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  • April 2019 Missing Magazines     1st Mar 2019 01:27
  • Feb 2019 Magazines and Newspap...     17th Feb 2019 02:23
  • Swapping photos and plates     9th Jun 2015 05:23

  • April 2019 Missing Magazines

    Posted on : 1st Mar 2019 01:27   Posted by : innocent250
    Please note I put extras I get into trades, If you don't have anything I need I will happily accept photos or plates I need.


    Crindol Magazine
    Eyru Magazine
    Figaro Magazine
    Flab Magazine
    Grint Magazine
    Hump Magazine
    Ike Magazine
    Knutt Magazine
    Leido Magazine
    Mordo Magazine
    Osafo Magazine
    Poera Magazine
    Pucu Magazine
    Raulf Magazine
    Rofling Magazine
    Rusty Magazine
    Tantua Magazine
    Troit Magazine
    Viotto Magazine
    Vixen Magazine
    Xoi Magazine
    Zola Magazine

    Feb 2019 Magazines and Newspapers

    Posted on : 17th Feb 2019 02:23   Posted by : innocent250

    Chibs Magazine
    Daisy Magazine
    Dakota Magazine
    Doyle Magazine
    Equilor Magazine
    Ercuw Magazine
    Gizmo Magazine
    Gobble Magazine
    Huthiq Magazine
    Ike Magazine
    Justin Magazine
    Knutt Magazine
    Kujo Magazine
    Limax Magazine
    Mordo Magazine
    Oglue Magazine
    Osafo Magazine
    Paffuto Magazine
    Sindi Magazine
    Troit Magazine
    Vixen Magazine
    Walee Magazine
    Zetlian Magazine
    Zola Magazine

    Swapping photos and plates

    Posted on : 9th Jun 2015 05:23   Posted by : innocent250
    I am always swapping photos please post here if you would like one of any of my pets. Please note Sebastian changes daily nearly.

    Please check my gallery for any minipets you would like a plate of.

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