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  • Imperial Treasure Chest     4th Apr 2019 13:52
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  • Imperial Treasure Chest

    Posted on : 4th Apr 2019 13:52   Posted by : nickie415
    I am missing the following items and will trade for them.

    Dragon Statue
    Imperial Hair Ornament
    Katana Belt



    Posted on : 8th Jul 2017 06:32   Posted by : nickie415

    There are only 3 rules when it comes to trading with me.

    1. If you offer an item I already have I will reject your offer. EXCEPT PHOTOS

    I try to keep my blogs up to date to make it easier when trading.

    2. If you offer cheaper items I will reject your offer.

    3. I now trade the following items with each other mags/newspapers, books/cds/dvds, photos/plates

    I will take ANY Photos even if I already have them.

    With the exception of T.C., Potato, eggs, gourmet foods & Wardrobe items.

    these items are traded egg for egg. TC for TC ect.

    Wardrobe items can be mixed anyway as long as I need the items and that they are equal value.

    If your not sure, feel free to ask me before offering.

    It will be easier on both of us if you check to be sure I need the item and to make sure your offer is equal value.


    I used to email everyone the reason I rejected their offer but since I have this blog I will no longer send messages.

    🎗 MISSING GLOWING EGGS 1/30/19 🎗

    Posted on : 19th Dec 2018 17:41   Posted by : nickie415
    I am trying so hard to finish my Egg 🥚🐣 collection but it has not been easy. 😵 Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I am putting all my extra eggs 🥚 in trade and if anyone has any I need and are willing to swap with me that would be awesome. All I ask is the trades be fair. You can offer more than 1 egg on each trade.

    All Donations are also welcome Wide Grin Thanks

    Here are my missing eggs.

    Battle Fairy Glowing Egg
    Black Crystal Glowing Egg
    Blue Crystal Glowing Egg
    Bootleg Pyramid Glowing Egg
    Corrupted Purple Glowing Egg
    Digital Fairy Glowing Egg
    Drake Glowing Egg
    Fire Fairy Glowing Egg

    Galaxy Glowing Egg
    Glitched Glowing Egg
    Golem Glowing Egg
    Green 9th Birthday Glowing Egg
    Green Crystal Glowing Egg

    Lilac Glowing Egg
    Mafia Glowing Egg
    Marapets Candy Glowing Egg
    Melted Glowing Egg

    Nimbus Glowing Egg
    Orange Crystal Glowing Egg
    Panda Glowing Egg
    Pink Crystal Glowing Egg
    Purple Easter Glowing Egg
    Red Crystal Glowing Egg
    Sewer Fairy Glowing Egg

    Spam Fairy Glowing Egg
    Teal Crystal Glowing Egg
    Twisted Rose Glowing Egg
    Vortex Park Glowing Egg
    White Crystal Glowing Egg
    Wizard Glowing Egg
    Yellow Crystal Glowing Egg

    MISSING WIGS 12/2/18

    Posted on : 5th Dec 2016 21:36   Posted by : nickie415

    1. Autumn Wig
    2. Bleached Gothabilly Braids
    3. Bleached Gothabilly Wig
    4. Blood Soaked Wig
    5. Bonnet
    6. British Guard Wig
    7. British Wig
    8. Bun Top Wig
    9. Cancer Wig
    10. Crown Wig
    11. Cute Bun Wig
    12. Frilly Pig Tails Wig
    13. Lunar Wig
    14. New Year Wig
    15. Party Wig
    16. Scorpio Wig
    17. Sea Salt Wig
    18. Spiked Up Wig
    19. Summer Hat Wig
    20. Surfs Up Wig
    21. Unruly Locks
    22. Vampire Wig
    23. Witch Wig


    1. Digital Fairy Wig
    2. Kamilah Wig
    3. Light Fairy Wig
    4. Musical Fairy Wig
    5. Simeria Wig
    6. Vortex Park Wig
    7. Water Fairy Wig


    1. Zeso Wig 499,728MP
    2. Colonial Side Sweep Wig Buy for 94,981



    Posted on : 29th Jan 2019 21:12   Posted by : nickie415
    Attic Giftbox
    Battle Giftbox
    Bootleg Pyramid Giftbox
    Extract Enpiah Giftbox
    Fasoro Falls Giftbox
    Ferris Wheel Giftbox
    Gallery Giftbox
    Genie Giftbox
    Kamilah Pyramid Giftbox
    Magazine Stand Giftbox
    Missing Transformations Giftbox
    News Stand Giftbox
    Nutty Tree Giftbox
    Scratchcards Giftbox
    Shop Pricer Giftbox
    Transformation Temple Giftbox
    Transmogrification Temple Giftbox
    Transubstantiation Temple Giftbox
    Transumption Temple Giftbox
    Transuranics Temple Giftbox
    Transvaluation Temple Giftbox
    Trash Heap Giftbox
    Vending Machine Giftbox

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