, Adriam said, "I'm sorry, Jayne," and closed his eyes and stabbed the knife into my other leg. They went off running. I couldn't take the knife out. If I did, crap, it'd bleed like h*ll. The knife came out from the bottom of my thigh. Some blood was coming out, but not as much as the leg with the gun shot.

My purse! I have my phone in it! I tried to reach my purse. I couldn't. Since I got closer to Adriam, I left my purse.

I tried to drag myself. It hurt to move. I screamed out in pain. If I didn't get help soon, Gawd knows what will happen.

I dragged myself as softly as I can, but I tried my hardest. It hurt, but I didn't want to die. I grabbed my purse. I opened it. Pulled my phone out, and dialed in some number. It started ringing...


I dialed 555-8421. My mom. It started to ring.

"Hi! You've reacher Brenda Lemprano! Please leave a message!" Please leave your message after the beep. BEEP!
"Mom! I'm in pain! Answer your phone! Mom! I have a gun shot through my leg and a knife through my thigh! Answer! I'm in serious pain, and if I don't get help, I'll die. Mom! Help me!" I hung up.

I then dialed 555-7293. My dad. It started to ring. He answered.
"Hi, dad. It's me, Jayne. I have a gun shot through my leg and a knife through my thigh. Dad. I'm at the park. Compert Park. Dad. Help Me. I'm in pain. Please."
"Honey! I'm coming! I'm coming! Call the police! Are you able to type in 911?"
"Yeah. Yeah. I'll call. Thanks. Bye. I love you."
I hung up.

I typed in 911. It started to ring. It wasn't long before an officer answered, thank Gawd.
"Hello? You've reached the Oakwood Police Station. Is it an emergency?"
"Yes. Yes. I just got shot on the leg, and a knife stabbed through my thigh. I'm at Compert Park. I need help. Please come. Quickly. Please!"
"On our way! On our way! Hold it in! We'll be there in a second!"
He hung up.

I held in the pain. I clinged to my legs now instead of my blanket. I hope I get help soon.

Maybe about 2 minutes passed, and I started hearing sirens. Then I saw some police cars and a few ambulance trucks. I saw my dad running to me. Thank Gawd. Help. The nurses started to put me carefully, but quickly into a stretcher.

We were going quite fast, and it was a bit scary on the stretcher with a dozen doctors around me. They took off the piece of fabric around my leg. They started to inspect my leg. While half the doctors working on my leg, the others were working on stopping my thigh from bleeding after they took out the knife with some tools.

We arrived at the hospital. They briskly took me out of the amulance truck and into the hospital. They were running. They were moving the stretcher around a bit drunkly. They pushed everyone out of the way aiming for the emergency room.

I was in there for a while. They put me to sleep, just in case of major pain. When I woke up, something was wrapped around my legs. I couldn't move them. My parents were sitting on some chairs in my hospital room. When I woke up, I saw my mom crying and my dad looked really p*ssed. I weakly said, "Mom, Dad?"
They got up rapidly and came to check on me. My mom's make-up was smeared over her face, and my dad's eyes were red.

"Honey! Are you okay!?" they both said at the same time. I said, "Yes. Yes. Just in a bit pain."
"What happened?" my mom asked.
"I was on a picnic with Adriam, and I saw Blake and he had a gun in his hand. He held it to my head and threatened me, mom. He almost shot my head, but then I moved his hand before he clicked the gun. It shot my leg," I explained to her.

"Oh my goodness. What is wrong with that boy? What about Adriam? What happened to him?" my mom asked. All these questions were making my head hurt, but I still explained to her.

"He was in with Blake... He packed a knife to cut the sandwiches, and he told me I'm sorry, then he closed his eyes and stabbed my thigh with the knife. I should've known. How else would he know my favorite lunch? Blake must've helped pack the lunch."

The both sighed. Tears streamed down my face. For once in my life, I thought it was going to work out. I was wrong.

Why me? Gawd, why me? Why me out of ever f*ck*n person in the world!? Why!?

I felt like tearing everything off my legs and running. Running with the wind. To somewhere secret. A sweet place. A place I could be alone. A place I can escape. A sweet escape from this life.

Ugh! Why was I so stupid!? Yeah, like Adriam would actually like me? What I didn't get is why he said he was sorry. Was Blake forcing him? What was going on? I didn't even care anymore.

I wish I never pulled the gun away. I want to die. A fast death. So I can get over this horrible life. It's not even a life anymore. It's a torture chamber now. Gawd. Scr*w this.

Once I felt better, the doctors took me to a room. There was police there. They were all holding notepads and pens. I knew what was happening.

Once I sat down, the door had gotten shut and locked by an officer. They had people guarding the door outside and the windows were covered. I was about to be questioned.

"So, who did this to you?"
"Well, I had an ex boyfriend, and he cheated on me, and I broke up with him. He's always been trying to get me back. I started going out with a new boy on Wednesday. I hadn't known, but he was with Blake. Blake is my ex boyfriend. Adriam /was/ my boyfriend. I went on a picnic with Adriam. While we were there, I heard gun shots. Then, I saw Blake. Blake threatened me to like him again. I wouldn't do it. He tried to shoot my head, but I moved the gun, and it shot my leg. They ran."
"What do you mean by /they?/"
"Adriam and Blake."
"What did Adriam do? Did Adriam do anything?"
"Yeah, Adriam had a knife. It was to cut the sandwiches, but he stabbed it through my thigh. I think Blake was threatening Adriam because before Adriam stabbed the knife, he said he was sorry and he closed his eyes. I think I saw a few tears."
"M'kay. M'kay. I see. So, can you tell us these young fellows' full names and what they look like, ma'am?"
"Yes. Adriam Joseph Jellminson. Blake Jacob Avermoor. Adriam has brunette hair, tan skin, and blue eyes. He's about 5'11". He usually wears Abercrombie and Hollister. Blake has blonde hair, green eyes, and tan skin. He's about 5'9". He wears Abercrombie and Hollister too. Oh! Before I forget, Adriam always wears a necklace. It has a bunch of shark teeth and shells on it. The lace of the necklace is a type of plant from Hawaii."
"Thank you, Miss. Anything special about Blake?"
"Ummmm.... Not that I can think of. They both have very white and straight teeth, though."
"Thank you. Thank you. What time did you and Adriam leave to the park?"
"5:00 PM sharp. It's a five minute walk. The threatening happened at around... I'm going to guess 5:23. When I called the police, my phone said 5:38. He threatened me for about 10 minutes, and it took me about 5 minutes to drag myself to my purse to get me cellular."
"Thank you, Miss. That's all we need for now. We will get you if we do need you again. Thank you very much. Feel better."

My doctor came in with a wheel chair. I sat in it and we went back to my hospital room.

After an hour of laying in the bed, I noticed I'd forgotten to tell the police something. Something /so/ important. The one way you can make sure the person you're looking at /is/ Blake Avermoor. The scar.


How could I forget? Oh em gee. I can /not/ believe I forgot! The scar on Blake's ankle. It's some permanent scar he got on his ankle when he was younger! Whatever. I guess I'll tell them if they don't find him. Just as a closed my eyelids, the nurse came in. "Honey, we've decided you can go home now," she told me. Huh? I can? Yes! Finally! I got off of my bed and got dressed into my clothes. My parents had brought me an outfit. I put my shoes on, and we left the hospital after my parents signed some things. In the car, it was silent. Not a single noise except for the roar of the engine. I had to break the silence. It was killing me.
"Mom, what's today?"
She replied, "It's Thursday, hun."
I nodded. We got home. It was pitch black outside. My mom told me to go upstairs and get some rest, so I did so. I got dressed into my pajamas and logged on to AIM. The second I saw Adriam was online, I instantly logged off. Enough of him in my life. I slipped into bed, but I felt as if I was forgetting something. Hm. It was bugging me, so I tried to close my eyes. FLASH! My eyes opened the minute that word came to my mind. My leg. It was hurting. A lot. I closed my eyes in pain, and held onto it. I tried to slip around in bed and forget about the pain. It was so hard to when it hurt so badly! I kept turning and tossing in bed, and I checked the time. 2:23 AM. Wow. I closed my eyes and started dreaming. I finally fell asleep.


I woke up. I got dressed. I went downstairs and my parents stared at me in shock. "Honey, why are you dressed?"
"I'm going to school... What else would I get dressed for at 7:00 AM?"
"Honey, what makes you think you're going to school today? You're tired as heck! Get undressed or sit on the couch and rest some more."
"Mom, I'm fine. I can go to school."
My mom had a thinking face and finally sighed and said, "Fine. If you feel anything. Anything at all, let a teacher know. You can come home anytime you'd like."
I opened the door and grabbed my backpack. My mom stopped me. "Do not go anywhere near the boys." I nodded and walked out the door.

I got to school and everyone stared at me and started whispering. What was their problem? A couple of friends ran over to me and asked me if I was okay. "Words spreading around, I guess?" I told them. They all stared at each other and nodded slowly. "Are you okay!?" they all yelled. "I'm fine. I better get to my locker. See yah guys later." I walked to my locker and didn't even dare to stare anywhere near Adriam. I caught a glance of him staring at me, frowning, and sighing. "Jayne, wait up. We really need to talk," Adriam tried to tell me. He put his hand on my shoulder. I pushed my shoulder back as if wanting his hand off of my shoulder and walked away ignoringly. "Jayne, please, let me talk," he said. I kept walking with a furious expression on my face.

I got into my class, and Adriam tried to take a seat next to me. I scattered my books together and took a different seat. He looked so depressed, but I didn't care. He ruined it. Not me. Him.

I was playing around with my pencil when the bell finally rang. I got up and walked out of the classroom. When I got to my locker, Adriam wasn't there, but a note slipped out of my locker when I opened it. I picked it up, and read it. "Jayne, I can explain. I'm sorry. I told you before. I didn't want to. I told you. Just understand. Give me a chance to speak my side. Just this once." I recognized the handwriting right away. Who else would write this anyways? I shoved the note back into my locker so it wasn't any evidence to my parents. I practically sprinted home.

I took a few deep breaths before walking through the front door so it didn't seem like I was in such a rush to get home. I walked through the door, smiled, and greeted my family. They greeted me back. I went to my room and started my homework.

After doing my homework for about 45 minutes, the door bell rang. Then something hit me. It just came to me. Adriam. I had an itchy feeling that it was him, so I walked down the stairs very slowly. I saw my mom opening the door. It was as if I was a psychic. It /was/ him. I saw my mom get very afraid. She turned around and gave me a look. I heard her mumbling some things to him, and he just sat there blushing. I noticed he was wearing a suit and was holding a rose. He finally whispered stuff back to my mom, and my mom nodded. She told me to come here, and I took my time walking to the door. Adriam was explaining in such a fast, yet calm voice. I could understand every connection he was making. I just felt he was telling the truth.
"Jayne! Jayne, Jayne, Jayne, Jayne! I'm so happy to see you. Really. You're very healthy. Thank God. Okay, I did not want to hurt you, I swear. Blake, that evil kid. Blake, he forced me. I swear. He threatened me. He would kill me, then you. I swear. Jayne, I did it for the sake of us. I really hope you understand and come to Red Lobster with me, like I promised." I nodded and I remembered him saying he was sorry before stabbing the knife. I understood, and I told him so. "I understand. Give me a second to change." I looked at my mom and she nodded as if a sign that I could go. "Jayne, take all the time you need. take your time, really," Adriam told me. I ran up the stairs and got dressed. I came down and Adriam handed me the rose. It matched my red and pink dress. This evening. This guy. This life. It suddenly seemed... It seemed... Perfect.

Chapter 3

I was very afraid to be with Adriam though. When I felt his skin, my body would tingle. I was really afraid of touching him. There was something in me that was so afraid of him.

We arrived Red Lobster. Even though our date was a week late, we still had it. We sat at our table. Ours seats were across from each other.
"Adriam, we have to tell the police. We have to tell them about Blake. Adriam, please."
"Jayne, we can't. He'll kill us. We can't let that happen. Please, Jayne."
'Adriam, we have to! Adriam, listen, we have to."
"But nothing. We have to. He'll kill us if he sees us together. We either die together, or we live together. The police can get him. They can. Just trust me. Please, Adriam."
"Jayne, I'll die for you, but we can't! The boy is sneaky! He will not get caught! He'll catch the police, the police won't catch him!" Our voices were getting anxious. Yelling while whispering.
"Adriam! Would you listen to me for once! Just listen! You've caused enough trouble for me! Now you listen to me right now! We will tell, and that's all we're doing. Giving them every detail about him! He's a wicked boy, Adriam! He's smart, but not smart enough!" I was almost yelling. Adriam sighed. He looked down at the table, held is head with his hand and shook his head.
"Fine. We'll do as you say," he said. I felt joy in me. Blake will finally be caught. He will. He will!

Our waitor came, and took our orders. The restraunt seemed pretty empty. There weren't many people here. I checked the time. It was only 5:15. It's not late. Where was everyone? This place is usually filled!

I stopped worrying, but when our food arrived, the waitor was looking at me suspicously. It was really mysterious. He wouldn't move his head, but would keep rolling his eyes to me.

"Um, Adriam. Excuse me while I go to the bathroom..."
"No problem, go ahead."
I looked around. No one was here except for a man, Adriam, and I. And the workers, of course. I went to the bathroom. The moment I opened the door, someone grabbed me from inside. I tried to scream, but it's giant tan hands were covering my mouth. It's hand was pressed to me. I could tell it was a boy though. I started wiggling myself free. No budge. I felt my head start to hurt. I was being attacked. I was being choked. My head. My body. It all hurt. I couldn't move a muscle. I fell to the ground. My eyes closed. I couldn't feel anything. My body. It ached. I saw blood all around me after I was able to open my eyes. I saw it drenched all over. Blood. The smell of it hurt. The scene of it hurt. The touch of it hurt. I hurt.

When I looked around, not only did I see blood, I saw other women tied up. No. No. Why is this happening. I tried to yell, but it came out as a whisper. "Adriam. Help me." Not again. Please God, no. Not again. I tried picking myself up. I got up half way and fell to the ground.
"Have fun, Jayne." The voice was fimiliar. I heard the door open and slam. No! Don't get Adriam too. Please. Please. This is just a dream. Please be a dream. "AHH!" I heard someone scream. It was a boy. I was almost positive it was Adriam.

I looked at all of the girls around the room. I tried getting up with all of my might. I got up, and leaned on the wall of one of the stalls. I took a roll of toilet paper and wrapped it around everywhere I was bleeding. I spit the blood that was coming from my mouth into the toilet. I started to try to balance myself. I was fumbling here and there, but I managed to walk out of the stall. I started trying to untie all of the other women. It took a while since my body was week.

Once most of us were able to walk, we called the police. I went off out of the bathroom searching for Adriam. God, please don't kill him. Please don't let him be hurt. God, protect him. Please! I looked around the restraunt. I went into the kitchen. I couldn't believe it. Adriam was hung up the to wall, a knife stabbed right next to, or into, his heart. I tried my hardest to run to him. Tears ran down my face like a waterfall. I touched his pale face. My fingers were tingling. "No. No. Please. Adriam, speak. Don't play this game with me. SPEAK! ADRIAM SPEAK! STOP BEING STUPID! LET'S GO! WE NEED TO FINISH OUR DINNER! ADRIAM STOP THIS! ADRIAM!" I was yelling now. My legs started shaking. I fell to the ground on my knees. I covered my face with my hand. I was drenched with tears. Tears and blood.

I couldn't handle this pain. "AHHH!" I screamed.

I got up. I held on to the wall. I needed support. I put my head on Adriam's heart. My heart almost stopped. I heard a heart beat. I heard it. I know I did. I heard it. A smile spread across my face. "ADRIAM! ADRIAM!"

While I was touching Adriam's face, the police ran in with guns. They took Adriam and I out of Red Lobster. They were instructed not to take the knife out of Adriam yet. It would cause too much of a blood loss in the ambulance.

We arrived the hospital. We were rushed into emergency rooms. Adriam and I and all of the other people soaked in blood. I was fine. I was just almost choked to death, but I would be fine.

"Adriam. The women. The men. What about them? What's going on!?" I yelled to the nurses.

"Most of the people will be fine. Adriam, on the other hand, he's losing a lot of blood. He may not make it out of this hospital with his heart beating. I'm sorry, Jayne."

"What? No. No. You're playing a joke on me. Stop. Stop doing this to me. I know it's a joke."

"I'm sorry, Jayne, but it's not a joke. You're having an issue. This happens sometimes when stuff like this happens. You're imagining Adriam's still alive because of how much you love him. It's not a joke though. I'm sorry."
I stared at the nurse in awe. This has to be a joke. Adriam wouldn't leave me. I started laughing. The nurses stared at each other, afraid. I laughed so hard I almost fell to the ground. No. Adriam would never leave me like this. Right, God? "Nice joke, guys. Give it up, I know you guys are lying," I told the nurses. They took me and sat me on a chair. "Look, honey, this isn't a joke, and we'll prove it to you. Follow us."

The nice lady took my hand and walked me to a room. She opened it, and inside, I saw Adriam laying with tubes attatched all over him. Blood. "It's fruit juice, stop playing with me," I told them. They shook their heads slowly at the ground. "Here, you need to rest, come and follow us again."

They took me to a room and let me lay on a bed. My eyes closed right away. I was so tired. I had more nightmares. I had a nightmare that I was the one who killed Adriam, and I hadn't noticed it. I kept moving around. Then, in my dream, I grabbed a gun and shot it at my head. I woke up screaming. The nurses ran in the room. I rubbed my head. I was okay. I was okay. Was Adriam?

"Adriam. Take me to Adriam! Take me to Adriam! RIGHT NOW!"
The nurses took me to Adriam, and I ran to him. Feeling his delicate skin. His soft skin. His face of an angel. My angel. My mouth was partly open, and my body was trembling.
"Adriam, I'm sorry. Adriam. I love you."

I closed my eyes and lay my head near him. More tears. I couldn't help myself. I needed him in my life. I need him. "Please. Adriam. Please. Come back. Let's go for a walk." My voice was trembling. This cannot be happening. No, it can't. It can't.

"You need to leave now, Jayne. He's going in for a surgery."

I kissed his cheek gently and left the room. I went outside to sit and watch the night sky. It was a full moon. I looked up and I got flash backs. The first time I saw Adriam. My dream. The Blake incidents. When I was a little girl. I suddenly fell to the ground. The ground felt good. Cold against my warm body. I fell asleep.

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