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Marapets is mobile friendly

Doubles in Gallery are for sale,
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I am an adult player
I am online everyday to accept offers on trades,
I have two lovely Grandkids, both play, Jake and Kaylz
Kaylz has just joined, and is too young to mail :)
My hubby JaKaSte plays too.


  1. FAQ on Marapets
    14th Jun 2007 12:06
    14 years, 4 months & 7 days ago
  2. My New Rainbow Viotto
    22nd May 2007 12:34
    14 years, 5 months & 1 day ago
FAQ on Marapets
14 years, 4 months & 7 days ago
14th Jun 2007 12:06

Just to save a few mails biggrin.gif
Please click to read it all, it will help you.
copy & paste that to your browser, you change password, email & profile info there
it's above the forums, site preferences.
You use costumes (Explore - Biala Mountain - Costumes) or potions (Explore - Dukka Caves - Potion) or enchanted plushies to change your pets. Click on item in inventory to use.
Location to see what all pets can use or be -
Explore - Gigantic Paradise - Pet Colors.
You can also try the Portal once a day to maybe have it do something to your pet.
Portal location - Explore - Ziranek - planet Enpiah - Portal
If you are doing a snowman quest - You buy the item, click on the item in inventory and enter name in space provided to send item to person. Then send. Then go back to snowman to complete quest.
Your Person/Character -
You change your character there, make sure you click CREATE CHARACTER or it won't work.
How do i put my pet to sleep? Or get rid of tiredness?
Have it sleep in a bed in your Marahome (click on bed in home)
Hotel - In the City: One night only for 1000 MP per pet
Marapops - Soft Drink Shop in Slater Park - Cost Varies(one Marapop brings down pet's tiredness by 10%)
Dehydrated Water - Completing a quest for Ublish
Marapops and Dehydrated Water can also be found in Trades, Auctions, or Usershops.

Training your pet - Level, Speed, health, etc... By training at the gym on Mini Pet Island. To train, you need crystals which you can earn by doing Elger Quests in the Undying Woods or buy from Users Shops.
School classes in the city.
Charisma -
Your pet can gain Random Charisma stats by completing school courses (random) or from riding Murfin Madness in Slater Park (random).
Pets can get sick from this ride.
Do not use it unless you can afford to cure your pet.
Magic - do computer quests in Ziranek
You can train your pet at the gym on Mini Pet Island, or have it do school in the City, or Random from the Portal on Planet Enpiah.

Eggs/font colors - You buy eggs in Ziranek or other users shops, trades or auctions, click on them in inventory to use, and hatch them in your basket in Gigantic Paradise's Glowing Egg Nest to get more font colors. Just refresh hatch page till it hatches.
To see what eggs give you what font colors go here -
Click Update Forum Prefs link in Forums to change font colors.

How do I take care of my minipets?
Bladder- Let them use the toilet
Hunger- Use a cooker or refridgerator
Happiness- Let them watch TV
Health- Wash them in a bath or sink
You need to have those things in your marahome to properly take care of your minipet. Roll your mouse over the object in your marahome, then click the button, select a minipet, and click the button again.
All features are not working yet. It will not die.

BP = Baspinar points
You get them from winning 1 player battles in the battle arena and from playing Tombola.
You could also win them on the Snap game & Scratchcards
You use them in Baspinars Castle

RP = Restock Points
Everytime you buy an item from a main mara shop, you earn restock points
You earn RP according to the rarity of the item you buy from a main shop
You can spend RP on the slots in Enpiah (Explore - Ziranek - Enpiah) or to buy map pieces on Minipet Island.
you can also spend them in Elekas castle at the cooking ingrediants shop.
The Leprechaun in Gigantic Paradise gives RP as a reward for finding the items he asks for.

Dukka Coins
You can win these from the slot machine in Dukka town
Or win them from the scratchcards, in Dukka Town
Or buy from other member's, shops, trades & auctions.


Quest links
Spanner- Use this spanner to fix the plumbing of your flooded Marahome.
Screwdriver- Use this screwdriver to tighten screws on your doors.
Hammer- Use this hammer to fix any frames that have fallen down.
Pliers- Use this plier to tighten the pipes in your home.
Saw- Use this saw to cut up any trees that fall on your Marahome.
Tape Measure- This tool will help you measure the size of your room.
Rake- This tool will help you tidy all of the leaves from around your home.
Plunger- This tool will help you clear blocked toilets.
Ladder- This tool will help you get the minipets down from (the roof of) your tree.
Axe- This tool will remove overgrown trees.
Sledge- Hammer This tool will help you fix your broken sidewalk.
Trowel- This tool will help you fix broken walls.
Shovel- This tool will help you dig up and move bushes.


The Pharmacy is in Puchala Village:
Use Citrus Mug to cure your pet's sore throat.
Use a plaster to cure your pet's scratches.
Use a toothbrush to cure your pet's toothache.
Use pills to cure your pet's headache.
Use a box of tissues to cure your pet's common cold.

Or take your pet to the Hospital in Marada City and cure him for 2500MP.
All Blogs must be done in order.

Pink Osafo -Have a glowing pink egg in your nest and view your nest.
Elger - Finish a quest given by Elger.
Maraschool -Have your pet gain charisma when finishing a lesson in school.
Chocolate - Complete a quest given by the Candy Tree.
Fiery Fasoro - Price a fire crystal at 1mp, in your shop, click check price, DO NOT update the price.
Spring Blog - View an Orange Kidlet with a Demi attached.
Take a photo at Lush Lake Photo Booth of a Valentine pet.
Refresh at the Loyalty Prizes page at Baspinar Castle.
Refresh at the Digital Minipets page

My New Rainbow Viotto
14 years, 5 months & 1 day ago
22nd May 2007 12:34

Sherapep put on her new Rainbow Cossie yesterday the 21.5.07.
The Second Rainbow Viotto on Marapets biggrin.gif
How cute is she.wub.gif

  1. FAQ on Marapets
    14th Jun 2007 12:06
    14 years, 4 months & 7 days ago
  2. My New Rainbow Viotto
    22nd May 2007 12:34
    14 years, 5 months & 1 day ago