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  • Double Runes     16th Nov 2019 13:04
  • Transubstantiation Temple     14th Nov 2019 12:20
  • Character Trick or Treat Profi...     29th Oct 2019 09:56
  • AU Items     10th Sep 2019 11:42

  • Double Runes

    Posted on : 16th Nov 2019 13:04   Posted by : Peekaboo
    Double Runes from Simerian Explorer
    Gold Players & Higher (Level 50+)


    Runes from Questing:
    2x Rune A
    2x Rune C
    4x Rune E
    2x Rune F
    4x Rune G
    2x Rune H
    2x Rune I
    6x Rune J
    2x Rune K
    4x Rune N
    4x Rune O
    2x Rune P
    6x Rune R
    4x Rune S
    6x Rune T
    4x Rune W

    Prices as of 11/16:
    Rune A - 355k
    Rune AE - 418k
    Rune B - 468k
    Rune C - 439k
    Rune D - 438k
    Rune E - 438k
    Rune F - 359k
    Rune G - 359k
    Rune H - 2.5 mil (trades)
    Rune I - 498k
    Rune J - 465k
    Rune K - 197k
    Rune L - 443k
    Rune M - 434k
    Rune N - 449k
    Rune O - 489k
    Rune P - 214k
    Rune Q - 700k (trades)
    Rune R - 443k
    Rune S - 317k
    Rune T - 459k
    Rune U - 347k
    Rune W - 2.7 mil (trades)
    Rune Z - 419k

    Prices as of 11/22:

    Transubstantiation Temple

    Posted on : 14th Nov 2019 12:20   Posted by : Peekaboo
    Level 1 - Rune AE (418k)
    Level 2 - Rune S (317k)
    Level 3 - Rune Q (499k)
    Level 4 - Rune U (345k)

    Running total: 1579k

    Goal: Ice Cream Costume (25.5 mil in trades as of 11/15)

    Character Trick or Treat Profits

    Posted on : 29th Oct 2019 09:56   Posted by : Peekaboo
    I put all of my MP in the bank before beginning Trick or Treating to see how much MP I'm earning FOR FREE from this event.

    Total visited: about 900
    MP gained: 246,000
    19 x Bat Lyre
    14 x Candy Corn Plushie
    6 x Chibs Cake Pop
    15 x Creepy Orange Eye Cupcake
    1 x Head Wings
    1 x Midnight Skirt
    3 x Moon Sweater
    14 x Mystery Blue Juice
    5 x Poofy Top
    23 x Skeleton Rocking Horse
    4 x Spooky Shawl
    5 x Zombieland 2

    Other notes:
    Sold Midnight Skirt for 333,333MP (Wanted Ad)
    Sold 10x Bat Lyre for 1,000,000MP (Trades)
    Sold 8x Bat Lyre for 800,000MP (Trades)
    Sold 5x Poofy Top for 100,000MP
    Sold 3x Moon Sweater for 300,000MP
    Shop Search PC on all items gained:
    Bat Lyre - 200k
    Candy Corn Plushie - 20k
    Chibs Cake Pop - 100k
    Creepy Orange Eye Cupcake - 40k
    Head Wings - 170k
    Midnight Skirt - 500k
    Moon Sweater - 250k
    Mystery Blue Juice - 45k
    Poofy Top - 70k
    Skeleton Rocking Horse - 20k
    Spooky Shawl - 200k

    Estimated Profit:
    Actual Profit: 2,779,333

    Visits: 600+
    19 x Bat Lyre
    17 x Candy Corn Plushie
    4 x Chibs Cake Pop
    17 x Creepy Eye Orange Cupcake
    1 x Curled Wig
    6 x Head Wings
    3 x Moon Sweater
    16 x Mystery Blue Juice
    4 x Poofy Top
    14 x Skeleton Rocking Horse
    3 x Spooky Shawl
    6 x Zombieland 2

    Other notes: R23 items (Curled Wig and Midnight Skirt) are still worth a few million in trades. I feel silly for selling my Midnight Skirt two days ago for 333k. There had been several in the SS for 500k so I thought the price would fall, but given the current climate of resellers snapping up as many items as they can to inflate the prices, I was being silly.

    Visits: about 700
    MP made: 202k
    16x Bat Lyre
    18x Candy Corn Plushie
    5x Chibs Cake Pop
    16x Creepy Orange Eye Cupcake
    2x Curled Wig
    7x Head Wings
    9x Moon Sweater
    22x Mystery Blue Juice
    4x Poofy Top
    1x Ruffled Shorts
    28x Skeleton Rocking Horse
    7x Spooky Shawl
    5x Zombieland 2

    Other notes: The rarity 23 items are still worth a couple million. I haven't yet gotten a midnight skirt to replace the once I sold for 333k, but with three R23 items today (2x Curled Wig and 1x Ruffled Shorts) there's still a chance I can get another one. Most of the items won't be worth much after the event, but R23 are worth going after. They aren't worth selling to wanted ads.

    AU Items

    Posted on : 10th Sep 2019 11:42   Posted by : Peekaboo
    15th Birthday

    Sheer Dress - 2 AU
    Ombre Party Wig - 2 AU
    Party Streamers - 1 AU
    Galaxy Skirt - 1 AU
    Oley Summoning Stone - 3 AU
    Party Balloons Glowing Egg - 2 AU
    15th Birthday Stamp - 2 AU
    15 Years - 2 AU
    Party Streamers Pearl - 1 AU
    Party Hot Dog - 1 AU
    Party Burger - 1 AU
    15 Cake Recipe Book - 2 AU

    Total cost: 20 AU

    Maraween 2019

    Voodoo Man: 1 AU
    Devil Glowing Egg: 2 AU
    Spooky Book: 2 AU
    Spider Cake: 1 AU
    Decadal Cake Pop: 1 AU
    Spooky Dress: 1 AU
    Bramble: 1 AU
    Leaf Arch: 1 AU
    Death Hoodie: 1 AU
    Scale Skin: 2 AU
    Fog: 2 AU
    Elegant Dracula Wig: 3 AU

    Total cost: 18 AU

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