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Marapets is mobile friendly
I'm An Adult Member. Keep in mind when looking for friends.

Pets not for Trade. Pets are for Loan. MM as needed.

No Club Invites. I'm already in one.

Personal Goals:

Win Raffle [ ]

Missions Completed:

Trunx Theater: 13 times (Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Red, Red, Green, Green, Blue, Blue, Blue Phanty Potions, Enchanted Purple Phanty, & Enchanted Ninja Phanty Plushie)

Tarquin's Library: 7 times (Angel, Ghost, Cheese, Halloween, Blue Poera Potions & Enchanted Pink, Enchanted Prison Poera Plushies)

Puchalla Bumpkin: 1 time (Green Gizmo Potion)

Circus: 2 times (Black Zoosh Potion, Enchanted Orange Zoosh Plushie)

Rubbish Dump: 1 time (Grey Rusty Potion)

The Clam 1 time (Enchanted Invisible Kronk Plushie)

The Troll: 1 time (Blue Oglue Potion)

Trotters Movies: 6 times (White, Grey, Red, Pink, Blue, Ghost Zoink Potions)

Ublish's Lair: 3 times (Mermaid, Purple, Sketch Huthiq Plushies)

Fates: 1 Time (Inside Out Uni Potion)

Beast In The Woods: 1 Time (Orange Astro Potion)

Greedy Gertrude: 1 Time (Enchanted Minipet Loris Plushe)

Celebrity: 1 Time (Enchanted Summer Eyru Plushie)

Temples Completed:

Temple Of Transformation: 16 times

Temple of Tableaus: 2 time

Temple of Transubstantiation: 1 time (Monster Decadel)

Slate Pyramid: 1 time (Red Echlin)

  1. Gallery Mini Pets
    3rd May 2008 13:59
    12 years, 8 months & 21 days ago
Gallery Mini Pets
12 years, 8 months & 21 days ago
3rd May 2008 13:59

Here are the names of my Mini Pets in my Gallery:

Twoom, Twillion, Millie, Wilmot, & Ionlim the Two Million
Felix The Flow
Gropa The Green Fropa
Grume The Green Fumb
Ofamba Orange Fumb
Glix The Green Flix
Larry The Loyal
Punknacious The Punk
Rammy The Red Hammy
Mulov The Pink Volum
Wuzzuw The White Knuzul
Keen the Orange Neek
Grynx the Green Fynx
Neeko the Green Neek
Remmy The Red Hammie
Blutug the Blue Gutur
Bleenk the Blue Neek
Bikvee the Blue Vikee
Yoogle the Yellow Doogle
Nodoria the Green Nodio
Oravik the Orange Vikee
Frigper the Purple Fidge
Goko The Grey Jokemo
Putug the Purple Gutur
Blumov the Blue Volum
Baffy the Blue Fatty
Lixer the Yellow Flix
Fee Fi the Green Fee
Chris The Christmas
Lussie The Blue Jessul
Nuzzub the Blue Knuzul
Po The Pink Foh
Bloh The Blue Foh
Addith The Blue Addoth
Casper The Spirit
Sibu the Anubis
Doomie the Doomed
Muggs The Mugen
Kiko The Kouki
Philsy The Shilpy
Pat The Pat
Feero The Orange Fee
Flop The Purple Flow
Yeeha The Yellow Fee
Klok The Klik
Antilla The Ant
Ootac The Cactoo
Scumbug The roach
Frasier The Crane Fly
Wiggy The Earwig
PeeWee The Flea
Skeeter The Mosquito
Fredrick The Fly
Shay The Shea
Ouchies The Blue Damaged
Shrubbers The Bush
Pinchy The Crabs
Zander The Dantiz
HaHo The Chuckles
Lucky The Clover
Beatz The Hart
Jolly The Holly
Foop The Jinx
Gring The Kringle
Mytha The Legendary
Randy The Orange Andy
Drange The Orange Dracone
Virule The Plague
Grimm The Reaper
Redio The Red Nodio
Rudy The Rudolph
Leafster The Shamrock
Faffy The Taffy
Wiggie The Tepee
Gobbles The Turkiye
Ynx The Yellow Fynx
Adi The Pink Snoodi
Pinty The Pink Zointy
Cammie The Camero
Shati The Tisha
Yabblo The Black Loyal
Bucky The Blue Unlucky
Flan The Flin
Nee San The Liam
Ake The Peak
Canop The Pocano
Ernie The Starburt
Diat The Tadi
Thrace The Thracius
Dismal The Unlucky
Woomie The White Doomed
Bucky The Black Unlucky
Moobie The Black Doomed
Cessie The Princess
Pam The Pink Damaged
Bam Blam The Black Damaged
Oram The Orange Damaged
Graham The Green Damaged
Gloomy The Grey Damaged
Snuffles The Sniffles
Snam The Snixie
Mytle The Poani
Buddy The Elf
Waldi The Diwali
Norville The Shaggy
Beeker The Black Neek
Beatington The Hearty
Dej The Rejected
Cuggles The Shnuggle
Buns The Cinnabar
Danger The Damaged
Luna The Lunash
Hokem The Tokem
Dizzy The Izzy
Naylie The Baylien
Lulu The Lush
Tenya The Deci
Arnie The Marney
Engorgia The Plump
Plurp The Purple Damaged
Ramma The Red Damaged
Ignacious The Iggy
Usby The USB
Yakko The Pink Yakuow
Blomib The Blue Doomed
Itty The Bitty
Ringo The Beetle
Dusty The Doon
Esisise The Experiment 667
Fiesty The Fiestan
Rocks The Fraggle
Donka The Green Decdonk
Zoz The Zorg
Kakos The Sakko
Galaxia The Glaxis
Spookly The Hauntling
Lunar The Anlur
Archer The Caribow
Bloogle The Blue Doogle
Peeler The Banalphin
Crafty The Crafly
Edna The Edwina
Cocoalic The Chocolate Frolic
Frakenfynx The Halloween Fynx
Devon The Devan
Blex The Blue Flex
Marley The Future
Blurff The Red Flub
Fanny The Faye
Roh The Red Foh
Deadles The Hauntling
Grex The Green Frex
Brofa The Blue Fropa
Jokes The Lafter
Bluef The Blue Flow
Aphrobirdie The Lovebird
Misty The Misti
Flutters The Luffley
Bluffers The Flub
Nancy The Fritzi
Oran the Orange Devan
Foho The Orange Foh
Frexyo The Orange Frex
Blumb The Blue Fumb
Danny The Partridge
Kooey The Pinekoo
Radwin The Darwin
Hunders The Pink Hund
Plicker The Purple Flicker
Yerex The Yellow Frex
Feep the Pink Fee
Glub Green Flub
Fohrence The Foh
Booloh The Bootleg Foh
Leyflick The Yellow Flicker
Frumpy The Frump
Blaye the Blue Faye
Laikup The Pulika
Xilf The Flix
Plip The Purple Flip
Prump The Purple Frump
Pumbf the Purple Fumb
Frellow The Yellow Frump
Ree The Red Fee
Rix The Red Flix
Relow The Red Flow
Ropa The Red Fropa
Schnookie The Schnoodle
Xinx The Sphinx
Fy The Toff
Weepy The Weep
Tubs The Tubby
Yamage The Yellow Damaged
Yevan The Yellow Devan
Yow The Yellow Flow
Yumb The Yellow Fumb
Yaye The Yellow Faye
Banubi The Black Anubis
Blerb The Black Cherub
Blueky The Blue Chubley
Attley The Alien Fatty
Blippo The Black Hippow
Blubis The Blue Anubis
Yert The Yellow Heart
Fi Fo The Fee
Granubis The Green Anubis
Andrew The Andy
Rubis The Red Anubis
Roke The Red Jokemo
Gremp The Green Frump
Pippo The Pink Hippow
Pibu The Pink Anubis
Blacko The Black Jacko
Groyal The Grey Loyal
Bimmus The Black Grimmus
Pyras The Pink Tyras
Oras The Orange Tyras
Rivan The Red Ivor
Fumbles The Fumb
Prexi The Pink Frex
Yellip The Yellow Flip
Flickster The Flicker
Frink The Pink Frump
Plip The Pink Flip
Peek The Pink Neek
Bloween The Black Snoween
Fleen The Green Flip
Fysper The Ghost Fynx
Frexed The Red Frex
Breenx The Breeze Fynx
Poh Poh The Purple Foh
Trihead The Cerberus
Burns The Antacid
Oonce The Orange Yonce
Brump The Blue Frump

  1. Gallery Mini Pets
    3rd May 2008 13:59
    12 years, 8 months & 21 days ago