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I have family that play marapets. Staff can contact me for any more information.
YayaShrimp is my daughter.
SoulCorruptor is my other half.
_Fire_ and Kabocha are my best friends/sisters.







  • Pet Goals     ~15 Aug 2019
  • World Goals     ~13 Aug 2019
  • Vaash:// Missing CDs     ~12 Aug 2019
  • Birthday     ~20 Sep 2013
  • My Pets And Their Names     ~29 Jun 2007

  • Pet Goals

    Posted on : 15th Aug 2019 16:54   Posted by : Dzhelasi



    World Goals

    Posted on : 13th Aug 2019 16:53   Posted by : Dzhelasi
    Level 35 of 50
    You need to complete the Trunx mission

    Biala Mountain Goals
    Level 32 of 50
    You need to complete level 24 or higher at the Blitzen's Grotto mission

    City Sewers Goals
    Level 17 of 50
    You need to complete level 12 or higher of the Sewer Cleaner mission

    City of Marada Goals
    Level 44 of 50
    You need 750 or more newspapers read for the Homeless Fairy

    Dukka Caves Goals
    Level 36 of 50
    You need to complete level 10 or higher at the Pirate Mafia mission

    Level 27 of 50
    You need to use a Chibs Poison on a Chibs pet

    Enpiah Goals
    Level 24 of 50
    You need to complete level 24 or higher at the Ublish's Lair mission

    Foxfire Forest Goals
    Level 21 of 50
    You need to complete the Foxfire Pond Treasure Map

    Gigantic Paradise Goals
    Level 44 of 50
    You need to complete 10 or more levels of the Beanstalk


    Vaash:// Missing CDs

    Posted on : 12th Aug 2019 09:56   Posted by : Dzhelasi
    8th Birthday Songs
    9th Birthday Songs

    Advent Tree Music
    Ambient Fly Buzzing

    Baby Bird Songs
    Bad Easter Music
    Balloon Beats
    Basil Beats
    Batty Tunes
    Bee Music
    Boot Camp Beats
    Broken Heart Blues
    Bubbly Pop

    Candy Music
    Chameleon Chants
    Checkered Music
    Cheesy Tunes
    Christmas Carols
    Classic Jazz
    Classic Love Songs
    Classical Melodies
    Classical Music
    Daisy Dance
    Dancing Eggs

    Dark Dance
    Desert Melodies

    Earth Fairy Sonnets
    Easter Hunting Tunes
    Easter Music
    Electro Music
    Experimental Music
    Exploring Music

    Fire Fairy Salsa
    Fire Fairy Songs
    Firework Noises
    Firework Sounds
    Foxicle Fun
    Frankenstein Fusion
    Frilly Songs

    Geek Remix
    Ghostly Christmas Tunes
    Gingerbread Songs
    Glam Tunes
    Glitched Noises
    Gnome Music
    Goblin Tunes
    Greedy Fairy Music

    Hairy Music
    Halloween 2007
    Halloween Album 2009
    Halloween Hits
    Halloween Snowman Music
    Heavy Metal Music
    Howling Hits

    Ice Divas
    Irish Music

    Jelly Tunes

    Killer Songs

    Late Night Lullabies
    Light Fairy Sonnets
    Loud and Terrible Music

    Maniacal Laughter
    Minipet Christmas Carols
    Mistletoe Melodies
    Monster Mash
    Music DNA
    Musical Vortex

    Native Music

    Oasis Album
    Olde Western Hits
    Olympic Anthems

    Patchwork Playlist
    Peaceful Serenade
    Phantom Hip Hop
    Polar Tunes
    Popstar Playlist
    Pride Anthems
    Punk Music

    Queen Eleka Anthems

    Rocket Sounds
    Romantic Hits
    Royal March

    Sakura Sonnet
    Simerian Songs
    Singing with the Stars
    Sk8er Boi
    Slater Park Hits
    Snowman Dance
    Snowman Sing Alongs
    Sounds of Nature
    Space Age Rock
    Splatter Music
    Spring Sonnets
    Spy Sounds
    Starlight Songs
    Stars Volume 01
    Steampunk Bands
    Straya Songs
    Sultan Swing
    Summer Anthems
    Summer Christmas Songs
    Summer Hits 2010
    Super Hero Anthems
    Swan Songs

    The Colour of Infinity
    Thunder Noise
    Tin Hearts
    Tow Truck Tunes
    Transuranic Tunes
    Transvaluation Tunes
    Trashcan Tunes
    Twindly Tunes

    Undead March
    Undercover Hits
    Underwater Tunes
    Undying Fairy Songs

    Vampire Attack Music
    Villain Music
    Villain Soundtrack

    Winning Playlist
    Winter Exploring Tunes


    Posted on : 20th Sep 2013 09:21   Posted by : Dzhelasi
    I just wanted to post this image from my awesome club.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone.


    My Pets And Their Names

    Posted on : 29th Jun 2007 06:25   Posted by : Dzhelasi
    Keres: Means Demon
    Vaash: Named after Vash the Stampede from Trigun. (Anime people)
    Jayani: Namesake of my nephew and daughter's names.
    Aiako: Named after Ako, a small pixie from a PS2 video game. Ako was taken so I added "Ai" as in I got frustrated in name picking.
    Kodaeis: Koda from the bear in Brother Bear, eis from me just putting it there.
    Neekie: My daughter's nickname.
    Soulasi: SoulCorruptor+Dzhelasi= Soulasi
    Ravenous: Raven was taken, Ravenous was best to describe my battle pet.

    Four Corners
    in 7 minutes
    115,479MP Prize

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