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  • V-Day gifts     13th Feb 2019 18:54
  • Candyland stamps needed.     18th Jan 2019 18:19
  • Krampus 2018     13th Dec 2018 20:48
  • Pet Lending for GOALS     22nd Feb 2008 17:34
  • Missions     16th Feb 2008 18:08
  • CLUBS!!     15th Aug 2007 18:13

  • V-Day gifts

    Posted on : 13th Feb 2019 18:54   Posted by : DW
    I really need soda cans for goals. How ever many is fine. Thank you.

    Candyland stamps needed.

    Posted on : 18th Jan 2019 18:19   Posted by : DW

    Bauble Stamp,
    Ice Cream Cone Stamp,
    Easter Bunny Stamp,
    Gingerbread Stamp,
    Candy Stamp,
    Sunny Side Up Stamp,
    Easter Egg Stamp,
    Happy Easter Stamp,
    Mystery Egg Stamp,
    Gumball Machine Stamp,
    Valentine Potato Stamp,
    Duckling Stamp,
    Hidden Eggs Stamp.

    Krampus 2018

    Posted on : 13th Dec 2018 20:48   Posted by : DW
    [x] Krampus Shadow Stamp
    [x] Krampus Contact Lenses
    [x] Krampus Tail (wardrobe)
    [x] Krampus Sweater (wardrobe)
    [x] Krampus Slippers
    [x] Evil Glowing Egg
    [x] Krampus Nightmares (watched to )
    [x] Catch a Krampus Book (read to )
    [x] Krampus Horn Pearl
    [x] Evil Teddy Bear Plushie
    [x] Krampus Playlist (listened to)
    [x] Krampus Figurine ( played with )
    [x] Devil Food Cupcake (fed to )
    [x] Devil Food Cake
    [x] Krampus Beanie (wardrobe)
    [x] Krampus Stockings (wardrobe)
    [x] Ripped Teddy Bear (played with )
    [x] Ice Stocking (played with )
    [x] Deer Skull (fed to )
    And I am done! 121/18/18

    Pet Lending for GOALS

    Posted on : 22nd Feb 2008 17:34   Posted by : DW
    Yes I will lend some of my pets. You must mm me about it and ask nicely. There is a fee depending on what pet you want to borrow. Don't even ask about fassio.... He cost over 2 million mp to send. These are for goals only. I don't just lend them so you will have a cool pet.

    Lilydrop has the DVD Voodoo. Lilydrop has now read Enchanted Storybook.
    She is just over 100,000 to borrow. I will loan her but I would like a tip please. That DVD and book was very expensive. Tip is what ever you feel like giving. Just mm me if you want to borrow her.


    Posted on : 16th Feb 2008 18:08   Posted by : DW
    Finished troll on Feb. 14,2008. Black Oglue potion....

    Finished troll again in April. white potion.

    Finished Trotter in June. red zoink potion

    Finished Rubbish Dump. on April 18, 2018. Enchanted Bronze Rusty Plushie

    Finished Ublish on 25th Apr 2018 12:18. Enchanted Blue Huthiq Plushie 500,000MP And--You won Ublish Trading Card bonus prize

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