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Send my body home,
that the Trojans and their wives
may give me my dues of fire
when I am dead.
- Iliad of Homer, trans. Samuel Butler
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Lion in pants
13 years, 3 months & 7 days ago
18th Jul 2008 21:41
Kharlie, that's the greatest picture in all
of mankind.


These ish meh dream pets:
a simerian zoink [X]
Thank you Frigate. :]
Pixie Chibs [x]
Thank you Fuzzie. :]
Und. Fairy Nino []
And I hope to get a Halloween costume for Quari. <3

Dream pets I've gotten in the past:
Quellie [x]
Pixie Troit [x]
a zombie lati [x](don't have it anymore-had to give it back to a friend)

And here ish a list of Awesome peoples:
Chibs- You're one of the greatest. I can remember when we met a year ago, on that dream pet forum. That was awesome, and it was the first ever topic I ever post on. And I posted on it 40 something times. You were my first marapal. And I remember the poem I wrote for you. I hope you enjoy flawnce and the insideout murfin. =] I'm so sorry that you rarely ever come on to Marapets now. You really ought to some back, you know. I remember Snowy, your old chibs. And I'm sorry to say someone turned her into a green doyle. Stupid portal. =oo If it were not for you, I know I would not still be on Mara, I would have quit a long time ago. Thank you. =]

Silver-A year ago I mailed you about your fairy fassie picture one your profile, and I'm so glad that I did. You're simply one of the best marapals a person could have. I loved being able to mail you, and chat with you back when we were back in Howls. That was so fun. <3 I love the nefarious costume you gave me, by the way. I'm glad that you can come on Mara again. :] RPing with you was so fun. I loved it when Gracken and Phantom teamed up. =] They should totally save their world from the terrible 'darkdark'. cool.gif

Zipper-You're one of the greatest people in all of Mara. I feel as tho I've known you forever, tho it has only been a short period of time. I still remember the day you joined club Pants. =] Those many, moons ago when you were the 8th or 7th member to join. If not for you being on mara, I probably would have just quit all together by now. But you've kept me on here with your total awesome-ness. I can't thank you enough for the snookle! Without him, I could have never traded for this lurveful Pixie troit, which I traded for my awesomeular Quellieee. =] I lurve joo, Zip!! <3 Pleaaase never ever quit Marapets!

Kharlie- PANTSSSS! So Cool name for a club. Page one of the club directory. So Awesome! I can't beleive how many members we've gotten. D= I remember when it was only us two in the club. And when we had a celebration for reaching 100 members. Now we have over 120!! And the 100 day celebration was only like a week or two ago. Pants grows too fast. So Anyways, you're fun to chat to, and you're online alot, so I can almost always chat with you. And you have good taste in music. Paul sings awesomely.

Fuzzie- Awesome. So One of the few Redwall fans that I've seen on Marapets. Thanks so much for getting me a chibs. :] Let me know if you find the French artist. :/ Yes, I still remember him. And he must be found. And I'm positive the orngermothflywhatevers have something to do with this. ninja.gif

Roffles-I know I haven't known you for a long time, but you're already one of my good marapals. Chatting to you is awesome.

Joai- <4

Kat- Kat is awesome. Yes. She is.

Q- I lurve the name q. It's so possitevly fun to say! You're totally pantsular.

isabelrico- Ba-gahs. So She's pwn. You need to stop being so awesome. I lurve Tenocha. She's my pride and joy. Thanks sooo much for her! And the giftbox! <3

We'll use Gluton free and vegetarian approval stickers to take over mankind. cool.gif

Hyebreezer- Joo was really awesome at the fairy giveaway. =] I wish you wouldn't have dropped out. So

Bambookibest- You're supremely active. Fun to chat too. You love Tom petty. That's a great quality.

Kolchick- You're awesome to chat with. So

Ehz- Woot. cool.gif

Frigate- FRIGGU FELIS. King of all Otters. cool.gif You have a very large collection of quell. So There's like 13 of them. right? Anyways. You've kept me on my goal of getting a Simeria Zoink. If only my dream about the 144k sim costumes was true.

Sensi- I wish we would talk more. D= Haven't seen you in forever.

Sirkowski- -The only Brawl-loving, Zelda-loving, Marth fan that I ever met. So Your pets are the lurveliest, by the way. And so is your nickname, Sah-Kooshkie. =D

HugTheSmurf- Huggggieesssss. <3

Eva- She's pantsuar and draws good Morodo. =]

babyshanelly- Fun to chat too. =D I recall that I made you a twilight siggie once.

quells- You were so awesome. =[ I wish you would come back.

Snuffs- Please come back. You were amazing. =[ And one day I'll hopefully get Jaisyn.

Nagoya- You're awesome. =D

Gokes- You commented on my blog. And only awesome people will do that. So chya. I guess that makes you awesome, yes?

Grannie - Gah, you're so great. I loved being a Furrespy in the Marahistory department. I loved discovering the origin and the history of Marada. Those were some of my greatest memories on Mara. Spying is the funnest. Missions for you were fun to go on. I loved the satisfaction of knowing I'm helping to uncover Mara's History. Not even Blitzen's missions are as thrilling. If you ever need me to do any missions, just mail Furrespy.

Will- Not ST Will, Club Pants Will. He's Will. That's why he's awesome. Duh.

Sav- I love you Mel, and Add. So active. D: I hope you dont freeze to death, even if I do inherit Ralf from you. What use is a Ralf if I cant talk to mah friend Sav? <3

Mel- MEL! Another Tom Petty fan. <3 And a 'sparkly things' lover. =D

Add- Just met you yesterday but youre still awesome. <3

People should really read Lavie's blog. Go here to read it.

My story. :]
13 years, 10 months & 21 days ago
5th Dec 2007 15:54

Here is my story:
Chanie's footpaws left small prints in the ground as the small Shaved Fasoro walked through the town of Biala Mountain. She felt as though she had a long journey ahead of her. Chanie had to make it to The Smuggler. She was furiously mad at him. He'd tooken the item that she had valued the most; a golden fasoro necklace that she had found one day while visiting the Eleka Fountain. Everywhere she went she took the brass-gold locket with her. Until the day she visited the sparkling shores of Dukka Town. Dukka Caves made her curious, and she had decided to go down to visit it. Chanie felt terribly lost in the place, and when she was leaving she felt a tug around her neck. The second she left Dukka Town, she realised the locket was gone around her neck. And ever since then she'd been wanting to get it back from the evil smuggler. the smuggler only restocked his shop every month. And it would be one week until he stocked it again. She had one week until he sold all of his stuff, including her precious golden necklace.

The snow was falling down in crytal clear flakes, and she remembered, finally, what day it was. December 1st! The advent calander would be open now! Quickly, Chanie rushed around Biala until she spotted the familiar evergreen tree that was in Biala. She rushed up to the tree, and began speakign to the Knutt that stood near it.
"My name is TheEnchantedOne. May I collect my advent prize for the day, sir?" She called out to the Knutt.
"Ah, sure!" He said. "Jus' wait a' mo'ent and I'll git et out fer yee!" He reached his golden brown paws under the tree, and pulled out a small blue creature. It was a Delayed minipet. "Ahhh, ma'am. This one ish missin' a horn! 'e only has one. Take care o' him, will yer?" Silenty, he handed the small blue bundle over to chanie.

"It's adorable!!" She yelled out, petting beautiful, soft blue creature. "I'll call him Farley." Chanie smiled, and walked away, petting her new pet. "Thank you sir!" She called out to the Knutt.
"Any time, gel!" He called back to her.

Chanie and Farley walked out across the fresh snow, and spotted a cave somewhere in the mountain. Quickly, she rushed over to the opening and sat down with her minipet. Chanie layed down and prepared to go to bed. But she just couldn't get her locket out of her mind...

When she woke up, it was the next morning already. She glanced beside her to notice that Farley wasn't there. She was all alone in the light blue sparkling cave, and the sun's rays gently warmed her. "I bet Farley's off to go get the day's a dvent prize..." she grumbled to herself. Minutes passed and she began to worry. "Ughh! I hate being by myself!!!!" She growled. It bugged her being all alone in an unfamiliar place. Her shaved paws got off up the ground as she rose from the cave's icey floor. She padded out of the room softly, as she headed out towards the advent tree.

About half way there, she heard some peculiar noises going from the right. Wanting to know what it was, ahe walked over to the area. 3 chatis and a quibbs ran by her. Along with other various minpets is many different colors. It hurt her eyes, all the minipets in all those colors. there seemed to be hundreds and hundreds of them.

Suddenly, a gold fassie shot out of a near by cave. Her fur sparkled, and she ran out and screamed at the minpets, "ACHHH! What have I told you? I've told you not to run away! Why wont you ever listen to what I say to you guys. I've spent alot of money buying all you minipets, and I don't intend on letting you guys just disapear! She seemed really angry. and she rushed out. She wore a dulled grey leather shirt, and short green and red kilt. Her paws rushed as swooped up her minipets and threw them back into the cave. A few of the minipets flew right into CHanie, and it knocked her latern right from her paws. "Hey!" She shreiked, as two minipets flew right into her chest. It knocked thew air right out of her, and the last thing she saw before she passed out was the gold fassie pick up the two minipets, and continue chasing after the rest of them.

When Chanie finally woke up, she noticed she was in a cave, but it wasn't the one that she was in this morning. The walls were a lovely blue-purple color and the sun heated them with it's golden light. Chanie lifted her head and tried to get a better look around her. Next to her were the Gold fassie, and Farley. "Ohh", the fassie murmurred to her. "I see you've woken up I'm sorry my minipets knocked you out. They're always escaping." She sighed and handed Farley over to Chanie. "He said his owner was a shaved fassie. I asked him when I found him over by the tree. I was hoping no one owned him so I could add him to my collection of minipets, but then he started telling me about you. SO I decided just to bring him over to my cave until you came for him."
Chanie started stroking Farley, once she was fully awake. The gold fassie looked up at her.
"My name is Silentnight. Call me Sile." The fasoro softly spoke out to her. "I live here in this cave, with my large collection of minipets. Revv Barlon also lives here, but that's because he owns the place, but he's agreed to let me and my minis stay here. My collection is so big. But I lack a Gazillionaire. The rarest of all minis! I have the 50milllion to buy it, but I never thought I could make it to Simeria to buy one."
Chanie piped up, "Oh! I'm going in that direction, too. To visit the smuggler and buy back a gold locket he stole from me. Do you think you'd like to come too?"

"Certainly.." The fasoro replied. "Infact, let's leave now. You, me, and your Mini. I'll leave my collection here with Revv. Hurry up! " She called out to Chanie as she ran out of the cave, "The sooner we leave, the faster we get there!"
Chanie lifted her sleepish self up from the cave and whistled to Farely to follow her. Chanie yawned and stepped out side of the cavern, looking at Silentnight, who was still rushing forward. "SILE!" Chanie called out. The gold fassie turned around and looked at her. "Why are you in such a hurry to leave??"
Sile responed quickly, "I need that Gazillionaire soon. The annual minipet contest is coming up. If I have a Gazil, I'm gauranteed to win this! " She turnedaround so quickly, her kilt appeared to blur.
Rushing, Chanie jumped up to where her gold fasoro friend was. "How do you suppose we'll make it there?"
"Well, if we go to Luch Lake, then to Marada City, and finally to Simeria. We can hop aboard the pirate ship and sail it to Dukka."
"What do you mean, Sile?? The ship goes to Jenoa!"
"Well, Chanie, I assume that for the right amount of MP, they drive it there and drop us off."
"Sounds good, Sile."
Chanie slowed down enough and looked around her, only to realise it was actually quite dark outside. "Sile...What time is it?"
The golden wolf looked at the watch on her paw and replied, "It's actually quite late. I think we ought to go to sleep. See, look, there's a cave right over there!"

Chapter 2:

Lights from the Lush Lake city reflected off of the melted snow in Biala. Chanie, Sile, and Farley were in the cave they had fallen asleep in last night. "Ah.." Sile groaned as she woke up. "Why must the Lush Lake lights be so bright?" She growled and rose up from where she was sleeping. next to her, Chanie and Farley were still asleep. Suddenly, both of them woke, apparently woken by the growling of Silentnight.
"I think we should head out and try to make it to Lush Lake today..." Farley murmurred.
"Good idea, Farl." Chanie replied to him, surprised. She didn't know he could talk.
"Oooff." Sile was still quite sleepish from the last night, and was quite reluctant to start heading towards Lush Lake. Still, she pushed herself up, and walked out of the cave's entrance. "Well, I'm going to go and get supplies for our trip. You guys stay here while I go. I shouldn't be gone long." With that, Silentnight walked out of the cave and moved forward, towards the Biala market. She reached her hands into her kilt pocket and took out what money she had, About 60 dollars, and then put it back into her pocket. 60 dollars could sure buy a lot. Suddenly, she spotted the market. There were dozens of stands, each one selling various diffent items. People rushed back and forth buying and selling things. Sile thought about what kinds of things she'd need. Water and food. She glanced around trying to find a stand that was selling food or water, when she noticed one to her right that appeared to be stocked full of food. Rushing up to the stand, she asked the owner of it, "How much for 30 sandwiches and 20 bottles of water?"
"Ahh. How 'bout 15 dollars? That sounds about right." The shopkeeper replied.
Sile set the money onto the counter, and put the food into her bag. Thoughts of the great minipet contest dawned into her mind. Only one week until the contest.

Sile quickened her pace and ran up to try and reach the cave as quick as possible. When she saw it, the first thing she noticed was that Chanie and Farley were stepped over to the side of the cave, watching two people fight. Sile let out a gasp and flipped around to get a decent veiw of the fight. One of the marapets was a Undying Fairy Nino, she was holding out a sword and fighting off a ninja knutt. Their swords clanked against each others. The Nino jumped back to avoid a feirce blow by the Knutt. She flew down onto the ground, and kicked the knutt hard. The Ninja Knutt let out a screetch and fled in terror.

The Nino realised she'd won and fell down on her back, breathing heavily.
Chanie walked up to the Nino. "Are you okay??" She asked.
The Nino got up. "Yeah, I am. It was just a little tiring, that's all."
"What's your name?" Silent night murmurred.
"Fuzzie." The Nino replied. She eyed the supplies in Silent's bag. "Are you travelling somewhere?"
"Yeah. To the pirate ship, to get it to Dukka Town."

"Oh! I'm related to one of the guys that's a captain on the ship. I can convince him to take you guys to Dukka Town if you want. I need to go to Dukka, too. To get to the jewelry shop and buy some items for my gallery. Mind if I come with you?"
"Of course you can come." Farley, Chanie, and Sile replied in unison.
"Okay, thanks. And your names are...?"
"I'm Farley!" The Delayed minipet squeeled.
"I'm Silentnight." The golden kilt-wearing wolf answered.
"And I'm Chanie, who'd trying to get her locket back from the smuggler!" Chanie said.
Fuzzie jumped up. "Then what are we waiting for? Let's get to the pirate ship. How are we planning on getting there?"
"First, to Lush Lake." Farley answer to her.
"Well then, let's hurry up and get there!"

The three got up from the cave, and walked out together, ready to make it to Lush Lake in a hurry.

The paws of the four travelers made soft noises, as they walked slowly, to where the lake was. You could already see the bright lights coming from the Lake city. The snow was beginning to become less and less thick as they walked towards the warm lake city, and the lights reflected off of the water made by the melting snow. Finally, one of the four said something.

"Hey...I think that we're almost there. I can feel the warm breeze coming from the lake! In fact, I think we might almost be there. Everyone...hurry up!" Fuzzie spoke out to the three others around her. She quickly fastened her pace.
Farley, Sile, and Chanie did the same thing. Suddenly, Chanie realise something. "Wait...Biala is a mountain! We're on a mountain. Meaning we have to go downhill to reach the lake. FUZZIE! Wait!"

Fuzzie stopped just in time, as her claws padded to the edge of the mountain. She looked down below her, to see the Lake city, many feet down. "Well, it may be steep, but the only way down is to roll down it..."
"Are you serious?" Chanie shreiked.
"Well, you guys have to. But I can fly. So I don't have to." The flying squirrel creature flapped her wings and began to descend down the mountain. The wind was full of dust, and it was easy to tell a storm was coming, yet she still managed to avoid the incoming dirt. Her tail was beaten by the hard dirt, and sometimes even small rocks that the wind carried. She put her paws up in front of her face to stop the dust from reaching her eyes. When she fianlly descended down into the very bottom of the mountain, she looked behind her, only to notice that the others had just finished their roll down the side of the hill.

"OUCH." Chanie said, in a wounded voice. She was growling. The tumble down the mountainside had been a rocky one, which made her back and paws ache.
"What do you mean, 'ouch'? That was fun!" Silentnight and Farley both said in unison. Sile had been wearing a kilt and jacket, so the rocks didn't hit her as much as they had Chanie. She was holding Farley the entire way down, so most rocks didn't hit him at all.
Chanie just grumbled and rubbed her aching back. "Well, atleast we're here now."
All four of them flipped around to see the Lake city in front of them. It was calm and quiet. For a few seconds, that is. Before giant sirens on top of one of the buildings went off. "STORM ALERT! WARNING! A STORM IS COMING! STORM ALERT! EVERYONE IN THE LAKE CITY, GET INSIDE A BUILDING! STORM ALERT!" The siren went off.
All three of them stood there. The harsh wind had even more dirt in it down. It pelted Sile, as her kilt blew in the furious wind. All four of them ran. Each in a different direction, trying to reach the closet building to them. They all hoped the storm would be over soon. They didn't want this to slow down their journey.


Chanie looked around, and everything was a confusing mix of colors, like a kalidescope. Shaking her head, she slowly came back to her sences. Now focusing, she could tell that she was inside of a tall building. The walls were a dull tan, and a few people were walking around inside. "Hey..." she called out to the people around her. Were am I?"

One of them looked up from the book they were reading and answered her question. "This is a building in the lake city. A storm was raging outside, and everyone had to come indoors. This is were you chose to come. I think you ran into one of the walls when you came inside..." The speaker trailed off and went back to the tale they were reading.

Chanie picked herself off of the ground. Slowly, she pawed over to the door and pulled it open. Outside, the sky was a dark indigo color. It was filled with dust and debris, that soared around in the sky. Suddenly, she remembered Sile, Farley, and Fuzzie. Where were they? It began to occupy her thoughts more and more, until she finally stepped outside. Her pink, almost furless body stood out in the dark blue sky. Chanie scanned her surroundings, wondering where in this large town her friends were.
She walked up to the nearest building, and put her paw onto the doorknob, slowly turning it open.

When it flew open, she was glad to see her friends were all inside. Though, she wasn't glad to see what was happening. A quarrel had broken out between Silentnight and one of the other people in the room.

"What I'm telling you," the other person, who looked like a seasonal bolimo, yelled out to Silentnight, "is that you can't steer that pirate ship. It used to go to Dukka Town, but now it goes to Jenoa, as you probably know. So there's no way you could possibly get it to Dukka. You'll set its entire course off balance."

"Sir!" An outraged Sile called out. "I have to! Chanie's medallion is in the caves, and we need it back. It's a priceless object."

He meerly laughed, "I'm not letting you ruin that ship's trip to Jenoa. It just can't be done." His face was serious. Silentnight wondered if was once a pirate on the ship, or something.
Silent wondered how he was going to stop her. And she knew the answer to that once she heard one of his friend yell "SWORD FIGHT!"
The bolimo drew his sword. Fuzzie drew her rapier, and threw a sword to Chanie, and one to Silentnight. The bolimo's friend's drew swords, too.

When Fuzzie sprang forward, and clashed swords with the bolimo, everyone knew the battle had begun. Their swords clashed back and forth, and his power was almost greater than that if Fuzzie.

Sile struggled to pick up the dark green sword. When she could finally grasp it, she lifted it up and swung it into the sword of the nearest enemy. He swung back, and for the first time in her life, Silentnight heard the distinctive, sharp noise of two clashing weapons, one of which was her's. The fighter, a feirce Chibs with an even fiercer sword, did a daring move, he held the end of his sword in his other paw, and pushed up against Sile's. It was no longer a fight of clashing, it was a fight of who could push who off balance. She gripped her sword firmly and put her full force against the sword. It was certainly harder that Fuzzie made it look. Silent thought for a second that the sword was going to snap in half.
Visions of Fuzzie's fight with the knutt flashed into her mind. Pictures of Fuzzie swooping down to the ground during the fight with the nija roared through her mind. Could I do that? Sile thought to herself. And seconds after she thought these words, she flew down to the ground, and kicked feircely to the side. Her body was launched sideways. The chibs was launched forward, because of all the pressure he has been putting on the word. He flew into the fasoro that Chanie was fighting.

Fuzzie was continuing her fight with the bolimo. And once the bolimo noticed that his two comrads were down, he dropped his weapon. He was outnumbered now. He turned around and ran as quickly as he could out of the building.

Fuzzie sheathed her rapier. Silent night dropped the forest-green sword softly on the ground. Chanie backed away from the two enemies that were knocked out by her feet.

"Good job, kids." A voice stated.

"Huh??" Chanie flipped around and looked at where the voice was coming from. It was a black mordo, siting behind a counter.

"I was watching you guys fight," The mordo started. "Pretty impressive...I didn't think you guys could possibly defeat that bolimo and his gang. He's an old sailor for the pirate ship."

Chanie hadn't noticed the mordo until now. "Thanks." She said back to him.

The mordo continued, "Ah, welcome.I heard that arguement you and the bolimo had...You want to steer the pirate ship off course? Good luck. Sounds impossible, but I know it's been done before. Also, when you reach the ship, try not to be noticed by any captains. They're feirce fighters."

"I'll be sure to remember that..." Fuzzie murmured, panting from exhaustion. "Well..." She turned to Sile and Chanie who were standing behind her, "We should get going, guys."

Nodding their heads in agreement, they followed Fuzzie out of the door.


Straining her eyes, Chanie could spot the shining lights that came from the City.

She sighed, looking down into the bag that held her supplies. ???Stolen!??? She exclaimed.
???What???? Fuzzie asked.
???Stolen. All of the supplies are gone from the bag! Someone must have come and taken them while we were fighting.??? She flipped the bag around and was about to put it back onto her back when Fuzzie held out her paw.

???Wait! Look at the bag closely???I think I see some marapet hair on it.??? Fuzzie took it from Chanie and picked off a dark scarlet hair. ???Fasoro. Definitely A gothic fasoro.???
She scanned the horizon.

Sile was also looking out at the horizon. ???Hey I think I see-??? She bagan but Fuzzie finished for her.

???A few shapes???Out there near that patch of trees! Maybe one of them is the thief!??? She rushed up ahead and the other three followed after her.

When then got closer, it was easy to see that the shapes were definitely a tantua, a fasoro, and an ercuw.

Chanie was the first to reach them. She walked up to the fasoro and examined it. It was a gothic fasoro, definitely. ???You. Where did you get those supplies????
The fasoro looked confused. ???Got them from Joey. That fire ercuw up there.??? She replies pointing up to an ercuw who flew down.
Joey looked at them and gasped. ???OH! One of the guys fighting you gave me the supplies. I bet he took your bag and gave me the supplies to make it look like I???d did it.???
Joey growled. ???Some people! GR!???
???At least he did not succeed in taking it.??? Chanie replied, holding up the bag.
The gothic fasoro nodded her head.
???Riley???? A voice screamed.
???Yes, Freddie???? The fasoro replied, turning around as a punk tantua walked up.
The tanuta was about to open her mouth when she spotted Joey giving the supplies back to Sile. ???Who are these people, Riley???? The tanuta asked.
???Dunno???really. They just showed up.??? The fasoro replied.
???I???m Joey!??? The ercuw introduced herself and shook Fuzzie???s hand.
???I???m Freddie.??? The tantua explained.
???And I???m, obviously, Riley.??? The fasoro said.
???And we are Fuzzie, Silentnight, Farley, and Chanie.??? Sile explained. ???We???ve gotta make it to the pirate ship and steer it to Dukka Town.???
???DUKKA???? Freddie gasped. ???It goes to Jenoa.???
???Yeah..??? Fuzzie said. ???But we think we might be able to convince them to let us take it to Dukka??????
???Urm?????? Joey spoke. The others looked at her as she continued. ???Riley???the road???you know.???
Riley sighed. ???Yeah. The road. I know. It was a pretty stupid decision.???
???Road???? Sile asked.
???The road???, Freddie explained, ???means the road that leads to Simeria. People were going there to smuggle the antiques onto the pirate ship. Illegal. Yep. The road was blocked off to stop people from reaching Simmeria and going to the ship. ???Twas the only way to make it to the Pirate ship.???
???No other way????? Sile asked, outraged.
???Nope. Zip. None at all.??? Riley replied.
???Oh! What about the basement in the club???? Joey suggested.
???Oh! Oh! Joey! I forgot about that. It???s been so long since we used it! It leads to Simmeria, doesn???t it???? Riley gasped.
???What????? Chanie asled, confused.
??? Our club used to get it???s prizes for our members from the pirate ship. We used a door in the club???s basement to make it to Simmeria and then to the Ship. We haven???t used it in a long time, though.??? Freddie told the travelers. ???If you follow us, we???ll take you there.???
???I???ll lead the way!??? Joey declared.

The Journey to the Club proved to be little more than a walk down the busy sidewalks of Marada City. Mordos hustled thru the crosswalks, while fasoros pushed thru the glass doors of the already crowded buildings. Towards the very bottom of the town were the clubs; some little more than shacks, others more like mansions.

"That one" Charlie announced, pointing one of her fore paws towards the end of the concrete, is Pants."
"Excuse me? Pants?" Sile asked, bewildered.
"Haha! I can see why that might sound...odd" Joey giggled, flying down from the now-dark night skies. "The club is named Pants."
"You're kidding." Stammered Fuzzie. "That building's got to be atleast five stories."
"Actually, it's six." Charlie casually stated.
When they approached the door of the magnificant purple-painted mansion that was Pants, Freddie and Charlie froze. There were no lights on in the clubs. No voices to be heard.
"Aren't clubs normally a bit more...festive that thi-" Chanie tried to ask.
"SHH!" Charlie cut her off sharply. Her face clouded over with concern. "This feels wrong. Normally, you can hear Pants from miles away. It's never been this quiet...not once."
Freddie reached for the door, but Charlie grabbed the Punk Tantua by the shoulders. "Are you bleeding mad, Freddie? Don't go in."
Suddenly, a whisper, a faint one at that, was heard just inside the door. It creaked open, but only enough for a head to poke out. It was a Camoflauge Speiro, who's eyes fell immediately on Freddie and Charlie. He didn't even waste one glance on Chanie or her friends.
"Will?" Charlie gasped. "What on Earth? Why're lights ou-"
"Charlie, the gang from Club Grease is inside! They're holding our admin captive!" Will cast a glance over his shoulder.
The world stood silent for a mere five seconds; before a Wizard Tantua's paw grabbed ahold of Will by the back of his feathered neck, and he dissapeared into the darkness.
"WILL!" Joey screamed, diving into the club at once. The others instantly followed her, and when the lights came on, they saw all five of the Pants admin, tied up to the Meeting Room chairs with thick black rope.

Joey's fire eyes glowed redder. "YOU FILTHY GREASE GANG! LET THEM GO!"
The Tantua, at the back of the room with several of his men and Will in his hands, turned around.
The frightened members of Pants, who stood silent against the wall, turned too, to see their Leaders, Charlie and Freddie. Silence.

"ATTACK!" Freddie bellowed, and the room turned into a battlefield.



14 years & 6 days ago
20th Oct 2007 13:40

We want our PWNsome little silver bolimo back! The one that was at the bottom of the side bar in the past layouts. He has now been replaced by picknicking people, but we think the bolimo was better, and a tradition. Agree? MM me to sign the petition to bring him back.
3.starryball(wanted to sign twice)
6.shooter22 (he wanted to be added 3 times, shows how much he loved the bolimo! )

Chibs....there are so many awesome things I could say about her, that if I wrote them all, I wouldn't be able to post this blog because it'd brake the "10,000 letters maximum" limit. She was my first ever marapal. Back when I joined, I stopped playing. I then came back. I was afraid to post on forums. But I saw a topic someone started. So I posted on it... and I kept posting when I realised I wouldn't get in trouble. I had spent a very long time following that topic. At the end, the creater of the topic said I was loyal, and asked me to be her maraPal. I accepted. And do you know who that Member was? It was Chibs! That's right ,If it weren't for her, I would have not started to use maramail frequently or use forums at all. So if chibs weren't here, I'd have probably quit when I was a newbie. She was also my first marapal, and first best marapal. If you are reading this Chibs, thank you for all you have done.

Cloofer is not for trade. And none of my other pets are. Neither are my friend Fuzzeh's. So don't offer your orange jessup named Bobb995 on her well named Lati. My friend Silveris trading LocoRubio, a statted plant pet. My friend Chibs trades pets, but I don't think Oni is for trade. And Snuffs is looking for a sindi. and she has a "WOW" offer.

Furresto? Is the O ivsisible? Over 20 people have called me Furresto. Most of wich didnt see the o. It's NOT Furresto. It's FurresOto. FurresOto. FurresOto. FurresOto. FurresOto. FurresOto.

Pleas Call me Furre. Unless you are Fuzzy, who calls me "Furresdoodle". And I call her Fuzzalafoozle. And sometimes Cap'n Fuzzeh.

FAQ. Before you maramail me, please read this.

Q: Wanna trade pets with me?
A: Only offer on Braji

Q: HI!
A: Please actually say something. It's considered SPAM to just say "hi".

Q: Can I please have a pet of yours?
A: Read my profile and stop begging.

Here is a reminder for me:
Congrats on purchasing a *Halloween* Tiger chibs from Tfairy!
Your payment has gone towards Tfairys MCF.
Please keep this *maramail/blog memo* as proof of payment as so far *11* people have copied and sold my graphics without my knowing.
Tfairy (Tigerfairy1)
Please copy this on your blog

And another of my reminders:


14 years & 23 days ago
3rd Oct 2007 13:39

(. .)

One of my best friends on mara is Snuffs. Above is supposed to be a picture of her in her snookle costume.
And heree are some cats!
| 00 |
| . |

| o o|
000 000

This is King Chariah.
Mail me if you wish to visit ChariahTopia, his Kingdom. Visits so far: 8

This is Thurah.
If you you want you can mm me to let him: Watch A movie or DVD [2 ] Listen to some Music [402 ] Eat a Corndog [3 ] Eat a Cookie [3]

This is Confusling.
MM me to give him a stick,give him jam on toast, or let him watch a DVD.Jam:20. Sticks:30 DVDs watched: Home School Musical, About a Zetlian, Tarquin DVD.

Silver is awesome. She is so awesoem that she makes Awesomeness jealous. Right now Awesomeness is looking at her with envy. She gave me a neffy costume. But that not even an eighth of what she did. She chats to me regularly and is never mean, and always thanks me if I give her something.She even bought me a graphics subscription for 50k. She is totally awesome. One of the greatest friends a person could have.

Wich LE marapet are you?
14 years, 1 month & 16 days ago
9th Sep 2007 09:08

1: you and Ian are the only members online, what store do you go to because no one else will buy the items?


2. You see four LE enchanted plushies in the machine, they are all soooo easy to get, wich one do you get?

a.Sk8er Snooks!
b.Goth Sindi!
c.Princess Phanty!
d.Eleka Viotto!

3.10 MILLION mp!!! What do you get?

b.some of everything
c.Enchanted LE plush
d. Save it

4.What color?

d.Super hero

5.What item?

a.Chill 19
b.A sword of Baspinar
c.Enchanted millionaire tantua plushie
d.A Crystal

6. The portal?

a.No! It's awful
d.I don't care what I look like.

7. Pick an emoticon.


Mostly a's: Snookle!
Mostlt B's: Mordo!
Mostly C's:Sindi!
Mosty D's: Chibs!

Hope you enjoyed the quiz.

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