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I'm an adult player. My pets and gallery items are not for sale or trade or lending. Do not ask! I frequent walk away from the computer to tend to real live issues. Please be patient if I don't respond quickly.

You joined Marapets on November 7, 2007, 4:11 am

Have all my pets job levels at Level 20
Finish Photo Collection
Finish Plate Collection - done a few times. lol
Have Gorgun read all books, listen to all CDs, Watch all DVD's and eat All Gourmet Foods
Get Gorgun's stats as high as I can!

TRADING GUIDELINES - I am willing to accept mp or items I need for any item in trades as long as the trade is fair! I am also willing to accept trades for the items in my shop. If you're interested in my trades READ MY BLOGS for Items I need.

Have a great day!
    6th Aug 2014 10:45
    7 years, 2 months & 11 days ago
  2. GOURMETS - Gorgun and JimFalcon
    28th Sep 2013 17:43
    8 years & 19 days ago
  3. NEWSPAPERS Needed - Current
    3rd May 2013 14:44
    8 years, 5 months & 16 days ago
  4. MAGAZINES Needed - Current and retired
    3rd May 2013 14:28
    8 years, 5 months & 16 days ago
    10th Jul 2021 06:25
    3 months, 7 days & 18 hrs ago
  6. Missing Toys for Gorgun
    12th Jul 2015 18:30
    6 years, 3 months & 6 days ago
  7. Gorguns Missing Learnables
    3rd May 2013 12:00
    8 years, 5 months & 16 days ago
  8. PHOTO's Needed
    8th May 2013 04:15
    8 years, 5 months & 11 days ago
  9. Missing PLATES
    8th May 2013 18:56
    8 years, 5 months & 11 days ago
  10. Missing Wardrobe Items
    17th Jul 2021 08:29
    3 months & 16 hrs ago
7 years, 2 months & 11 days ago
6th Aug 2014 10:45

RIP my son. I wish to thank all of his commrades in arms and all of his civilian friends for being there for him through all the years. May he Rest in Peace!

I collect Yellow Sparklers and Yellow Roses in his memory.

To those who have donated sparklers - many, many thanks! Smile
Also a special thank you goes out to Marastaff for returning 400 yellow sparklers following the Marapocalypse!

Sweetdemonicangel - Many, Many Sparklers!
krawmommy - lots and lots of Sparklers!
trieste5 - many sparklers and a poppy!
Claire (aka stickittoome) - lots of Sparklers and flowers!
sarahluke - many, many sparklers!
greendude97 - lots of sparklers!
Feight - lots of sparklers!
nonoraven - lots of sparklers!
ArizonaLady - lots of sparklers!
Tisha (FoxyMama/Prancer etc) - an endless supply of sparklers!!
SunPam - lots of sparklers!
violethowleena - lots of sparklers!
xrowiz - lots of sparklers!
Candycane - lots of sparklers!
dianac6 - lots of sparklers!
Dough (purplelov1r2) - lots of sparklers!
Oglues - many, many sparklers
Selection - lots of poppies!
RoseRukia - poppies and a yellow rose too!
Kyreecie - many sparklers!
shadowblocks - lots of roses!

April 2, 1987 to August 2, 2014

----///-------OUR TROOPS
---|||---|||------If you don't
---|||---|||---want to stand
------///-------behind our
----///---------troops --
----///---------Feel free
-----///--------to stand in
----///-------front of them

------___-- 11th November
---(***)----- please put
--(**@*)-- this on your
---(***)-------- blog to
-----|--- remember our
-----|---- fallen soldiers
------|------ thank you...Adore

Nov. 21/18 - Congratulations! You have just received Greedy Fairy for having 6500 of Yellow Sparkler in your Gallery!!!
**Thank you to all who donated!**

GOURMETS - Gorgun and JimFalcon
8 years & 19 days ago
28th Sep 2013 17:43

This list does NOT include NEW EVENT ITEMS when applicable. See Event Blog for those

***please note that if NEW items are lower rarity items, I will not accept these as trades on expensive high rarity items or expensive retired ones, as the newer items may quickly deflate in price. Thank you!***

- not accepting any smuggler items on trades as I'm working on getting these, myself.

10th Birthday Cake
10th Birthday Potato
9th Birthday Pearl
Acid Snowball X2
Addafo Poop
Alien Cabbage X2
Alien Cauliflower
American Potato
Anagram Sam Cupcake
Angel Pizza
Anime Pearl
Anime Potato
Ant Poop
Anubis Poop
Apollo Poop
Apprentice Wizard Jelly X2
Aquarius Water
Arizona Poop
Arso Poop
Astro Cookie
Ata Poop
Autumn Gumball
Aviv Poop
Azint Poop
Azul Easter Egg
Bacon Cupcake
Bag of Chocolate Coins
Balloon Potato
Banana Rock Candy
Banana Split
Banana Taffy
Bananey Poop
Banofee Pie
Baspinar Potato
Bat Cupcake
Battle Fairy Pearl
Battle Fairy Sugar Cube
Battle Gumball
Batz Poop
Baxter Poop
Beanberry Sundae
Bee Easter Egg
Beige Cupcake
Billy Poop
Bird Seed
Black and White Easter Egg
Black Bunns
Black Cat Mocktail
Black Forest Cake
Black Gummi
Black Sesame Ice Cream X2
Black Truffle Pizza
Black Yolk
Blitzen Potato
Bloody Potato
Blue Blood
Blue Bunns
Blue Easter Egg
Blue Eyeball Gummies
Blue Gummi
Blue Osafo Marshmallow
Blue Potato
Blue Snowball
Blue Yolk
Blueberry Donut X2
Blueberry Love Pie
Blueberry Pixie Straw
Blueberry Rock Candy
Blueberry Sprinkles Donut X2
Bolimo Easter Egg
Bone Burrito
Bone Potato
Boris Poop
Bottle of Barbecue Sauce
Bottle of Soy Sauce
Bottled Storm
Bottled Sweat X2
Bounchy Jelly
Brain Food
Brain Freeze X2
Brains on Toast
Breakfast Bubbles X2
Breeze Potato
Breeze Potato Chips
Broken Egg Pearl
Bronze Easter Egg
Brown Bunns
Brown Easter Egg
Brown Gummi
Brown Rice Onigiri
Brown Tentacle X2
Brown Yolk
Bubble Gum Brew
Bubble Gum Pie X2
Bubble Gum Snowcone
Bubble Gum Taffy
Buckaroo Poop
Bullo Poop
Burnt Easter Egg
Burnt Pearl
Burnt Pokey
Burnt Potato
Butterscotch Brew X2
Calico Gumball
Calico Potato
Camelot Poop
Camouflage Potato
Candy Buttons
Candy Crunch Cereal
Candy Mushroom
Caramel Bug Lolly
Caribow Poop
Cerberus Poop
Cheeky Omelette X2
Cheese and Tomato Sandwich X2
Cheese Astro X2
Cheese Brew X2
Cheese Fries
Cheese Gizmo
Cheese Potato
Cheese Quell
Cherry Gummy Bottle
Cherry Love Pie
Cherry Pixie Straw
Cherry Shell Candy
Cherub Poop
Chewed Gum
Chibs Easter Egg
Chicken Pie X2
Chickle Poop
Chidow Poop
Chiliz Poop X2
Chocolate Beach Cake
Chocolate Brownie
Chocolate Cherries
Chocolate Cruller
Chocolate Easter Egg
Chocolate Love Pie
Chocolate Pearl
Chook Poop
Christmas 2011 Dinner
Christmas Pistachio
Christmas Pretzel
Chuckles Poop
Circle Easter Egg
Cloud Brew
Clover Brew
Clover Pizza
Coconut Colada
Coconut Taffy
Coffee Brew X2
Cookie Dough Ice Cream Waffle Bowl
Corrupted Bell Pepper
Corrupted Carrot
Corrupted Onion
Cotton Candy Pearl
Cowboy Potato
Cracked Easter Egg
Cracked Green Gumball X2
Cracked Pink Gumball X2
Cracked Yellow Gumball X2
Cranberry Ice Cream
Cranberry Pie X2
Cranberry Sauce
Cream Egg
Cream Soda
Creepy Donut X2
Crikey Claw
Crindol Ice Sculpture
Crumbs Poop
Cyan Easter Egg
Daisy Pizza
Dakota Ice Sculpture
Dandy Poop
Dark Bagel X2
Dark Bagel Slice X2
Dark Chocolate Decadal
Dark Chocolate Donut X2
Dark Chocolate Sprinkles Donut X2
Dark Chocolate Straya X2
Dark Fairy Brew X2
Dark Fairy Burger X2
Dark Fairy Gumball X2
Dark Fairy Ice Cream X2
Dark Fairy Lolly X2
Dark Fairy Soda X2
Dark Ice Cream X2
Dark Pizza X2
Dark Poppy Bagel X2
Dark Poppy Bagel Slice X2
Dark Side Pearl
Daylight Brew
Daylight Fairy Sugar Cube
Daylight Ice Cream
Daylight Pizza
Daylight Potato Chips
Dead Fly Pizza
Decadal Ice Sculpture
Defend the Castle Sugar Cube X2
Deino Poop
Deluxe Blueberry Donut X2
Deluxe Chocolate Cake
Deluxe Dark Chocolate Donut X2
Deluxe Maple Donut X2
Deluxe Milk Chocolate Donut X2
Deluxe Rainbow Donut X2
Deluxe Strawberry Donut X2
Deluxe White Chocolate Donut X2
Devil Pearl
Deviled Easter Egg
Diamond Poop
Diet Dark Fairy Soda X2
Diet Lightning Soda X2
Diet Ocean Soda X2
Diet Strobe Soda X2
Digital Fairy Sugar Cube
Disgust X2
Donut Pizza X2
Double Chocolate Vixen Lolly
Doyle Easter Egg
Drink Me Vial
Dukka Coin Pearl
Dumpling Poop
Dung Beetle Pearl
Durabat Poop
Earth Pearl
Easter Bunny Stew
Easter Cupcake
Easter Egg
Easter Egg Shaped Pearl
Easter Pizza
Eclipse Gumball X2
Eclipse Jelly X2
Eclipse Pancakes X2
Eclipse Sugar Cube X2
Egbert Poop X2
Eggy Poop
Embers Poop
Emo Spoodles
Emperor Dragonfly
Empty Plate
Endangered Fish
Energy Boost Smoothie
Enpiah Ice Cream
Equilor Easter Egg
Ercuw Blood
Ercuw Easter Egg
Evil Pizza
Experiment 667 Poop
Explorer Pearl
Famous Cupcake
Fang Poop
Fang Potato
Farley Poop
Fasoro Cake Pop
Fasoro Easter Egg
Fat Beach
Fat Booty
Fat Butt
Fat Deeko X2
Fat Derriere X2
Fat Doomed X2
Fat Farley X2
Fat Fatty X2
Fat Grimmus X2
Fat Ian X2
Fat Jezebel X2
Fat Klik X2
Fat Limited X2
Fat Loser X2
Fat Miraffe X2
Fat Mistake X2
Fat Neesta X2
Fat Nerd X2
Fat Nude X2
Fat Piggy X2
Fat Plump X2
Fat Sassy X2
Fat Serri X2
Fat Sewage X2
Fat Tefty X2
Fat Trauma X2
Fat Turdle X2
Fawlt Poop
Fee Poop
Feliz Easter Egg
Festival Gumball
Fidge Poop
Fiestan Poop
Fifi Poop
Fire Fairy Pearl
Flighty Poop
Flin Poop
Floral Pearl
Floss Poop
Flurso Poop X2
Forte Poop
Fraggle Poop
Frankenstein Cupcake
Frankenstein Pearl
Frankenstein Potato
Fresh Cruller
Fresh Melon Bread
Fritzi Poop
Frosty Poop
Frozen Candycane
Frozen Frog Legs
Frozen Hamburger
Fruit Harvest Flakes
Fruit Potato
Funky Easter Egg
Fwidman Poop
Galaxy Donut
Galaxy Ice Cream X2
Galaxy Meringue Sundae X2
Game Fairy Flakes
Gamer Gumball
Gamer Pearl
Gamer Pizza
Gator Poop
Geek Pearl
Ghosty Poop
Gift Wrapped Bottle
Giftbox Cookies
Giftbox Lolly X2
Gigantic Granola
Ginger Brew X2
Gingerbread Easter Egg
Gingerbread Imposter Poop
Gingerbread Pearl
Gizmo Cake Pop X2
Gizmo Cookie X2
Gizmo Eyes X2
Gizmo Gravity Cupcake
Gizmo Ice Sculpture X2
Glass Pizza
Glazed Kiwi Pie
Glazed Pie
Glitched Potato
Glowing Fairy Sugar Cube
Gobble Leg
Gold Coin Hard Candy
Gold Easter Egg
Gold Mine Sugar Cube
Gonk Cake Pop
Gonk Easter Egg
Gonk Ice Sculpture
Grape Brew X2
Gravity Gumball X2
Greedy Fairy Sugar Cube
Green Bunns
Green Crikey Claw X2
Green Easter Egg
Green Eyeball Gummies
Green Grape Juice
Green Snowball X2
Green Yolk
Grey Blood
Grey Bunns
Grey DNA
Grey Easter Egg
Grey Gummi
Grey Yolk
Grilled Corn
Grilled Salmon
Grint Easter Egg
Gromps Poop X2
Grouchy Poop
Gruffle Poop
Gummy Leg
Gummy Scorpion
Gummy Stars
Gutur Poop
Gym Easter Egg
Halloween Mousse
Halloween Pearl
Halloweenie Poop
Ham and Cheese Sandwich X2
Hart Poop
Heartling Poop
Hearty Broth
Hearty Poop
Hex Spex X2
High Poop
High Protein Cereal X2
Hippow Easter Egg
Holly Ice Cream
Honey Brew X2
Honey Glazed Ham
Hot Dawg
Hug Me Candy Heart
Hump Milk
Huthiq Easter Egg
Hyebi Poop
Ian Poop
Ice Cream Crindol
Ice Cream Hot Dog
Ice Fairy Soda
Ice Fairy Sugar Cube
Ideus Easter Egg
Insideout Potato
Invisible Oats
Iris Poop
Jar of Artifacts
Jar of Birthday Confetti
Jar of Bones
Jar of Bubbles
Jar of Butterflies
Jar of Buttons
Jar of Christmas Food
Jar of Cotton
Jar of Fireworks
Jar of Galaxy
Jar of Herbs
Jar of Infinity
Jar of Jewels
Jar of Justin Hair
Jar of Love
Jar of Marbles
Jar of Mushrooms
Jar of Petals
Jar of Rocks
Jar of Sand
Jar of Skull
Jar of Storms
Jar of Taffy
Jar of Yellow Teeth
Jaw Breakers
Jelly Hearts
Jelly Pearl
Jelly Potato Chips
Jelly Worms
Jenoa Punch
Jessido Poop
Jessup Easter Egg
Jezebel Easter Egg
Jinn Poop X2
Jumper Cable Jelly
Kale Pie X2
Kamilah Desert Cupcake
Keech Poop X2
Kidlet Easter Egg
Killer Pearl
King Baspinar Pancakes
King Baspinar Pearl
Kiwi Brew X2
Kiwi Shell Candy
Knight Pearl
Knutt Easter Egg
Knutt Knight Easter Egg
Koa Poop
Korn Poop
Kringle Poop
Kronk Easter Egg
Kronk Ice Sculpture
Laiyee Poop
Lambit Poop
Lati Easter Egg
Laurel Pearl
Lavender Brew X2
Leek Pie X2
Leido Easter Egg
Lemnkey Poop
Lemon Lime Big Sip
Lemon Shell Candy
Light Side Pearl
Lightning Pizza X2
Lightning Punch
Lightning Soda X2
Lilac Jelly
Lilac Potato
Lilac Potato Chips
Lilac Sugar Cube
Limax Dip
Lime Rock Candy
Lime Taffy
Liquorice Gummy Snail
Liquorice Pixie Straw
Liquorice Taffy
Lolie Poop
Lolzbra Poop X2
Love Potato Chips
Lowlyhood Spritzer
Lubadore Poop
Lucky Easter Egg
Lucky Poop
Lush Lake Ice Pop
Maddox Poop
Maestro Poop
Magenta Gumball
Magenta Jelly
Magenta Potato
Maggot X2
Maple Donut X2
Maple Sprinkles Donut X2
Mara Ice Cream
Marada Easter Egg
Marshmallow Snowman
Matcha Brew
Matcha Cruller
Meepo Poop X2
Melted Frozen Bone
Melted Frozen Cheese
Melted Frozen Drumstick
Melted Frozen Green Apple
Melted Frozen Potato
Melted Frozen Red Apple
Melted Snow
Memory Cupcake
Memory Ice Cream X2
Memory Jelly X2
Memory Potato Chips X2
Merry Hot Chocolate
Milk Chocolate Donut X2
Milk Chocolate Sprinkles Donut X2
Milk Chocolate Straya X2
Milk Chocolate Wallop
Mine Marada Jelly
Miner Muesli
Mini Fairy Cupcake
Mini Fairy Sugar Cube
Minipet Island Lolly
Minipet Potato
Mint Chocolate Straya X2
Mint Chocolate Vixen Lolly
Mint Chocolate Wallop X2
Mintcream Poop
Miraffe Poop
Mizu Poop
Moneybag Poop
Monster Burger X2
Moofle Poop
Mordo Cookie
Mordo Easter Egg
Mouldy Gumball
Mouldy Lava Cake
Mummy Gumball
Munch Chocolate Bar
Murfin Easter Egg
Murfzul Poop
Mushtoo Poop
Music Note Lolly
Mutant Food
My Boy Candy Heart
My Girl Candy Heart
My Love Candy Heart
My Treat Candy Heart
Mystery Meat Pie
Naga Mocktail
Naia Poop X2
Navy Brew
Neapolitan Vixen Lolly
Nebbi Nibbs
Newth Easter Egg
Nimbus Cupcake
Ninja Cupcake X2
Nude Poop
Ocean Soda X2
Oglue Easter Egg
Old Fairy Cupcake
Old Fairy Sugar Cube
One Hundred Cake
Orange Blue Nards
Orange Bunns
Orange Candy Floss
Orange Chocolate Straya X2
Orange Chocolate Wallop X2
Orange Cream Pie
Orange DNA
Orange Duo Ice Pop
Orange Easter Egg
Orange Gummi
Orange Gummy Bottle
Orange Gummy Hump
Orange Love Pie
Orange Snowball X2
Orange Tentacle
Orange Vixen Lolly
Orange Yolk
Orville Poop
Osafup Poop
Paffuto Easter Egg
Panda Onigiri
Parpy Poop
Party Pearl
Patchwork Pearl
Patrick Poop
Peach Taffy
Peanut Butter Brew
Peanut Butter Chocolate
Pear Brew X2
Peasant Fairy Sugar Cube
Peppermint Brew X2
Peppermint Swirl Ice Cream
Phanty Easter Egg
Pile of Mould
Pineapple Potato Chips
Pingi Easter Egg
Pink Easter Egg
Pink Gummi
Pink Mermaid Tail
Pink Osafo Marshmallow
Pink Potato
Pink Tentacle X2
Pink Yolk
Pinkal Poop
Pirate Cake
Pirate Jelly
Pixie Pearl
Plant Easter Egg
Plum Pie X2
Plushie Easter Egg
Plushie Fairy Burger
Plushie Fairy Donut
Plushie Fairy Latte
Plushie Fairy Lolly
Plushie Fairy Pie
Poison Berry Parfait
Poison Strawberry
Popo Poop
Poppy Poop
Pork Pie X2
Pot of Gold Cake
Premium Oil
Prickly Poop
Puddle of Tar
Pudine Poop
Pugwash Poop
Pumkitty Poop
Pumpee Poop
Pumpkin Mint
Pumpkin Pancakes
Pumpkin Soda
Punk Easter Egg
Pure Liquid Hatred X2
Purple Bunns
Purple Candy Floss
Purple Cherry Blossom
Purple Cupcake
Purple DNA
Purple Gummi
Purple Yolk
Queen Eleka Ice Cream
Queen Eleka Juice
Queen Eleka Pancake
Queen Eleka Sugar Cube
Quell Cake Pop X2
Quell Cookie X2
Quell Easter Egg
Quelow Poop
Quiln Poop
Ra Poop X2
Radioactive Crikey Claw X2
Rainbow Donut X2
Rainbow Drizzle Donut X2
Rainbow Easter Egg
Rainbow Fairy Cupcake
Rainbow Fairy Ice Cream
Rainbow Fairy Potato
Rainbow Icicle
Rainbow Pizza
Rainbow Smoothie
Rainbow Toast
Raspberry Pie X2
Reaper Poop
Red Bunns
Red Cabbage
Red Easter Egg
Red Eyeball Gummies
Red Gummi
Red Gummy Hump
Red Pear Blossom X2
Red Potato
Red Snowball X2
Red Tentacle X2
Red Yolk
Reese Easter Egg
Reesoro Poop
Reezul Poop
Renat Easter Egg
Roasted Chestnuts
Rock Snowball X2
Rofling Easter Egg
Royal Fairy Cupcake
Royal Fairy Sugar Cube
Royal Nectar
Rubber Tyre Jelly X2
Rubble Poop X2
Rune Crunch
Rupper Poop
Rustic Mushroom
Rustic Peas
Rustic Pie
Rustic Potato
Rustic Sausage
Rustic Singing Fish
Rustic Steak
Rustic Waffles
Rusty Ice Sculpture
Rweek Poop
Sad Easter Egg
Salad Poop X2
Salvaged Poop
Sand Jelly
Santa Claws Easter Egg
Sausage Pizza
Scarab Beetle
School Pearl
Schoot Poop
Scrooge Easter Egg
Sea Salt Taffy
Seafood Platter
Seasonal Brownie
Seasonal Burger
Seasonal Candy Floss
Seasonal Donut
Seasonal Fairy Sugar Cookie
Seasonal Fairy Sugar Cube
Seasonal Potato
Seasonal Tootoo
Seth Poop
Severed Decadal Head
Severed Figaro Head
Severed Justin Head
Severed Lorius Head
Severed Raulf Head X2
Severed Troit Head X2
Severed Ushunda Head
Severed Viotto Head
Severed Yuni Head
Severed Zoink Head X2
Severed Zoosh Head X2
Sewer Fairy Sugar Cube
Sewer Mousse
Sewers Easter Egg
Shea Poop
Shilpy Easter Egg
Shmancy Poop
Shoe Burger
Shroom Poop
Shroomy Poop
Shyda Poop
Shyee Poop
Silkie Poop
Silver Easter Egg
Simeria Pearl
Simerian Pearl
Sindi Easter Egg
Skelly Poop
Skyscraper Burger X2
Skyscraper Cupcake X2
Slater Park Easter Egg
Sleepy Easter Egg
Slice of Angel Pizza
Slice of Banana Cream Pie
Slice of Blueberry Lemon Cream Pie
Slice of Burnt Pizza
Slice of Caramel Apple Cream Pie
Slice of Chocolate Cream Pie
Slice of Clover Pizza
Slice of Coconut Cream Pie
Slice of Daisy Pizza
Slice of Dark Pizza
Slice of Daylight Pizza
Slice of Deluxe Strawberry Shortcake
Slice of Donut Pizza X2
Slice of Gamer Pizza
Slice of Gourmet Apple Pie
Slice of Gourmet Chocolate Pie
Slice of Gourmet Strawberry Pie
Slice of Lightning Pizza X2
Slice of Mint Chocolate Pizza
Slice of Pirate Cake
Slice of Seasonal Cake
Slice of Strobe Pizza X2
Slice of Sushi Pizza
Slice of Unicorn Pizza
Sliced Potato
Sliced Sushi Cereal
Slime Easter Egg
Slime Potato Chips
Slymol Poop
Smartdo Poop
Smooch X2
Sniffles Poop
Snixie Poop X2
Snookaccino X2
Snookle Cake Pop X2
Snoop Poop
Snoozy X2
Snow Burger
Snowball X2
Snoween Poop
Snowel Poop
Snowman Jelly
Snowman Meringue X2
Snowman Pancakes
Snowman Pearl
Snowy Pinecone
Snowy Poop
Soap Flavoured Gummy
Soft Pretzel
Sour Cream and Hatred Potato Chips X2
Space Ice Cream
Spade Jelly X2
Spam Fairy Cupcake
Spam Fairy Pearl
Spam Fairy Potato
SPAM Fairy Sugar Cube
Spark Poop
Sparkle Pearl
Spearmint Brew X2
Sphinx Poop
Spicy Fireball
Spinach Pie X2
Spinner Poop
Splatter Easter Egg
Splendid X2
Spobble Poop
Spookfruit Pie X2
Spootli Poop
Spotted Crikey Claw
Spotted Gumball
Spotted Mermaid Tail
Sprouted Bean Potato
Spy Easter Egg
Spy Pearl
Square Easter Egg
Star Burger
Starbert Poop
Starry Blueberry Pie
Starry Brew X2
Starry Cherry Pie
Starry Chocolate Pie
Starry Coconut Pie
Starry Ice Cream Sandwich
Starry Juice X2
Starry Lemon Pie
Steak Diane
Steampunk Cake
Steampunk Pearl
Stego Poop
Storm Cotton Candy
Strawberry Daisy Milk
Strawberry Donut X2
Strawberry Love Pie
Strawberry Pie X2
Strawberry Smoothie
Strawberry Snowman Meringue X2
Strawberry Sprinkles Donut X2
Striped Crikey Claw X2
Striped Easter Egg
Striped Mermaid Tail X2
Strobe Ice Cream X2
Strobe Pizza
Strobe Soda X2
Sue Poop
Sultan Beard Candy Floss
Sultan Cupcake
Summer Potato
Super Hero Pearl
Super Stacker Burger X2
Superhero Poop
Surf and Turf
Sushi Jelly
Sushi Pizza
Sushi Slice Sugar Cube
Suspicious Yellow Snowcone
Sweet Zola Juice
Sweetheart Burger
Tantua Easter Egg
Tar Puff
Tea Brew
Teal Potato
Teeth Potato Chips
Tefty Poop X2
Tentacle X2
Thanksgiving Pearl
Tiger Potato
Tiny Mushroom Pearl
Toadling Poop
Tokem Poop X2
Tomato Pizza
Tooth Fairy Sugar Cube
Toy Blocks Cupcake
Toy Blocks Jelly
Treat Poop
Tree Pearl
Tree Potato
Tree Sugar Cookie
Tri Poop
Triangle Easter Egg
Triangle Swiss Roll X2
Troogle Poop X2
Tub of Blue Raspberry Ice Cream
Tub of Clover Ice Cream X2
Tub of Dark Fairy Ice Cream X2
Tub of Tea Ice Cream
Tub of Unicorn Ice Cream
Tuly Poop
Tune Poop
Turdle Poop
Turkey Dinner
Turkey Pie X2
Twins Poop X2
Twittle Poop
Ugly Teeth Gumball
Undying Fairy Pearl
Undying Festival Pearl
Unicorn Ice Cream X2
Unicorn Pizza
Unicorn Soda X2
Unlucky Poop
Ushunda Easter Egg
Ushunoro Poop X2
Vacation Gumball
Vacation Pearl
Valentine Pearl
Vampider Poop
Vampire Pearl
Vampire Sugar Cube
Vanilla Brownie
Vanilla Icicle
Vegan Hawaiian Pizza
Village Pearl
Villain Pearl
Viotto Easter Egg
Vlad Dip
Waffle Mix
Waffleo Poop
Waka Poop X2
Wallop Cake Pop
Wallop Full Health Tonic
Wallop Half Health Tonic
Wallop Quarter Health Tonic
Wallop Third Health Tonic
Wallop Wheat Flakes X2
Wardrobe Fairy Sugar Cube
Wasabi Paste
Wassup Poop
Werewolf Pearl
White Bunns
White Chocolate Decadal
White Chocolate Donut X2
White Chocolate Sprinkles Donut X2
White Chocolate Straya
White Chocolate Wallop X2
White Crikey Claw X2
White Easter Egg
White Gummi
White Rice Onigiri
White Tentacle X2
White Yolk
Willafo Poop
Witch Cupcake
Witches Broth
Word Search Cupcake
Word Shark Potato X2
Xoi Easter Egg
Yellow Bunns
Yellow DNA
Yellow Easter Egg
Yellow Gummi
Yellow Gummy Hump
Yellow Osafo Marshmallow
Yellow Snowball X2
Yolk Poop
Yule Poop
Yuni Ice Sculpture
Ziranek Energy Drink
Zola Cake Pop
Zola Dip
Zombie Drool
Zombie Figaro Tail
Zombie Pumpkin Jelly

NEWSPAPERS Needed - Current
8 years, 5 months & 16 days ago
3rd May 2013 14:44


I have 4 pets which read newspapers, thus x2, x3 or x4 means I still require that many copies.


Thanks for trading!

FOR CURRENT NEWSPAPERS IN TRADES I'm also willing to accept missing retired mags or missing plates (if I am missing any), missing photos, toys, gourmet foods. See blogs - I still need lots of items!

Please be fair when trading!

Happy collecting everyone!

MAGAZINES Needed - Current and retired
8 years, 5 months & 16 days ago
3rd May 2013 14:28

I read to three pets. (thus the x3 if I Need three copies)

Speiro X2
Tantua X2

Thank you for trading!

Happy Collecting Everyone!

FOR CURRENT MAGAZINES IN TRADES I'm also willing to accept missing retired mags that CowboyYojimbo needs or missing plates (if I am missing any), missing photos, toys, gourmet foods. See blogs - I still need lots of items!



Country Life - for JimFalcon and CowboyYojimbo


CowboyYojimbo is missing over 3000 retired Magazines!
I have a few retired ones in trades, more in the attic. Message me if you're interested in swapping.

3 months, 7 days & 18 hrs ago
10th Jul 2021 06:25

CowboyYojimbo is missing the following Retired Magazines - all are prior to March 2018

Baspinar's Castle News Aug 2013
Baspinar's Castle News Aug 2014
Baspinar's Castle News Aug 2016
Baspinar's Castle News Dec 2016
Baspinar's Castle News Feb 2013
Baspinar's Castle News Jan 2017
Baspinar's Castle News Jul 2016
Baspinar's Castle News Jun 2013
Baspinar's Castle News Mar 2015
Baspinar's Castle News Mar 2017
Baspinar's Castle News Oct 2016
Baspinar's Castle News Sep 2016

Biala News Aug 2012
Biala News Aug 2016
Biala News Dec 2016
Biala News Feb 2014
Biala News Jan 2013
Biala News Jan 2017
Biala News Jul 2012
Biala News Jul 2013
Biala News Jun 2016
Biala News Nov 2016
Biala News Oct 2016

Candyland News Apr 2015
Candyland News Aug 2016
Candyland News Dec 2014
Candyland News Jan 2017
Candyland News Jan 2018
Candyland News Jul 2015
Candyland News Jul 2016
Candyland News Jun 2016
Candyland News Nov 2013
Candyland News Nov 2016
Candyland News Oct 2010
Candyland News Oct 2013
Candyland News Oct 2016
Candyland News Sep 2016

City Sewers News Aug 2016
City Sewers News Dec 2014
City Sewers News Dec 2016
City Sewers News Feb 2015
City Sewers News Jan 2011
City Sewers News Jan 2014
City Sewers News Jan 2017
City Sewers News Jul 2010
City Sewers News Jul 2012
City Sewers News Jul 2016
City Sewers News Jun 2012
City Sewers News Jun 2016
City Sewers News Nov 2013
City Sewers News Nov 2016
City Sewers News Oct 2016
City Sewers News Sep 2010
City Sewers News Sep 2014
City Sewers News Sep 2015
City Sewers News Sep 2016

Dukka Caves News Apr 2015
Dukka Caves News Aug 2010
Dukka Caves News Aug 2016
Dukka Caves News Dec 2014
Dukka Caves News Dec 2016
Dukka Caves News Feb 2011
Dukka Caves News Feb 2018
Dukka Caves News Jan 2017
Dukka Caves News Jul 2010
Dukka Caves News Jul 2012
Dukka Caves News Jul 2016
Dukka Caves News Jun 2012
Dukka Caves News Mar 2011
Dukka Caves News Mar 2012
Dukka Caves News Mar 2015
Dukka Caves News May 2011
Dukka Caves News May 2012
Dukka Caves News Nov 2010
Dukka Caves News Nov 2013
Dukka Caves News Nov 2014
Dukka Caves News Nov 2016
Dukka Caves News Oct 2010
Dukka Caves News Oct 2013
Dukka Caves News Oct 2016
Dukka Caves News Sep 2010

Dukka Town News Aug 2016
Dukka Town News Dec 2010
Dukka Town News Dec 2013
Dukka Town News Dec 2014
Dukka Town News Dec 2016
Dukka Town News Feb 2012
Dukka Town News Feb 2013
Dukka Town News Jan 2011
Dukka Town News Jan 2015
Dukka Town News Jan 2017
Dukka Town News Jul 2010
Dukka Town News Jul 2012
Dukka Town News Jul 2013
Dukka Town News Jul 2016
Dukka Town News Jun 2012
Dukka Town News Jun 2016
Dukka Town News Mar 2011
Dukka Town News May 2012
Dukka Town News Nov 2010
Dukka Town News Nov 2012
Dukka Town News Oct 2010
Dukka Town News Oct 2013
Dukka Town News Oct 2016
Dukka Town News Sep 2010
Dukka Town News Sep 2013
Dukka Town News Sep 2016

Eleka's Castle News Apr 2011
Eleka's Castle News Apr 2013
Eleka's Castle News Aug 2012
Eleka's Castle News Aug 2013
Eleka's Castle News Aug 2016
Eleka's Castle News Dec 2014
Eleka's Castle News Dec 2016
Eleka's Castle News Feb 2011
Eleka's Castle News Jan 2014
Eleka's Castle News Jan 2015
Eleka's Castle News Jan 2017
Eleka's Castle News Jul 2010
Eleka's Castle News Jul 2011
Eleka's Castle News Jul 2012
Eleka's Castle News Jul 2016
Eleka's Castle News Jun 2012
Eleka's Castle News Jun 2016
Eleka's Castle News Mar 2012
Eleka's Castle News Mar 2013
Eleka's Castle News Nov 2012
Eleka's Castle News Nov 2013
Eleka's Castle News Nov 2015
Eleka's Castle News Nov 2016
Eleka's Castle News Oct 2013
Eleka's Castle News Oct 2016
Eleka's Castle News Sep 2013
Eleka's Castle News Sep 2014
Eleka's Castle News Sep 2016

Enpiah News Apr 2012
Enpiah News Aug 2011
Enpiah News Aug 2016
Enpiah News Dec 2010
Enpiah News Dec 2011
Enpiah News Dec 2014
Enpiah News Dec 2016
Enpiah News Feb 2011
Enpiah News Feb 2014
Enpiah News Jan 2011
Enpiah News Jan 2017
Enpiah News Jul 2010
Enpiah News Jul 2012
Enpiah News Jul 2016
Enpiah News Jun 2011
Enpiah News Jun 2012
Enpiah News Jun 2014
Enpiah News May 2014
Enpiah News May 2015
Enpiah News Nov 2010
Enpiah News Nov 2013
Enpiah News Nov 2014
Enpiah News Nov 2016
Enpiah News Oct 2012
Enpiah News Oct 2016
Enpiah News Sep 2010
Enpiah News Sep 2014
Enpiah News Sep 2016

Foxfire Forest News Dec 2016
Foxfire Forest News Jan 2017
Foxfire Forest News Nov 2016
Foxfire Forest News Oct 2016

Gigantic Paradise News Apr 2012
Gigantic Paradise News Apr 2014
Gigantic Paradise News Aug 2010
Gigantic Paradise News Aug 2012
Gigantic Paradise News Aug 2016
Gigantic Paradise News Dec 2011
Gigantic Paradise News Feb 2011
Gigantic Paradise News Feb 2012
Gigantic Paradise News Jan 2012
Gigantic Paradise News Jan 2017
Gigantic Paradise News Jul 2010
Gigantic Paradise News Jul 2012
Gigantic Paradise News Jul 2016
Gigantic Paradise News Jun 2011
Gigantic Paradise News Jun 2012
Gigantic Paradise News Mar 2014
Gigantic Paradise News May 2012
Gigantic Paradise News Nov 2011
Gigantic Paradise News Nov 2013
Gigantic Paradise News Nov 2014
Gigantic Paradise News Nov 2016
Gigantic Paradise News Oct 2013
Gigantic Paradise News Oct 2016
Gigantic Paradise News Sep 2010
Gigantic Paradise News Sep 2016

Jenoa News Apr 2013
Jenoa News Aug 2010
Jenoa News Aug 2016
Jenoa News Dec 2011
Jenoa News Dec 2014
Jenoa News Dec 2016
Jenoa News Feb 2011
Jenoa News Feb 2014
Jenoa News Feb 2015
Jenoa News Feb 2016
Jenoa News Jan 2017
Jenoa News Jul 2012
Jenoa News Jul 2014
Jenoa News Jul 2016
Jenoa News Jun 2011
Jenoa News Jun 2016
Jenoa News May 2012
Jenoa News Nov 2013
Jenoa News Nov 2014
Jenoa News Nov 2016
Jenoa News Oct 2012
Jenoa News Oct 2016
Jenoa News Sep 2010
Jenoa News Sep 2012
Jenoa News Sep 2016

Kamilah Desert News Apr 2015
Kamilah Desert News Apr 2016
Kamilah Desert News Aug 2016
Kamilah Desert News Dec 2010
Kamilah Desert News Feb 2014
Kamilah Desert News Feb 2015
Kamilah Desert News Jan 2011
Kamilah Desert News Jan 2012
Kamilah Desert News Jan 2015
Kamilah Desert News Jan 2016
Kamilah Desert News Jan 2017
Kamilah Desert News Jul 2010
Kamilah Desert News Jul 2011
Kamilah Desert News Jul 2012
Kamilah Desert News Jul 2013
Kamilah Desert News Jul 2016
Kamilah Desert News Jun 2016
Kamilah Desert News Mar 2011
Kamilah Desert News Mar 2012
Kamilah Desert News May 2011
Kamilah Desert News Nov 2010
Kamilah Desert News Nov 2014
Kamilah Desert News Nov 2016
Kamilah Desert News Oct 2010
Kamilah Desert News Oct 2016
Kamilah Desert News Sep 2010
Kamilah Desert News Sep 2012
Kamilah Desert News Sep 2016

Lowlyhood News Apr 2012
Lowlyhood News Aug 2010
Lowlyhood News Aug 2011
Lowlyhood News Aug 2012
Lowlyhood News Aug 2016
Lowlyhood News Dec 2011
Lowlyhood News Dec 2013
Lowlyhood News Dec 2016
Lowlyhood News Feb 2014
Lowlyhood News Feb 2015
Lowlyhood News Jan 2011
Lowlyhood News Jan 2012
Lowlyhood News Jan 2013
Lowlyhood News Jan 2017
Lowlyhood News Jul 2010
Lowlyhood News Jul 2016
Lowlyhood News Jun 2011
Lowlyhood News Jun 2012
Lowlyhood News Jun 2014
Lowlyhood News Mar 2011
Lowlyhood News Mar 2014
Lowlyhood News May 2011
Lowlyhood News May 2012
Lowlyhood News Nov 2012
Lowlyhood News Nov 2016
Lowlyhood News Oct 2013
Lowlyhood News Oct 2016
Lowlyhood News Sep 2012
Lowlyhood News Sep 2016

Lush Lake News Aug 2010
Lush Lake News Aug 2012
Lush Lake News Aug 2014
Lush Lake News Aug 2016
Lush Lake News Dec 2014
Lush Lake News Dec 2017
Lush Lake News Feb 2014
Lush Lake News Feb 2015
Lush Lake News Jan 2017
Lush Lake News Jul 2010
Lush Lake News Jul 2012
Lush Lake News Jul 2013
Lush Lake News Jul 2016
Lush Lake News Jun 2012
Lush Lake News Jun 2014
Lush Lake News May 2012
Lush Lake News May 2013
Lush Lake News May 2014
Lush Lake News Nov 2011
Lush Lake News Nov 2014
Lush Lake News Nov 2016
Lush Lake News Oct 2011
Lush Lake News Oct 2012
Lush Lake News Oct 2014
Lush Lake News Oct 2016
Lush Lake News Sep 2011
Lush Lake News Sep 2016

Marada News Apr 2012
Marada News Aug 2013
Marada News Aug 2016
Marada News Dec 2011
Marada News Dec 2012
Marada News Dec 2014
Marada News Dec 2016
Marada News Feb 2011
Marada News Jan 2011
Marada News Jan 2017
Marada News Jul 2010
Marada News Jul 2011
Marada News Jul 2012
Marada News Jul 2013
Marada News Jun 2012
Marada News Nov 2010
Marada News Nov 2012
Marada News Nov 2015
Marada News Nov 2016
Marada News Oct 2010
Marada News Oct 2011
Marada News Oct 2013
Marada News Oct 2016
Marada News Sep 2016

Minipet Island News Apr 2012
Minipet Island News Apr 2015
Minipet Island News Aug 2010
Minipet Island News Aug 2012
Minipet Island News Aug 2016
Minipet Island News Dec 2010
Minipet Island News Dec 2013
Minipet Island News Dec 2016
Minipet Island News Feb 2011
Minipet Island News Feb 2015
Minipet Island News Feb 2016
Minipet Island News Jan 2011
Minipet Island News Jan 2014
Minipet Island News Jan 2015
Minipet Island News Jan 2017
Minipet Island News Jul 2010
Minipet Island News Jul 2011
Minipet Island News Jul 2012
Minipet Island News Jul 2016
Minipet Island News Jun 2012
Minipet Island News Jun 2013
Minipet Island News Mar 2014
Minipet Island News May 2013
Minipet Island News Nov 2010
Minipet Island News Nov 2012
Minipet Island News Nov 2014
Minipet Island News Nov 2016
Minipet Island News Oct 2016
Minipet Island News Sep 2010
Minipet Island News Sep 2013
Minipet Island News Sep 2016

Nimbus News Apr 2015
Nimbus News Dec 2014
Nimbus News Dec 2016
Nimbus News Jan 2017
Nimbus News Jul 2016
Nimbus News Nov 2016
Nimbus News Oct 2016
Nimbus News Sep 2016

Puchalla Village News Aug 2013
Puchalla Village News Aug 2016
Puchalla Village News Dec 2010
Puchalla Village News Dec 2014
Puchalla Village News Feb 2012
Puchalla Village News Feb 2015
Puchalla Village News Jan 2012
Puchalla Village News Jan 2017
Puchalla Village News Jul 2010
Puchalla Village News Jul 2013
Puchalla Village News Jul 2016
Puchalla Village News Jun 2011
Puchalla Village News Jun 2012
Puchalla Village News Jun 2014
Puchalla Village News Mar 2011
Puchalla Village News May 2013
Puchalla Village News May 2015
Puchalla Village News Nov 2010
Puchalla Village News Nov 2014
Puchalla Village News Nov 2016
Puchalla Village News Oct 2010
Puchalla Village News Oct 2011
Puchalla Village News Oct 2014
Puchalla Village News Oct 2016
Puchalla Village News Sep 2010
Puchalla Village News Sep 2016

Simeria News Apr 2014
Simeria News Aug 2010
Simeria News Aug 2013
Simeria News Dec 2012
Simeria News Dec 2013
Simeria News Dec 2014
Simeria News Dec 2016
Simeria News Feb 2011
Simeria News Feb 2014
Simeria News Jan 2012
Simeria News Jan 2017
Simeria News Jul 2013
Simeria News Jul 2016
Simeria News Jun 2012
Simeria News Jun 2016
Simeria News Mar 2012
Simeria News Mar 2014
Simeria News May 2011
Simeria News Nov 2010
Simeria News Nov 2013
Simeria News Oct 2010
Simeria News Oct 2012
Simeria News Sep 2010
Simeria News Sep 2011
Simeria News Sep 2012
Simeria News Sep 2016

Slater Park News Aug 2010
Slater Park News Aug 2016
Slater Park News Dec 2013
Slater Park News Dec 2014
Slater Park News Dec 2016
Slater Park News Feb 2011
Slater Park News Feb 2014
Slater Park News Jan 2014
Slater Park News Jan 2017
Slater Park News Jul 2016
Slater Park News Jun 2012
Slater Park News Jun 2016
Slater Park News May 2014
Slater Park News Nov 2011
Slater Park News Nov 2012
Slater Park News Nov 2016
Slater Park News Oct 2011
Slater Park News Oct 2016
Slater Park News Sep 2010
Slater Park News Sep 2016

Undying Woods News Apr 2012
Undying Woods News Apr 2017
Undying Woods News Aug 2016
Undying Woods News Dec 2010
Undying Woods News Dec 2012
Undying Woods News Dec 2013
Undying Woods News Dec 2016
Undying Woods News Feb 2014
Undying Woods News Feb 2018
Undying Woods News Jan 2011
Undying Woods News Jan 2012
Undying Woods News Jan 2013
Undying Woods News Jan 2015
Undying Woods News Jan 2017
Undying Woods News Jul 2010
Undying Woods News Jul 2013
Undying Woods News Jul 2016
Undying Woods News Jun 2013
Undying Woods News May 2011
Undying Woods News May 2012
Undying Woods News May 2016
Undying Woods News Nov 2010
Undying Woods News Nov 2011
Undying Woods News Nov 2012
Undying Woods News Nov 2016
Undying Woods News Oct 2010
Undying Woods News Sep 2012
Undying Woods News Sep 2016

Vortex Park News Aug 2010
Vortex Park News Aug 2016
Vortex Park News Dec 2014
Vortex Park News Dec 2016
Vortex Park News Feb 2013
Vortex Park News Feb 2014
Vortex Park News Jan 2014
Vortex Park News Jan 2017
Vortex Park News Jul 2010
Vortex Park News Jul 2013
Vortex Park News Jul 2016
Vortex Park News Jun 2012
Vortex Park News Jun 2016
Vortex Park News May 2011
Vortex Park News May 2012
Vortex Park News Nov 2010
Vortex Park News Nov 2016
Vortex Park News Oct 2013
Vortex Park News Oct 2016
Vortex Park News Sep 2013
Vortex Park News Sep 2016

Ziranek News Aug 2010
Ziranek News Aug 2012
Ziranek News Aug 2016
Ziranek News Dec 2013
Ziranek News Dec 2014
Ziranek News Dec 2016
Ziranek News Feb 2014
Ziranek News Jan 2013
Ziranek News Jan 2015
Ziranek News Jan 2017
Ziranek News Jul 2010
Ziranek News Jul 2012
Ziranek News Jul 2013
Ziranek News Jul 2015
Ziranek News Jul 2016
Ziranek News May 2013
Ziranek News Nov 2010
Ziranek News Nov 2013
Ziranek News Nov 2016
Ziranek News Oct 2014
Ziranek News Oct 2016
Ziranek News Sep 2016

    6th Aug 2014 10:45
    7 years, 2 months & 11 days ago
  2. GOURMETS - Gorgun and JimFalcon
    28th Sep 2013 17:43
    8 years & 19 days ago
  3. NEWSPAPERS Needed - Current
    3rd May 2013 14:44
    8 years, 5 months & 16 days ago
  4. MAGAZINES Needed - Current and retired
    3rd May 2013 14:28
    8 years, 5 months & 16 days ago
    10th Jul 2021 06:25
    3 months, 7 days & 18 hrs ago
  6. Missing Toys for Gorgun
    12th Jul 2015 18:30
    6 years, 3 months & 6 days ago
  7. Gorguns Missing Learnables
    3rd May 2013 12:00
    8 years, 5 months & 16 days ago
  8. PHOTO's Needed
    8th May 2013 04:15
    8 years, 5 months & 11 days ago
  9. Missing PLATES
    8th May 2013 18:56
    8 years, 5 months & 11 days ago
  10. Missing Wardrobe Items
    17th Jul 2021 08:29
    3 months & 16 hrs ago