I collect all things Tantua. :) Let me know if you have something to sell/trade.
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  • Pet Lending costs     20th Mar 2018 17:02
  • Elfember 2017     11th Dec 2017 11:00
  • Maraween 2017     16th Oct 2017 06:05
  • Elfember 2016     12th Dec 2016 16:25
  • Maraween 2016     18th Oct 2016 16:04
  • Birthday Party 2016     19th Aug 2016 17:04
  • Tantua Wish List     11th Jun 2016 14:10
  • I'm Back!     23rd Dec 2015 17:01

  • Pet Lending costs

    Posted on : 20th Mar 2018 17:02   Posted by : ThetaKoshei
    Minipet Tantua
    13,800MP Fee

    Angel Tantua
    22,960MP Fee

    Seasonal Vixen
    159,600MP Fee

    Snow Tantua
    10,560MP Fee

    Polar Flab
    20,360MP Fee

    Punk Tantua
    654,320MP Fee

    Halloween Tantua
    49,400MP Fee

    Zombie Tantua
    49,000MP Fee

    Royal Tantua
    23,360MP Fee

    Prison Tantua
    48,040MP Fee

    Love Tantua
    47,440MP Fee

    Mummy Tantua
    48,280MP Fee

    Negative Tantua
    21,840MP Fee

    Strobe Sybri
    180,960MP Fee

    Radioactive Tantua
    47,240MP Fee

    Valentines Tantua
    48,160MP Fee

    Vampire Tantua
    37,560MP Fee

    Pixie Chibs
    177,000MP Fee

    Millionaire Tantua
    45,080MP Fee

    Tundra Flab
    8,400MP Fee

    Insideout Tantua
    11,360MP Fee

    Party Quell
    703,280MP Fee

    Anime Raulf
    175,320MP Fee

    Werewolf Tantua
    26,720MP Fee

    Plushie Grint
    10,680MP Fee

    Goth Tantua
    51,760MP Fee

    Dragon Tantua
    82,920MP Fee

    Mermaid Tantua
    480MP Fee

    Digital Tantua
    8,880MP Fee

    Wizard Tantua
    54,240MP Fee

    Grey Daisy
    126,760MP Fee

    Dark Tantua
    50,880MP Fee

    Nimbus Tantua
    23,000MP Fee

    British Tantua
    11,240MP Fee

    Voodoo Tantua
    50,840MP Fee

    Australian Tantua
    30,320MP Fee

    Elfember 2017

    Posted on : 11th Dec 2017 11:00   Posted by : ThetaKoshei
    Carol Singing

    Baby Grand Piano [x] 10 []
    Candycane Ornament [x]
    Candycane Pearl [x]
    Candycane Yule Log [x]
    Caroling Angel [x]
    Coal Drink [x]
    Coal Stocking [x]
    Cymbal Songs [x]
    Festive Brownie [x]
    Festive Cymbals [] 10 []
    Festive Tuba [x] 10 []
    Festive Violin [x]color=red] 10 [][/color]
    Festive Vixen Plushie [x]
    Fireplace [x]
    Jingle Bell Rock [x]
    Jingle Bells [x] 10 []
    Jingle Bells Stamp [x]
    Milk and Cookies Glowing Egg []
    Nutcracker Action Figure [x]
    Piano Hits []
    Piano Stamp []

    Rocking Reindeer [x]
    Sleigh Book []
    Stocking Costume [x]
    Stocking Guide [][/color]
    Tuba Tunes [x]
    Violin Classics []


    Broken Angel Wings []

    Broken Halo [x]
    Burnt Presents [x]
    Coffee Cup [x]
    Creepy Eyes Glowing Egg []
    Creepy Grin []

    Dark Linzer Cookies [x]
    Giant Candycane [x][/color]
    Hoofprint Book []
    Krampus Claw [x]
    Krampus Cupcake []
    Krampus Ear []
    Krampus Hoof []
    Krampus Horns []
    Krampus Pearl []
    Krampus Potato []

    Krampus Sack [x]
    Krampus Wig []
    Tired Sweater []


    Elf Cupcake []
    Elf Gumball []
    Elf Hits []
    Elf Mittens []
    Elf Movie []

    Elf Sugar Cookie [x]

    Maraween 2017

    Posted on : 16th Oct 2017 06:05   Posted by : ThetaKoshei
    Pumpkin of Gold
    Candycorn Pencil [x]
    Devil Wing Hair Clips [x]
    Halloween Pucu Plushie [x]
    Plastic Spider Ring [x]
    Skeleton Wing Gloves [x]
    Skull Candle [x]

    Elger's Trick or Treat
    Black Trim School Blazer [x]
    Halloween Leido Plushie [x]
    Haunted House [x]
    Haunted Tree []
    Little Ghost Story [x]
    Plain Pitiful Pigtails Wig []
    Plastic Blue Spider Ring [x]
    Skull Violin [x]
    Spider Hat [x]
    Spider Web Doughnut [x]
    Witch Pencil [x]
    White Trim School Blazer [x]
    Wolf Hood [x]

    Halloween Alien
    Armour Top []
    Cowboy Hat []
    Ghost Pencil []
    Peacock Feathers []

    Plastic Glowing Spider Ring [x]
    Red Riding Hood []
    Trooper Mask []

    Halloween Snowman
    Gourmet Zombie Meal [x]
    Halloween Azul Plushie [x]
    Spooky Doughnut []
    Devil Suit []

    Feathers [x]
    Nightmare Glow []
    Nightmare Top [x]
    Crooked Staff []
    Gun Holster []

    Skull Wreath [x]
    Spooky Shirt [x]
    Halloween Jacket [x]
    Plastic Yellow Spider Ring [x]
    Pile of Leaves [x]
    Vampire Pencil [x]
    Harvest Scythe [x]

    Beelzebub Stamp [x]
    Flaming Shoes [x]
    Severed Horn [x]

    Pumpkin Hunt
    2017 Pumpkin [x]
    Beige Pumpkin [x]
    Big Ears Pumpkin [x]
    Big Mouth Pumpkin [x]
    Big Teeth Pumpkin [x]
    Cursed Pumpkin [x]
    Fire Pumpkin [x]
    Lightning Pumpkin [x]
    Lilac Pumpkin [x]
    Magenta Pumpkin [x]
    Midnight Pumpkin [x]
    Moonlight Pumpkin [x]
    Mummy Pumpkin [x]
    Nimbus Pumpkin [x]
    Snaggletooth Pumpkin [x]
    Sparkle Pumpkin [x]
    Spider Pumpkin [x]
    Starry Eyed Pumpkin [x]
    Trumpkin [x]
    Water Pumpkin [x]
    Winter Pumpkin [x]

    Pitiful Pigtails Wig [x]
    Police Officer Hat [x]
    Police Officer Shirt [x]
    Police Officer Pants [x]
    Police Officer Belt [x]
    Possessed Phonograph [x]
    Pumpkin Bath Bomb [x]
    Pumpkin Doughnut [x]
    Pumpkin Pencil [x]
    Pumpkin Skirt [x]
    Pumpkin Shirt [x]
    Scarecrow Stamp [x]
    Trick or Treat Pail [x]

    Trick or Treat
    Gothic Harness [x]
    Broken Arm Cast [x]
    Knight Helmet [x]
    Ghostling []
    Zombie Plushie [x]
    Zombie Jerky [x]
    Zombie Hand Stamp []
    Scary Eyes Stamp [x]
    Spootli [x]
    Spooky Drumset [x]
    Spiced Pumpkin Drink [x]
    Candycorn Doughnut [x]
    Plastic Red Spider Ring [x]
    Frankenstein Pencil [x]
    Bat Bat [x]
    Toddler Overalls [x]
    Toddler Sweater [x]
    Collared Dress [x]

    Elfember 2016

    Posted on : 12th Dec 2016 16:25   Posted by : ThetaKoshei
    Secret Santa:
    Blue Peppermint Present []
    Blue Seasonal Present []
    Chilled Blue Present []

    Chilled Purple Present [x]
    Chilled Rainbow Present []
    Chilled Red Present [x]
    Chilled Striped Present []
    Dark Seasonal Present [x]
    Green Peppermint Present [x]
    green seasonal present []
    oddly shaped present []

    pink seasonal present [x]
    purple peppermint present [x]
    red peppermint present [x]
    tall green present []
    tall red present []

    tall snowflake present [x]
    tall starry present []
    tall striped present []
    white seasonal present []
    yellow peppermint present []

    Present Prizes:
    Banana crepe []
    candycane sugar cookies []
    chestnut fudge []
    chocolate ice cream crepe []

    frost icy mix [x]
    fruit crepe []
    ghostly candle []
    gift wrapped wreath []
    giftbox ornament []
    jolly ice mix []
    maple syrup snow taffee []
    partridge []
    peanut butter crepe []
    stitched book []

    stocking loot [x]
    strawberry icy mix []
    strawberry jam crepe []

    vanilla ice cream crepe [x]
    winter peaks stamp []

    Carol Singing:
    apple cider caramels [x]
    bloody yule log []
    carol sheet music []
    christmas drum []
    coal dust powder candy []

    crackling fire sounds [x]
    cranberry cocktail []
    dark chocolate coal []
    festive bells []
    festive eggnog []
    festive hot chocolate []
    festive white hot chocolate []
    gingerbread book []
    gingerbread imposter []
    holiday cards []
    holiday horn []
    holy harp []
    mini cranberry tarts []
    mistletoe stamp []

    mulled wine [x]
    neopolitan snowman ice cream []
    nice list []
    sack of coal []
    slices of fruitcake []
    snow guitar []

    Black eye pearl []
    bloody manuscript []

    blue eye pearl [x]
    brown eye pearl [x]
    green eye pearl []
    krampling []
    krampling plushie
    krampus blade []
    krampus greeting card []
    krampus hot cocoa []
    krampus snowglobe []
    krampus tales []
    krampus teddy bear []
    naughty arinya plushie []
    nice arinya plushie []
    poached pear []
    red eye pearl []
    smashed green candycane []
    smashed red candycane []
    the night before krampus []

    Maraween 2016

    Posted on : 18th Oct 2016 16:04   Posted by : ThetaKoshei
    Pumpkin of Gold:
    Bad Trick or Treat Loot [x]
    Eyeball Balloon [x]
    Eye Bandage [x]
    Giant Gummy Rat [x]
    Possessed Doll [x]
    Unholy Tie [x]

    Elger's Trick or Treat:
    Blood Moon Stamp [x]
    Blood Witch Ice Cream [x]
    Bloody Finger Hot Dog [x]
    Cobweb Cotton Candy [x]
    Elger Broom [x]
    Elger Kitty [x]
    Elger Kitty Hat [x]
    Elger Kitty Tail [x]
    Marshmallow Ghosts [x]
    Spirit Board [x]
    Spooky Skeleton Songs [x]
    Vomit Witch Ice Cream [x]
    Witch Doll [x]
    Succubus [x]
    Naga [x]
    Snail Plushie [x]
    Skull Plushie [x]
    Frog Plushie [x]

    Halloween Alien:
    Alien Glowing Egg [x]
    Baby Bat Hair Extensions [x]
    Bone Scythe [x]
    Brain Desk Lamp [x]
    Crossed Hair Clip [x]
    Old Spider Cream Puff [x]

    Halloween Snowman
    Phantom Lati [x]
    Phantom Chibs [x]
    Long Vampire Cape [x]
    Long Cape [x]
    Fall Boots [x]
    Bride of Frankenstein Wig [x]
    Giant Spider Plushie [x]
    Human Voodoo Plushie [x]
    Spider Juice [x]
    Peach Snowcone [x]
    Orange Snowcone [x]
    Mint Snowcone [x]
    Cola Snowcone [x]
    Blackberry Snowcone [x]
    Apple Snowcone [x]

    Beelzebub Candycorn [x]
    Beelzebub Glowing Egg [x]
    Beelzebub Summoning Tome [x]
    Beelzebub Trident [x]
    Cerberus Plushie [x]
    Hellhound [x]

    Pumpkin Hunt
    Haunted Contact Lenses [x]
    Spider Skirt [x]
    Spider Dress [x]
    Dragon [x]
    Phantom Quell [x]
    Phantom Fasoro [x]
    Halloween Striped Tie [x]
    Pumpkin Headphones [x]
    Short Vampire Cape [x]
    Short Cape [][/color]
    Scarecrow Plushie [x]
    Pumpkin Notebook [x]
    Sweet Potato Cinnamon Custard [x]
    Pumpkin Spice Custard [x]
    Marshmallow Pumpkins [x]
    Caramel Apple Custard [x]
    Brain Witch Ice Cream [x]
    White Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly [x]
    Orange Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly [x]
    Mint Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly [x]
    Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly [x]
    Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly [x]
    Pumpkin Ice Pop [x]
    Lime Pumpkin Ice Pop [x]
    Cherry Pumpkin Ice Pop [x]
    Blueberry Pumpkin Ice Pop [x]
    Spider Web Pumpkin Soup [x]
    Handmade Chocolate Pumpkin [x]
    Pumpkin Pie Book [x]
    Pumpkin Hot Chocolate [x]
    Halloween Parfait [x]
    Puffy Pumpkin Bread [x]
    Fancy Pumpkin Cupcake [x]
    Pumpkin Loaf [x]

    2016 Pumpkin [x]
    Black Pumpkin [x]
    Blue Pumpkin [x]
    Boo Pumpkin [x]
    Classic Pumpkin [x]
    Colon Overscore Parenthesis Pumpkin [x]
    Eyru Pumpkin [x]
    Flat Pumpkin [x]
    Green Pumpkin [x]
    Grey Pumpkin [x]
    Heart Pumpkin [x]
    Judgemental Pumpkin [x]
    Limax Pumpkin [x]
    LOL Pumpkin [x]
    Not Impressed Pumpkin [x]
    Orange Pumpkin [x]
    Pretty Pumpkin [x]
    Purple Pumpkin [x]
    Red Pumpkin [x]
    Small Face Pumpkin [x]
    Teal Pumpkin [x]
    Traumatised Pumpkin [x]
    White Pumpkin [x]
    Yakubi Pumpkin [x]
    Yellow Pumpkin [x]

    Trick or Treat
    Tombstone Stamp [x]
    Haunted Book [x]
    Frankenstein Plushie [x]
    Flaming Phoenix [x]
    Nightmare [x]
    Scale Shorts [x]
    Suspenders [x]
    Bikini Top [x]
    Bat Purse [x]
    Wiggly Ghost Inflatable [x]
    Grim Reaper Hanging Decoration [x]
    Old Werewolf Dentures [x]
    Devil Sword [x]
    Molasses Custard [x]
    Candycorn Custard [x]
    Twozzlers [x]
    Twox [x]
    Buttertoe Snax [x]
    Buttertoe [x]
    Black Twozzlers [x]
    Slig Plushie [x]
    Slig [x]
    Spooky Kitty Bread [x]
    Dark Chocolate Kitty Head [x]
    White Chocolate Kitty Head [x]

    Haunted chest:
    Harley Quell Wig [x]
    Harley Quell Contact Lenses [x]
    Snake bottom [x]
    Vampire Shawl [x]
    Devious Wings [x]
    Bloody Eye Bandage [x]
    Crystal Ball [x]
    Alchemy Table [x]
    Spooky Bats [x]
    Full Moon [x]
    Floating Pumpkins [x]
    Summoning Circle [x]
    Witch Cauldron [x]
    Festive Pumpkin Latte [x]
    Cauldron Soup [x]
    Gingerbread Skeleton [x]
    Evil Clown Plushie [x]

    Capsule Machine
    Gummy Leg [x]
    Gummy Hand [x]
    Gummy Foot []
    Gummy Arm []
    Creepy Teddy Plushie []

    Creepy Dog Plushie [x]
    Creepy Equilor Plushie []
    Creepy Cat Plushie [x]
    Creepy Bunny Plushie []
    Giant Worm Plushie []
    Ghosty Plushie []
    Batsy Plushie []

    Ghost Book [x]
    Murder Mystery Book []
    Book of Cavities []
    Eye See U Book []
    Salem []
    Witchie []

    Batsy [x]
    Ghosty []

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