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  • Safari Items     8th Jun 2018 17:02
  • Current Goal: Maps     30th May 2018 01:46
  • Spring TC Items     28th Sep 2017 03:11
  • Loaned Items     10th Sep 2017 19:20
  • 13th Birthday Party     29th Aug 2017 06:48
  • 13th Birthday Gift Hunt Items     21st Aug 2017 14:33
  • Goals as of now     24th Jul 2017 23:05

  • Safari Items

    Posted on : 8th Jun 2018 17:02   Posted by : sematy5
    Belt Pack /
    Binocular /
    Blue Gummy Grub /
    Cheetah Jacket /
    Green Gummy Grub /
    Happilo /
    Jessup Blanket /
    Jessup Doll
    Jessup Hand Puppet /
    Jessup Sugar Cookie /
    Lafter /
    Man Bun Wig /
    Mara Crackers /
    Meat Lover Stamp /
    Phanty Hand Puppet /
    Phanty Sugar Cookie /
    Plastic Tree /
    Poera Hand Puppet /
    Poera Scarf /
    Poera Sugar Cookie /
    Purple Gummy Grub /
    Red Gummy Grub /
    Ripped Jessup Plushie /
    Ripped Sybri Plushie /
    Rising Sun /
    Safari Badge /
    Safari Boy Doll /
    Safari Camp Jessup Plushie
    Safari Camp Poera Plushie
    Safari Camp Sybri Plushie /
    Safari Camp Tantua Plushie /
    Safari Compass /
    Safari Girl Doll /
    Safari Glowing Egg
    Safari Pearl /
    Safari Postcard /
    Safari Skirt /
    Safari Smoothie /
    Safari Tantua Book /
    Safari Tantua Glowing Egg /
    Safari Vest /
    Savannah Tales /
    Snake Print Gloves
    Steak /
    Steak Cupcake /
    Steak Plushie /
    Sunset Sonnets /
    Sybri Blanket /
    Sybri Book /
    Sybri Hand Puppet /
    Sybri Sugar Cookie /
    Tantua Burger /
    Tantua Doll /
    Tantua Hand Puppet /
    Tantua Pancake /
    Tantua Sugar Cookie /
    Wild Contact Lenses /

    Current Goal: Maps

    Posted on : 30th May 2018 01:46   Posted by : sematy5
    Fishing Map - 1,400,000RP
    Whirlpool Map - 992,000RP

    Current RP balance - 620,000RP (05/30/18)

    Items that can be traded for RP (Roughly 1:7 RP/MP)
    - Hieroglyphics
    - Kamilah Codes
    - Photos
    - Plates

    Spring TC Items

    Posted on : 28th Sep 2017 03:11   Posted by : sematy5
    Charming Wig
    Fawna (/)
    Floral Romper (/)
    Flower Shower
    Hater Crop Top (/)
    Loose Crop Top (/)
    Loose Striped Shirt (/)
    Maxi Skirt (/)
    Open Flannel Shirt (/)
    Round Frame Glasses
    Sailor Shorts (/)
    Shredded Capris (/)
    Snuggly Scarf (/)
    Space Buns Wig
    Spiked Bracelets (/)
    Sporty Socks (/)
    Spring Boots
    Spring Bush (/)
    Spring Dress Shirt
    Spring Foliage
    Spring Jacket (/)
    Spring Shoes (/)
    Striped Shorts (/)
    Sweet Yuni Drink (/)
    Torn Jeans (/)
    V Neck Romper (/)
    Waist Flannel

    Loaned Items

    Posted on : 10th Sep 2017 19:20   Posted by : sematy5


    13th Birthday Party

    Posted on : 29th Aug 2017 06:48   Posted by : sematy5
    13th Birthday Cookie
    Alpargatas (x)
    Anime Bolimo Balloon
    Birthday Bike (x)
    Birthday Bow
    Birthday Pony (x)
    Birthday Presents
    Black Flower Pinata (x)
    Black Heart Pinata (x)
    Black Moon Pinata (x)
    Black Star Pinata (x)
    Blue Foil Balloon (x)
    Blue Party Lei (x)
    Cake Slice Plushie (x)
    Chocolate Donut Milk (x)
    Cutout Leggings (x)
    Green Foil Balloon (x)
    Green Party Lei (x)
    Jersey Shirt (x)
    Marapets Cap (x)
    Orange Flower Pinata (x)
    Orange Heart Pinata (x)
    Orange Moon Pinata (x)
    Orange Star Pinata (x)
    Oversized Jean Jacket (x)
    Party Clown Plushie (x)
    Party Cumulus Summoning Stone (x)
    Party Pizza
    Party Puffnut Summoning Stone (x)
    Pink Flower Pinata (x)
    Pink Foil Balloon (x)
    Pink Heart Pinata (x)
    Pink Moon Pinata (x)
    Pink Party Lei (x)
    Pink Star Pinata (x)
    Rainbow 13th Birthday Lollipop (x)
    Red Party Lei (x)
    Surgical Mask (x)
    Teal Flower Pinata (x)
    Teal Heart Pinata (x)
    Teal Moon Pinata (x)
    Teal Star Pinata (x)
    Teen Party Hits (x)
    Tie Dye Tank Top (x)
    Vanilla Donut Milk (x)
    White Flower Pinata (x)
    White Heart Pinata (x)
    White Moon Pinata (x)
    White Star Pinata (x)
    Yellow Flower Pinata (x)
    Yellow Heart Pinata (x)
    Yellow Moon Pinata (x)
    Yellow Party Lei (x)
    Yellow Star Pinata (x)

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