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  • List to Match EE Colors with H...     6th May 2019 20:57

  • List to Match EE Colors with Hair Dyes

    Posted on : 6th May 2019 20:57   Posted by : Em24ily
    steel blue hair dye - 666699
    silver grey hair dye - CCCCCC
    plum hair dye - CC6699 (close)
    rosemary hair dye - 99CC99
    deep purple hair dye - 660066
    navy blue hair dye - 003366
    brown hair dye - 663300
    moss hair dye - 999966
    light blue hair dye - 99CCFF
    sky blue hair dye 9999FF
    blood red hair dye - 660000 (close)

    All these matches I've found through trial and error. I tested colors from my personally hatched eggs on different hair dyes in my wardrobe.
    I am currently wearing fluffly hair extentions on my easter curl wig. Hope this helps you, !!Pleased


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