Do NOT ask me to be in a club or send me a club request, do not ask me if I am selling bp/rp or any other items of particular colors or in bulk.
So in general, I wont join your club, I am not selling rp/bp. I wont sell you bulk items, etc. If I decide to sell rp/bp I might post a forum, but if I am selling anything its in my auctions/trades/shop. Thanks in advance for leaving me alone.
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  • yea ok     15th Jan 2019 17:27
  • couch     31st Dec 2018 13:38
  • Buying newspapers 100k or less     23rd Jun 2018 01:58
  • noble chest     10th Apr 2018 03:54
  • GOALS     9th Apr 2018 21:39
  • New     1st Apr 2018 21:46
  • night shift be like     21st Mar 2018 01:37
  • 1     15th Jan 2018 21:36
  • ok     7th Nov 2017 03:30
  • more stuff I need/want     14th Oct 2017 20:55
  • yes     13th Oct 2017 19:29
  • Buying a blood soaked wig     7th Oct 2017 22:01
  • Bingo wins     4th Sep 2017 19:46
  • This is awesome     22nd Jun 2017 00:43
  • Baking     23rd Dec 2016 23:06
  • queen bee part 2     7th Sep 2016 02:10
  • queen bee part 1     7th Sep 2016 01:54
  • ugh     29th Aug 2016 19:59
  • birthday items I want     16th Aug 2016 02:40
  • Recycled items I am going to g...     9th Nov 2013 05:35

  • yea ok

    Posted on : 15th Jan 2019 17:27   Posted by : mav8



    Posted on : 31st Dec 2018 13:38   Posted by : mav8

    Buying newspapers 100k or less

    Posted on : 23rd Jun 2018 01:58   Posted by : mav8
    For years 2017 or older let me know

    noble chest

    Posted on : 10th Apr 2018 03:54   Posted by : mav8
    things I want from it
    skull fire
    assassin jacket
    laced skirt
    laced top
    Gold Flake Dress
    noble dress
    noble hat
    Assassin Cloak Hat
    Assassin Cloak
    messy braid wig
    headband wig
    Assassin Contact Lenses


    Posted on : 9th Apr 2018 21:39   Posted by : mav8

    have an oglue pet


    You need to finish Blitzen's Grotto mission


    Complete 250 or more Sumo Sally Quests.
    If you have done so already, visit Sumo Sally and then come back here to complete your goal.

    City sewers
    You need to complete level 12 or higher of the Sewer Cleaner mission.

    City of marada
    You need 750 or more newspapers read for the Homeless Fairy
    Once you have, view your pet's newspapers list and come back here to complete your goal.


    You need to complete level 20 or higher at the Fates mission


    You need to complete level 14 or higher at the Ublish's Lair mission

    You need to complete level 20 or higher at the Clam mission


    You need to complete 50 or more Hump Racing quests.

    You need to complete level 2 or higher of the Priscilla mission.

    Lush lakes

    You need to enter the Olympics at Expert level or higher.

    You need to complete level 15 or higher at the Greedy Gertrude mission

    You need to complete level 10 or higher at the Bumpkin mission

    Complete 250 or more Microwave Quests.

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